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  1. a320inMaine

    Looking for '65 L320 parts

    Good stuff Wayno, I appreciate the input. Had to raise some cash at the time, so I sold the A15 to a racer in Mass and sold/shipped the 5spd to a resto company in Calif. I have the opportunity to buy a starts/runs/drives 320 in New England for $2,500 & I'm wondering if this is a better option. Then part out MY 320s useable parts to help fund the purchase, especially considering it seems to have been 'cobbled together'.
  2. a320inMaine

    Looking for '65 L320 parts

    Hi, Here is the link to my '65......... http://s1088.photobucket.com/albums/i336/lylesphotobucket/My%201965%20Datsun%20L320/ The bed (other than the front) isn't too bad. Ironically, I have several stepside beds that could be converted. I don't plan on a concours style resto. A theme truck or rat rod isn't out of the question. I plan on repairing / replacing rusty or dented tin and the powerplant issue remains. I had an A15 w trans (pix in album) but sold it :confused: ......... The J13 is running & has less than 40K original. As you can see, a lot to ponder......
  3. a320inMaine

    Looking for '65 L320 parts

    Hi Wayno, My '65 doesn't have a motor/trans. Also, the fenders need to be replaced, bed front is bowed forward, doors need attention, brakes are near original in condition..... you get the idea. I am thinking that someone might have a donor vehicle or a bunch of parts leftover from a re-do....... or maybe a handful of bits and pieces. I had tried to sell the whole truck - but have decided that this orphan needs to be put back on the road. Got frustrated with all the low ball responses so my 'plan' has changed. Actually have seen an ad for a J13 motor/trans within 100 miles of me, but don't know if that would be a good choice for transplanting.I seem to be about as far away as i could be from a Datsun parts supply. Hope this is a little more than my earlier post....... just seem to need 'everything' at this point...
  4. a320inMaine

    Looking for '65 L320 parts

    Looking to acquire parts for my '65 L320. Looking for any/all..... On a budget (isn't everyone)..... Located in Maine 04864...... Thanks
  5. a320inMaine

    Caps/covers for stock 320 wheels?

    Just scored some tires for my stock 320 wheels, which I'm gonna blast & paint. Need some opinions on what I can use on them for caps or covers.
  6. Just ordered 2!!!! Take THAT, you P I O U S owners............:cool:
  7. a320inMaine

    WTB Shifter for '80 210 (PLB310)

    I'm a wicked NEWBIE to all this.................. (obviously) ..... its a series 60 trans; dunno yet if its a 4 or 5 spd..... still researching that. I need a lever for sure! Whadoyahave?
  8. WTB a shifter for my '80 210 (PLB310) drivetrain......... Thanx
  9. a320inMaine

    Which is it?!?!? an A14 or A15?!?!?

    OK!...................... more lousy pics........................... @#$%^&*()(*&^%$#$%^&*( camera, gonna ask Santa for a good one :blink: http://s1088.photobucket.com/albums/i336/lylesphotobucket/My%201965%20Datsun%20L320/ This IS an A15 motor; I know the pic doesn't show it well, but I saw it. The trans is a '60' series and I dunno what a 4 spd looks like. The trans is 27" long overall, if that helps.
  10. a320inMaine

    Which is it?!?!? an A14 or A15?!?!?

    Yup........ gonna find em & shoot em tomorrow.
  11. a320inMaine

    Which is it?!?!? an A14 or A15?!?!?

    Here's a FEW pix - some ok, some real bad...... More tomorrow........ http://s1088.photobucket.com/albums/i336/lylesphotobucket/My%201965%20Datsun%20L320/
  12. a320inMaine

    Which is it?!?!? an A14 or A15?!?!?

    I'm headed to take pix of the #s tomorrow. The trans is marked "60" and I'll make sure to see what the engraved number says. Thanks again!
  13. a320inMaine

    Which is it?!?!? an A14 or A15?!?!?

    Hi DGuy, "A14" is on the engine block, BUT, through searching, I've read that SOME A15s actually had the A14 casting marks. That is what is so DAMN confusing!
  14. a320inMaine

    Which is it?!?!? an A14 or A15?!?!?

    Hi Red, The Tag on my '65 says "E1"......... no way I'll EVER find one of those near Maine, so I bought this A series drivetrain.
  15. a320inMaine

    320/ A14 transplant ?

    HEY!!! You are ALL AWESOME! Now that I have the motor & trans, I've got a sneaking suspicion it may be an A15 with a 4 speed. (Posted on the "Engine" forum) Thanks for the offer, Rad-D.... Clark didn't think you were home, so decided to not climb the hill. It was quite a wrestling match/cluster"F" getting that loaded into the Van, but I'm super excited. Today I turned it over by hand after a week of Marvel Mystery Oil in the cyls........... and it turns SO smooth! Its good to know that theres a World Class group of Ratsunners willing to help out a newbie!

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