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  1. Do you still have urathane uca bushings for 521 kicking around?

    1. mklotz70


      didn't know this was here.  Probably more effective if you use the PM feature.  ...but I just tried and it looks like my inbox is full.  Some of those pm's are 7 years old. lol  Guess I'll see about cleaning out a few of them. :)

      If I have any, they're two piece instead of the one piece.  Should work exactly the same, I just haven't run any of them.  Not sure if I've even sold any before.  I just went down and checked.  I have a couple of sets in red and one set in black.  You can't see them once installed, so there's no difference between them at all.  I just did some in red for the fun of it.  I don't have any of the delrin washers that go on each side.  Shouldn't take me more than a day or two to get around to making them if I need to.  


      If you want a set and don't mind waiting a few days for me to get to them, send my your paypal address and I'll send you an invoice.  


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