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  1. Tried to pm you.....I guess your box is full.

  2. We're all doing fine. :)

  3. I responded on my page....does that come through or only this one?

  4. howdy :) do you get the response if I type this in on my page? ...or do I need to go to yours?

  5. Cool. Thanks for the heads up!! Enjoy :)

  6. ipad screen is a bit small....oops'd on the friend un-add....will add back when it let's me :)

  7. Wow! Next year?! :(

    Nice write up. :) Thanks!

  8. LOL! I had assumed the same thing, but I went looking for you in my friends and didn't find you....I was like....WTF??!! :) Too funny! Thank goodness we're finally friends after all these years!! HAHAHA!!

  9. LOL! :) Good point....basically...there's 5000 pics in my photobucket account....link to the left :)

  10. LOL...okay...where's that delete button...?? :)

  11. Even though you didn't respond to my last pm, I still ordered two more sets of bracket blanks.....so I'll be putting 3 sets together, one of which is sold.


    I saw your post on the 411 thread.....I figured I'd wait until you responded to my pm. I also thought that if you were going to ask a question like that, you could have pm'd me about it. You didn't say if you simply wanted the info for yourself or to use to sell them for a profit. As for free....I've got a ton of time and effort into posting all of the "free" information on the thread. I certainly came up on the short end of things with these 411 brakes, so I'm not exactly motivated to give away anymore of my time and energy.


    I did see A100addicts post. He's a buddy...just trying to make sure I don't get screwed. He doesn't speak for me, but he does have a point.


    If you decide to go with a miata swap...I hope you do a build thread...I'd like to see how you do it. :)

  12. It's a lot easier to find people when you want to pm them if they're saved as a friend! :)

  13. Yes I do. Glad to see you're here :)

  14. adding you as a friend...easier to find you to pm you :)


    I'm hoping to get the snowflakes on by next wed at the latest....I'll be pushing for a good bit sooner, but we'll see what happens :)

  15. I'm not really a Z fan, but I sure like your avitar!! :) I need an 8x10 of that in my shop....maybe the Z's will grow on me then!

  16. It's a remote ignitor unit with a used GM hei unit. I'll try to dig it out soon. When are you going back over?

  17. Thanks. :)

    Thanks for the heads up. I've been reading about the problems with some of the solvents softening the PC up. I figure it's a bit more durable than a good quality paint, but it is still basically paint pigment so I'm not expecting miracles :) Half of the appeal of doing it in powder for me is simply being able to tell people that it's pc'd :) Anyone can use a rattle can, so nobody is impressed with paint for the most part.....but powdercoating still gets some ooooh's and aaah's :)

  18. I like the new avatar :)

  19. I typically get up before 4am everyday....sometimes earlier....probably something to do with that "old people don't need as much sleep" thing :)

  20. Sounds like RIS(Ryan in Seattle). Redeye would know how to get in touch with him now.

  21. no prob....makes more sense now.

  22. did you ever get my response? It showed up on my end...wasn't sure if I did it right so that you actually got it.

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