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  1. sumith

    Datsun 720 CAB Review needed

    HI Guys I think they are coming from japan manufacturing here is one advertisement (this is the model we have here) https://ikman.lk/en/ad/nissan-datsun-1982-for-sale-colombo-1 thanks regards sumith
  2. sumith

    Datsun 720 CAB Review needed

    Hi Guys I am from Sri lanka, here we have 720 with SD series engines, i have seen Mostly SD23 on them thanks regards sumith
  3. sumith

    Datsun 720 CAB Review needed

    Hi Guys I am planing to buy a datsun 720 double cab in near future, since i don't have any idea about please share your ideas about its Reliability Fuel Consumption Comfort maintenance etc etc thanks regards sumith
  4. sumith

    What do you Suggest ?

    Hi Guys Today i completed Ever my first carburetor job,Cleaned Everything nicely and started the car it started at once, and kept for sometime without any problem , then i stopped it and again tried to start it it did not start but after few minutes it starts , and i kept it 1 hour without starting then i couldn't start it unless i put little fuel to the carb through air cleaner top, after that i could start it again and again within few minutes intervals only. it doesn't smoke at all and also spark plugs also were light brownish color after cleaning the car and start. And also notices when the engine is running the float bowl level is little above quarter,and after stop the engine it sits half way , have i mistaken any thing with float level of it ?it has got hard starting but ,i don't know to tune up it any more with idle air fuel mixture and timing on distributor, planning to take it to the mechanic on Saturday , any clue on what i have to do further to get it normal, specially with distributor settling and idle air mixture set up ? This is my B310 thanks regards sumith

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