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  1. Anybody know the guy that does it? Or does anyone have one already done that they are willing to part with?
  2. Hey all, I found out that my rear crossmember is bent and I am installing a limited slip diff, does anyone have an Adjustable Rear Crossmember available? Or is Maddat or Datsport from Australia the only place to source such parts? I And yes I already know about Byron's bracket's and have decided to go with the entire Adjustable crossmember for my setup, thanks everyone. Anyone have experience with the DP racing product?
  3. Damn looks like a "sick" event, wish I would've made it, definitely will next year. Anyone got some more Oics? Can't get enough of clean dime's like these, saf, anyone got a close-up of that green 2-door in the background of the shots, looks super clean. Hella Mad props to the Ratsuners that made it all happen. :thumbup:
  4. Ya im more of the push the project as far as possible type of guy I guess, not just throw duct tape on it. So im redoing all of my U joints, putting in LSD, Pentultimate crossmember, and adjustable front suspension, I think this should fix my drivetrain problems and help my car bump steer alot less. Thanks for the money saving tips tho mike, prolly a good plan too.
  5. Ya duh Mike, I was just thinking of doing it as a precaution if it became unbalanced from the heavy vibration, but I guess money is all life means to some people, not making their vehicles safe to drive. Anyways thanks Mike for the recommendation I will hit up Byron, was gonna do that anyway, just wondering if anyone knew any other companies that offered pre-built modified crossmembers as well? Thanks.
  6. 510SSS

    My car

    im flatttcatt and im really smmmartt balboa mean boat me big troll brain. :rofl:
  7. K I figured it out guys my Driveshaft U joints were all shot to hell, causing a bunch of play in the driveshaft and it started to really cause vibration as I got up to higher speeds over 55 mph. Now since im changing U joints I am going to just put in the Limited Slip Differential, fresh Half Shaft U joints, and Re-balance the drive shaft all at once. I was wondering have you guys ever changed you're rear cross member? I wanted to get this done at the same time since everything is going to be apart anyways, can you guys recommend a place to source an aftermarket rear cross-member that is adjus
  8. Ok thanks guys I will check off the whole list one by one, I did notice there is some play in my differential no bueno. I do have some old ass tires so maybe that's it they might not be balanced, I just changed my rims out but decided to use my old tires anyways cause they had almost full tread left and I don't have mucho dinero. :angel: I will put it up on the lift and go through the U joints too, might be time to put in the LSD since im going through the U joints anyways I guess. Is it true that you can install the Subi r160 diff with the stock 510 half shafts and all? And you just need the
  9. Hi guys, now that I have diagnosed my pinging problem, I took it out for a test drive and as I was rowing through the gears I realized that as I got up into 4th or 5th and was over 50 mph, there is quite a noticeable vibration in the drive line, I cannot tell if it is wasd U joints, an unbalanced driveshaft, or maybe my engine needs a harmonic balancer? On top of that my Diff is starting to whine a little bit, I do not know if this is related, but maybe some chunks of the internal gears have sheared off or something. Anyone who has had a similar situation can give me any advice? Thank you.
  10. Oh whoops I will tell my mechanic not to use Loctite, but to use fishing line instead, any reason not to use the Loctite will it clog up the carb or something?
  11. Hey guys not trolling like some people who posted in my thread, just trying to fix an automobile and trying to learn. So my friend who has raced Datto's for year's was able to look at the carbs with me and open them up, after checking inside we were able to discover that the main jets on both the 3rd and 4th cylinder had almost completely backed this was causing the pinging so we used loctite to keep them in place, on top of that the needle valves turned out to be 2 sizes too large on both carbs causing the misfire and the constantly dropping cylinders because of rich condition and fuel floodi
  12. Btw, how does the EGT probe work exactly? Seems cheaper than the wideband, but the one's I am seeing appear to need to insert into the header? Are their different types of EGT probes? Those are the only one's im seeing on Pegasus.
  13. Oh sweet man, ya I have dealt with Pegasus before, they seem too be a lot more reputable then what i hear from Wolf Creek, I asked Futofab if they would go through them since they took over the assets of the company and they said that they would not cover it :ninja: even though it should have been under warranty, lame. Wish I had bought my carbs from Pegasus lol.
  14. Damn you guys shoulda set it up for highway 1 on the coast or something way better scenery and not gonna overheat all the poor datsun's, good luck guys, this may be a good time to install that 3 core radiator lol and maybe some vintage air haha.
  15. Ya that's prolly a good idea, I think I will get an o2 sensor wideband, I just welded in a bung to my exhaust, so it should make it easier to get some good readings, ill post it up once I get the proper tuning setup going. Thanks for everything you guys, I am going to make this run properly no matter what.
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