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  1. Muad'Dib

    Plans for YOUR tax refund

    Credit card bills.
  2. Muad'Dib


    found this dime at work this morning.
  3. Muad'Dib

    Selling a car, to finance it or not

    It's always safest to go through a bank to organize this. Because given a situation ( even if it's not his 'fault" ) that he would be unable to pay you back... This becomes the banks problem and not yours.
  4. Muad'Dib

    Anti Theft devices

    Most effective thing I've done, was to install an air-raid siren dead bolted to my steering column that goes off when my car alarm does. edit: It's louder inside the car then outside it when the alarm goes off.
  5. Muad'Dib

    sr20det ignition coil

    A variation of this is in the works, but I need a 'quick fix' for now. The engine itself is a red top SR20DET, and has been further modified. (B13 4 door only came stock with the GA16 ) realvent OICS
  6. I have a conflict on the 3rd, but I could host something on the 4th. Even if I am slightly out of the way. I was laughing at the entire situation, as he ignores the my car completely, and only has eyes for the classic 'sports' car. And I was with you, an accord isn't worth my time, especialy not on a cop infested highway.
  7. Muad'Dib

    Vancouver Ratsunner meet/dinner?

    Lol, I was running erronds and ran out of shit to do. Also it's starting to get busy here. Besides, you know I prefer my women in 2D.
  8. Muad'Dib

    sr20det ignition coil

    It apears as thoug my OEM ignition coil is finaly starting to go out on me. I have plans in the future to switch the car over to a distributorless ignition system, but I need a hold over until I can afford to get it done. Should I be looking for and aftermarket coil? Or would it be better to find an OEM replacement. Note: space is a real issue on the side of the engine bay with the distributor. Also the car is running a "reasonable" amount of boost.
  9. Muad'Dib

    Vancouver Ratsunner meet/dinner?

    Didn't see any lightbars going up I205, but there are plenty out here on 4th plane. We are going to triple the amount of boddies in this place tonight.
  10. Don't missunderstand. The stout is for me :) My beer is like my car... I don't share either ;)
  11. I'll see your disagreement and raise you a glass of Terminator Stout. Hopefully the beer will help you through the work 8(
  12. Pabst is to beer what Honda's are for cars.
  13. Muad'Dib

    Stolen Car Advisery.

    It is for this very reason that I spent more on my car alarm then the bluebook value of the car >_>
  14. Muad'Dib

    Fixed like a BOSS!

    Serious... Last Friday at a friends house Hardwyre was saying "Check this out... I can start my car~~!". Then two of us watched Hardwyre turn his car on and off for 15 min or so....
  15. Muad'Dib

    Five guys burgers

    Fearless brewpub in Estacada is great option as well, they tend to focus their brewing on lighter ales but the food they serve there is excellent. The Alameda brewpub has awesome beer ( consistently better them Mcmenamins ) but has become a bit to 'trendy' for my taste. Food is 'ok'. If you want great food though, both the Wichita pub in Clackamas and the Carver Hanger have amazing food ( skip the fries at the hanger though ),

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