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  1. Took the truck in today for a new exhaust. Stopped by A1 muffler and brake in morgan hill. john is an awesome dude. Made an appointment, and he had me in and out in less than an hour. super happy with the sound, and the truck even has a little more kick in it. Took a photo of the underside while it was on the lift and got a much better look at my rear trans leak. pretty sure i can drop the driveshaft and replace it that way. at least praying as pulling the trans at this point would be a pain. At work next to a buddys 92 Pickup.
  2. This weekend... - filed and bled cooling system. this was a scary thing for me, as was putting oil in it for the first time since taking the motor apart. keep in mind i am no mechanic and am learning as i go so the fear of splashing fluid all over the floor because i missed something is real. never the less, got it filled up and bled(at least i hope). after getting the cooling system dialed, I changed out the tie rods and center link. these were extremely worn in the truck. i measured legnth of the centerlink as well as counting threads before installing...some help that was...to be continued. Once getting all of the steering components installed i bled the brakes and couldn't wait to take her out on a test drive!!! SKRRRT SSSKKKRRRTTTT SSKKKRRTTTT down the road i went. even after measuring the alignment was wayyyyy off! i want to take it in to get a proper alignment but for the time being i hopped on youtube and did an at home adjustment and must say, it made all the difference! extremely happy with the way she is running mechanically now, would love to have someone that knows what they are doing take a look, but i guess ill have to wait till the next meet, haha. After a couple drives around town and a 20 minute freeway ride, i parked her in the garage over night to see no leaks!! lets pray it stays that way. next to come... - new exhaust - rear transmission seal
  3. @gene knight, I made a couple extras. DM me your address and i send one your way.
  4. Got the starter, alternator and radiator hooked up tonight. unfortunately my stock rad cap doesn't work on the koyo so going to run by the store tomorrow and grab one. Got the truck running without the cooling system just long enough to make sure the alternator was charging....and that i could get it to start again. haha. in addition to those things i soaked the fuse box in vinegar overnight and scrubbed it with a toothbrush. got some fresh fuses and replaced some of the connectors. also designed a sticker for inside the fusebox to replace the one that was in there. also: my fuse box had a 30A fuse on the 1st and 3rd, this doesn't agree with the manual, anyone have any idea as to why someone would up the amps? lastly, ordered a new pcv valve as my old one was rusted siezed. In addition, i got a hose and got those installed as well. Radiator cap tomorrow and i should be able to take her for a spin. Before: After: PCV
  5. decided the next thing i wanted to check out was the motor. not for any reason other than the fact that it had a couple spots that were leaking i wanted to fix and bought a complete gasket set. decided to paint some things while out of the truck, including the block while it was in the truck. still in the process of putting everything back together. waiting on a radiator, alternator, and starter and i can button her up! -----Before !!!!! ---AFTER!!
  6. @wayno, thanks for the info, i was told it was a 520, but noticed that it was slightly different.
  7. Got the outside of the truck polished up a bit. did a 24hr soak with mguires no.7 showroom polish, then polished it off. came out great and didn't remove much paint at all.
  8. a slowly leaking water pump, as well as my temps getting up there when on the freeway led me to replaced the water pump. got the asin brand with cast propellers. found out it was leaking because one of the bolts was stripped out, and the P.O. kept it in there with some rtv. Got the hole cleaned out and tapped it 1 size larger. new pump in and looking way cleaner than the rest of the truck. In addition to the water pump, i pulled out the dash. the dash topper was beyond cracked and i had a spare 520 metal topper so i got that recovered. got the dash itself sandblasted, repainted and got everything reinstalled. and then, did what we all hate doing, and overpaid for something that serves little purpose. i forked over the $$ and bought a glove box lock to replace my broken plastic one.
  9. Next up on the list was to rebuild the carb. had a heavy hesitation upon heavy acceleration since I got the truck and being that it sat on a farm for years before i got it, was sure the insides could use a good clean. got everything cleaned and a new accelerator pump installed, it drives much better except when warming up it still has a slight lag (im also running a manual choke with no chose cable so maybe that could be it? HUGE shout out to @CARSBIKESANDCOFFEE for the rebuild video and clear instructions. also got a 240z steering wheel in pretty good shape for a steel , so replaced the old cracked stock one. and last but not least on this edition, i got in and replaced the shifter bushings, which always make such a huge difference. it only grinds int o3rd sometimes now!
  10. Been a while. Been making progress on the truck, just havent had much time to post about it. 1st big update is weatherstripping. got all the door and window weatherstripping/felt runners replaced and it made such a huge difference. you dont realize how annoying rattling windows are until they aren't rattling anymore. also naturally, with replacing the window felt and corner winder rubber, i had to completely tear out the insides of the door, so i cleaned and lubed the lock mechanism as well as the window regulator.
  11. Had a productive 4th, got some things acomplished on the truck. 1. Changed out the clutch master cylinder 2. changed out the clutch slave cylinder 3. reindexted the torsion bars 1 spline 4. installed 4' lowering blocks 5. installed new shocks front and rear(kyb gas adjust) 6. swapped wheels over from the other truck 7. installed the bday gift from the girlfriend. a new shiftknob. thing is a donker on the 521 long shinny shaft, but it is way better than what i had. BEFORE: AFTER:
  12. Ihaven't thought of a name yet, but i got started on "it" over the last couple of days. first thing that had to go was the rear bumper, never did like those aesthetically. if anyone wants it its yours for free, just pick it up. next i changed the oil and did a coolant flush. limped it to the gas station and got some fresh gas in her. made some minor tweaks and she was ready for a test drive! all seemed to go well except the fact that it bogs on quick acceleration. accelerator pump? it has a webber carb. ordered a clutch master and slave, shocks front and rear, accelerator cable, belt, radiator hoses, and door/window seals. excited for the first run of parts. After a 30 minute drive... Previous owner shenanigans
  13. Welp, I officially have a problem. Picked up another 521 last weekend up in bakersfield. This one has been sitting for the last couple years, but has a fairly straight untouched body unlike my other truck. Plan is to swap the dash, wheels and better small parts from my other truck onto this one and possible even swap motors as the motor on my peasoup 521 was recently rebuilt and very strong. got the coolant and oil changed out, as well as bleeding the brakes and clutch. both clutch master and slave are leaking. will attack those early. mobil gas station locations
  14. Thanks for the love guys, the reason for attacking the fender is that there was a crack in the bondo that looked pretty bad. popped off a chunk with a screwdriver and well, theres no turning back now. also made some modifications to the shifter. tightened the fork up in a vice, and replaced the cotter pins with nuts and bolts. I just wanted to get it mocked up, so used bolts from around the shop, but plan to replace them with zinc coated hardware. i also replaced one of the flat washers on the upper picot with a lock washer which helped increase tension without binding it. the shifter slop has gone from the size of a basketball to the size of a softball. magical! Here are some pics of the fender progress. Here are a couple pictures of the shifter
  15. Recently picked up a 521. This will be my second one, which i am hoping to make more progress on than the last one i owned. A move to the bay area forced me to sell the last one, which i obviously regret at this point. Well enough of the nonsense, here are the pictures. There was some known bondo on the fenders which i plan to attack early on. well see how bad it is. I am still learning as i go, so excuse the dumb questions, ill try to use the search button as best as possible.
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