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    Looking for a right side fender for my datsun 521. i currently have the rectangular turn signal at the bottom of the fender.


    Morgan Hill, California - US

  2. got a couple updates, got the speedometer portion of the cluster put in and installed in the car along with a new speedo cable as well. Took it for a test drive and the slower speeds seem very high, but the freeway speeds seem to be pretty close. other than that, all went well, all gauges and lights work. Now for the bad news. i started hearing a "clicking" coming from the pasenger side of the engine bay near the firewall.(started before the cluster swap). after installing the new cluster parts, on the test drive the ignition switch was flickering. did some research, and found that it is the voltage regulator. Now im just curious as to what would cause this to go bad? just to be clear, it is the farthest right box making the noise, and i can even feel it if i put my hand to the outside.
  3. no, i was talking about #8, my moog parts number matches the one you provided as well. Thanks for clearing that up!!
  4. mind if i ask how you installed the control arm bushings? i got some recently, and wasn't sure if i could cut the old ones out and push new ones in, or have a machine shop do it?
  5. that would be swesome! keep me posted, i would much rather replace just the speedo part if i can get my hands on it as the unit i have is pretty clean and in really good shape.
  6. ok guys, got a couple of updates but really just more questions... one of the isues noted when i purchased the car was that the spedometer cable had snapped and so the speedo and odo were not working. PO describes the needle going eratic and eventually the cable snapping. there was never a needle visible for the speedo, but another local datsuner said that it may have just falled and be hidden. I got a new speedo cable a week ago or so and finally got to putting it in. install was pretty straight forward, not as complicated as i would have expected. once i got the cable in and test drove it.....nothing. i pulled the cluster( thanks to DanielC's recent post) and started to disassemble it, most of which was pretty self explanitory, screw there, attatches there, this does this, blah blah. what i discovered, was that the speedo needle had been snapped in 2 places, and the mechanism controlling the speedo and odo seemed a bit off. im pretty sure it was damaged but thats where the questions come it, got as detailed pictures as i could. so the question is... am i screwed or can i fix it? the temp and fuel gauges work perfectly and all pins on the main connector are in perfect shape so i dont want to dump it if i dont have to. other idea was to run aftermarket gauges and make a custom housing but just a thought. and one of the urban camping trip last weekend. yea, urban camping...i made it up... made a bed in the back from our couch cushions,found some nice views, and parked it for the night.
  7. just the detail on the dash removal is much appreciated. i was surprised how hard it was to find a detailed how to on removing the dash. awesome to see the tuck get used like it deserves to be. keep it up!
  8. so, interesting fact, i ordered the beck arnley master cylinder under the impression it was made it japan, but it clearly says made in taiwan on the box. lol. not a big deal if it works, but figures i would let everyone else know. I got my rear shocks in yesterday. The ride quality has drastically improved, but i still need to replace just about every bushing on the front end. going to give a nissan dealer a call in a couple days and see if i can get those hoses i need and any bushings they still have. anyone in sac reccommend a nissan dealer? The camper shell I wasnt originally planning on getting a camper shell, but i got it for $80. I am a bike racer and mechanic, and many of my weekends are spent out of town at races. The camper shell was just too good of a deal and makes the perfect weekend race day vehicle. the inside seems to be a laminate material with a wood frame? not too sure. some of the laminate interior is peeling and i would like to refurnish it if anyone has any tips or tricks up their sleeve. other than that, the camper is in awesome shape and even has a dome light i can connect if i want when i figure it out. Q:Is that head a 210 or 219? The spot where it is cracked shows the number, but I can't really make it out. If it's a 219, that's a score. If it's a 210, you could have it welded, but there are better heads out there. A: its just a 210 :( you got me excited for a minute. i will probably run this engine for a while until i learn a little more. the long term plan is to build an l20b w/ a 5 speed. nothing crazy, but strong a reliable.
  9. 1st update: ok, got some excitement! both good and bad. replaced the clutch master, slave and hose yesterday. most of it was pretty straight forward except for adjusting the clutch slave cylinder. For this i was finally able to find a video that " Mklotz" made, which can be found here: http://s88.photobucket.com/user/mklotz70/media/How%20to/Clutch%20Slave/100_5648.mp4.html after a few test drives and slight adjustments to the slave and the clutch is feeling better than ever. i noticed a slight drip on the bottom of the slave and it is looking like the inside of the hose is leaking? in the picture below, you can see the wet spot between the metal fitting and rubber hose. the bleed nipple on the slave also didnt fit very snug, and the threads seems to be leaking a little. both of these parts are centric. is the warranty process with rock auto a pain? This is how i "bench bled" the master cylinder, seemed to work pretty well. 2nd update: I ordered new kyb gas adjust shocks all around. in the process of getting the front ones in right now, and hoping to get the rears in today as well(im updating this in class). my currents shocks were all pretty blown and i just got an awesome highlander camper shell for the truck and new shocks were neccesarry. the book says to put weight on the wheel and finish tightening the shocks in the front, but my truck is pretty low and i dont think i can get my hand in there with the wheel on, should i just jack up the lower control arm? thanks for the help guys!! learning as i go, and learning a lot to say the least. Photos of the camper shell coming soon. want to get the dirt and dust cleaned off before i show it off ;P got it for 80$$ and couldnt be happier with it.
