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  1. I have a new 32/36 weber carb, and all else are original parts, will consider trade or money. Let me know what you have like silver or gold or anything else that might intereset me, I would also but put money in my part as well, if its worth it.
  2. I have a complete truck that I want to part out, just hit me up.
  3. I have a 521 1971 selling the whole truck or engine and tranny, in case I keep the truck longer i can put a different engine. will see with time. Will consider trades or cash offers. I will email pic. Iam bad with computers and dont know how to post pic here.
  4. I like street bikes, what kind and year is that one?
  5. I am having trouble putting pic on this site, but I can email pics. I have a 521 with original license plates, new 32/36 webers carb, and no rust, it had a little surface rust but no big deal. Looking to trade for a good running vehicle or bike, and can put money on top. If I can get a 510 even better.
  6. Darius is a bad ass ryder, I just to have his dvd. I have seen him on bike's and cars doing crazy stuff! Its cool his a Z guy.
  7. I found one in a junkyard out in Palm Springs recently it looked all complete no one has taken it apart, yet, only time will tell. The junkyard is called ecology I believe it is located in Thousand Palms, across the Agua Caliente casino off the I -10 freeway. The interior was in bad shape but the body was perfect in perfect condition even had been primered.
  8. Thanks, I might just use silicone from autozone for this, it might just be faster and easier.
  9. I tried to order parts from rock auto but for a 37 cent oil pump gasket they wanted almost $18.00 for shipping. This was rediculous, but I guess I might have order buy the bulk to get a better price.
  10. Where can I buy an o-ring for my 521 fuel tank? Can I go buy one at a parts store or does it need to be on ebay?
  11. This was for dirk diggler sorry, my computer jumped to different page.
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