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  1. Sorry to hear of your health and sress issues. Hope you find some calm and pain free moments each day gene knight.
  2. Sorry to hear about this accident. Our thoughts are with you and your family.
  3. Northern AZ I did some growing up in the 70’s-80’s downtown Flag and Winona area. Enjoyed watching a youtube video that tells about factory supported Datsun mechanic training to some members of the Hopi tribe, back in the day. Seams like such an obscure thing to support. I was less than 16 when I lived there but now wondering if there remains an untapped stash of Datsun parts.
  4. xxmass

    My 1971 521

    In case you missed http://dimequarterly.blogspot.com/2012/02/tech-how-to-l-series-cylinder-head.html
  5. When you adjust the idle air/fuel are you starting at full lean? After it dies when idling what does it take to start it back up?
  6. You said “when i put my finger over this port it will idle.” Plug that port. Then put something in the snorkel to keep the flap open, maybe a screw from the outside.
  7. There is far too much 5spd swap information to get reposted here. Use google and your subject followed by ratsun. Here is a short clip that i collected and stored in my notes. I can’t give credit to the author but it is ratsun.net material. “ou use the fork that goes with the transmission, you use the throwout bearing collar that goes with the clutch cover(pressure plate), the disc should match the clutch cover.” ...the slave cylinder should also match the trans and fork.
  8. A person could build that car for $10k over time right ?
  9. $9k or maybe you could trade to a millennial for a Honda that has a book value of $12-15k
  10. Amazon will deliver the Shell oil that is recommended by the braintrust that we have here at ratsun net.
  11. Vacuum advance should be connected right on one of the carbs, not the manifold. When not in use should be blocked off.
  12. I had similar issues with a stock 240. The problem was vacuume leaks. Once i had that sorted, carbs synced with ztherapy tool and dvd, issues were gone.
  13. Well, now tastey cheeseburgers start just a little bit closer to your mouth
  14. My 521 requires headlights, maybe just running lights I can’t recall, to be in the on position, and hood open.
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