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  1. I'm pretty sure I might have a slight wiring issue. KA24E in a 620. If I have the black with white stripe wire connected at the wrong end, would everything fire up and function, but lack spark? After going through a few pages looking for my issue, I think I found this one might be it. I'm gonna be pretty embarrassed if that's the case. I'm still combing for more picks and dummy diagrams to make sure that I have everything all nice and tight the way it should be.
  2. So the new harness is in, and the CAS is looking good. The computer is from an automatic, and the new set up is standard. Is there maybe a safey that needs to be engaged or something?
  3. Truck didn't sell. Hauled it up to Washington. Got a new harness, old one was molested to shit. So hopefully soon I should be looking at the true problem. Is here any interchangeable CAS from some other model or anything?
  4. Sounds good. Thanks a lot.
  5. Could the crank angle sensor be an issue? I heard from my dad that a tired sensor could stop the whole thing from going. Any ideas with this motor?
  6. If I had transport I would so be there. I'd rather have this running and keep it.
  7. So I'm near the end of a swap. I'm not getting spark on my S13 and its looking like the ECU might be culprit. Anyone in the area have a spare or test ECU for an 89 SOHC KA24?
  8. I'm in Dexter till this weekend. Moving up north.
  9. Definitely a sweet set up. Hopefully I can really get into mine when I get settled. Might just leave it a bit ratty cuts I'm lazy though. That's a sweet instrument wrap.
  10. Off topic, but ever so slightly. Would be a meet up of sorts. I'm looking for anyone in the area that might have a spare S13 ECU. Mine could be bad and I'm near the end of a swap. At this point its fix or sell by this weekend. Any one that has one or might know where to loom, GBE help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Depends on the trade. I don't think my wife would be too stoked about another vehicle that would need work.
  12. Condensor is just a noise reducer. I'm trying the coil hotwire mod. Seems to bypass the pulse module or whatever. If Rican just get a strongall the time spark iI'd be happy. From what I've read it actually helps a lot.
  13. Selling my 74 620 with KA24E. It has a 5 speed, tie rod has been flipped and trans crass member slotted. Exhaust is all good and it has the famous CAN/AM relay box. Aside from being fuck ugly and needing a new windshield and A-pillar, she's pretty solid. New shocks all round, fresh Kotor and tranny oil, boot for shifter (yet to be installed) and some pretty sweet enkei wheels. I'd like to keep it, but I can't get spark out of the damn thing and its just beyond my skill set. Moving out of town, I need the cash or the truck working. If I'm up and running before I get a call or sale, I'm lulling off market. I have it on CL for a grand. 875 OBK. If I'm being a bit over zealous, let me know. CL add. http://eugene.craigslist.org/cto/3750623100.html
  14. I'm trying a new condenser. Don't think that will solve the problem though. Accidentally grounding the white transistor wire throughs a single spark. I can hear it arcing in the dizzy. Hopefully this hells someone, or there's someone else that can let me know I'm on the right track.
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