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  1. 510Alston72

    72 510 four door for sale

    i have some pictures to email you, but i can't honestly figure out how to upload them.
  2. i am selling my 72 510 four door Datsun. i don't want sell it, but recent events in my life have made life very difficult to afford this wonderful car. it is as of now not running, but i am also not a mechanic, it ran fine until a few days ago. then just stopped. email me or message me on here. trainstyle2001@yahoo.com because it is not running i can part with it for 2700.00 how ever i believe it is worth more. this has been my favorite car ever and i will miss it. i cant figure out how to post pictures very well on here anymore. but you can go to my page on here to see images of the car. 510Alston72 i am not looking for trades. just the money for the car.
  3. 510Alston72

    Looking for a 510 wagon automatic

    Hey all, Its been forever since my last entry, but I am back...whoot whoot. So I have a friend that is looking for a 510 wagon but as an automatic. If anyone knows of anything please let me know. much appriciated, 510Alston72
  4. 510Alston72

    engine bay, some OIC's of my 510, L16

    Written by zacktheimpaler- So for some reason after driving the hour back with this little guy, the next morning the battery was drained. New alternator, wires hooked up, everything grounded correctly. We jumped it and he started right up, didn't leave him on long enough to recharge the battery enough to start again. Soooo......where do we begin troubleshooting? I left on some of the dash controls like heat, but not the lights overnight. Obviously the car wasn't running but would that for some reason keep power going through and drain it?
  5. 510Alston72

    72 dime. His name is Alston.

    Thank you
  6. 510Alston72

    72 dime. His name is Alston.

    i honestly have no idea, but at the very least just getting everything mechanically working sound, the engine sounds good, a few things, the clutch is slipping, and i need new tierods, and ball joints, etc. I have a few guys coming over to check everything out with me this weekend. That's when I will find out what really needs to be taken care of first. but as far as cosmetic, i am still debating. I will give it a good cleaning this coming week. the interior is in awesome shape, i would like to preserve that the best that I can, but i understand that might not be totally realistic, I am still learning a lot about his car and the world of automotive in general.
  7. 510Alston72

    72 dime. His name is Alston.

    so I am just learning about cars, and am very new to this, but here are few OIC. Any help or info would be most appreciated. I am excited, this is way cooler then legos
  8. 510Alston72

    72 dime. His name is Alston.

  9. 510Alston72

    72 dime. His name is Alston.

  10. 510Alston72

    72 dime. His name is Alston.

  11. 510Alston72

    72 dime. His name is Alston.

  12. 510Alston72

    510 check up

    hey everyone, just getting my first ever Datsun 510...well Datsun in general, after i have it check out and figured out what i need to start to get it fixed up. i was wondering where i would be able to acquire set items needed. (pending on what those items are) where would be good places to look, and how would I figure out that the parts are correct and the best of my Datsun. here are a few OIC Thank you, 510Alston72
  13. 510Alston72

    Im a datsun pusher

    I'm AARON!!!!!! I am that guy that got the 1972 510 Here's the title signing OIC!

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