  10. Hey Everyone, had some questions about ordering parts on nissanparts.cc. when i type in the part # for the water hose, it comes up, but says the part has been superceded, which means its slightly different than oem but still works correct? I have heard storied of people ordering from these sites and getting emails later that the part is NLA and the refund process was a hassle. Really just looking for most of the hoses and what not on there. most of my hoses seem dated and could use replacing. On second note, with the engine bay cleaned up and most of the oil wiped away, i was able to locate the root of my main leak, which is not the head gasket which i originally expected, but it is the Timing cover gasket. going to start looking into that and what i should do, also notices that front drivers side head mount is cracked. its just where the lip for the screw to go through is. doesnt look to be affecting anything now but does worry me for the future. LEAK SPOT: CRACK when replacing the heater hoses in my last post, i noticed that the metal hose that goes in front of the block was not held down by anything. this caused it to rotate forward and make contact with my fan. no motor running luckily, but could have been bad. does anyone know the best way to secure it? last queston, is that i noticed that a bolt from my head timing cover was missing!!! no leaking yet but would like to get one in there asap. anyone happen to know thread pitch and size? would be much appreciated. as always, thanks for the help guys. Learning as i go.
  11. Got to the first thing on my "soon" to do list, and replaced the leaking coolant hose previously mentioned. while i was at it, i replaced the hose at the other end of the rod crossing the front of the block to find out that it is 2 different sized fittings? the 9.5mm hose was able to stretch over the larger fitting making it work for now, but would like to find the proper hose. BEFORE: AFTER: BEFORE: AFTER: The PO looped the heater system, and the hose he used was extremely kinked, re routed it behind some hard lines and was able to get rid of the kink. ANd as always to close the update out. heres shasta sitting next to a buddies 510.
  12. ok guys, heres a couple of updates. - took the wheels off and stripped them, took a wire wheel to them and to my surprise there was quite a bit of rust under the paint. PO obviously did a last minute cover up as the wheel bolts and lug nuts are painted as well assuming he painted them on the truck. Got rid of 99% of the rust and painted them white. this is just temporary as i have some Rally 15x8 rims just waiting for the pocket book to catch up and get them new rubber. - while the wheels were off i cleaned all 4 wheel wells with a scotch brite pad and degreaser, also gave the suspension a good scrub with a brush. almost all of my bushings are cracked and splitting so that will be on the top of the project list as well. - cleaned the entire perimeter of the engine bay, removed fuse box and washer bag and a couple other things to clean underneath them and gave it a good scrubbing. THE "SOON" PROJECT LIST: - replace leaking coolant hose, and figure out why PO looped the system to skip heater(assuming blown heater core?) whats the best way to go about fixing that? - figure out what is leaking on my lower block, kinda looks like its coming from the valve cover, but not sure. -fix leaking clutch master cylinder.(going to replace slave as well and clutch hose.) - fix speedo. speedometer went spirratic and snapped on previous owner.(any ideas?) - replace as much of the suspension bushings as possible. (i know finding these is not the easiest) BEFORE AND AFTER OF THE FRONT WHEEL WELLS. And here is a picture downtown parked next to a super clean e28
  13. Thanks for al lthe help with the hose part numbers Daniel, I took a good look at my engine bay today and noticed that of the things to be replaced, the heater hoses needed it the most. Going to go ahead and order those as well as the lower and upper radiator hoses. Found every hose you listed on buynissanparts.com. is this too good to be true? Looking to get a new Clutch master cylinder as well as a new clutch slave. I have read that some people have had issues with new slave cylinders because they have metric threads. Does anyone have a place or part # to get a Slave with an oem thread pitch? and brand recommendations? Planning on replacing the clutch hose as well while im at it.
  14. Went to a local meet tonight to get to know some of the local community and in the process got the issues on the truck looked at :) confirmed by some local datsun people, the previously mentioned leaking hose is a coolant hose. seems to be about a 2 inch straight piece. i circled it in the picture below. The truck hasn't been running hot and the needle sits just a mm above the mid line. couple people thought the idling issue was carb related. one mentioned that it is common in the stock hitachi carbs, and one mentions that it could have dirt in the line. going to do some more research and see what i can do. i did notice some leaking in the cabin from the clutch master. was wondering if i should rebuild it or just buy a new one? i the process of cleaning the interior, i noticed some fluid by the shifter base? any help on that would be awesome. In the meantime.... i pulled the seat and floor mats out to check from rust and give it a good deep cleaning. driver's floor seems the worst, but should be manageable. got some wire brushed for the rust on the floorboard. any other recommendations?
  15. I made it home guys!!! sat around 57-60mph the whole way home on the freeway and she didn't seem to be having any major issues. I did feel that it felt pretty weak in 1st and 2nd gear, but im not sure how these run, so i cant say if it is abnormal. --- at our last stop, about an hour from home, she didn't want to idle. I could start her no problem, but she would sputter and eventually die. got her started and moving as quick as possible, as that was the only way to keep her going. once home, she idled no problem?? - checked under the hoof and noticed some definite leaking coming from somewhere. seeing fluid on the manifold and seeing some near the spark plugs. -fluid seems to be gas by the smell of it, and i have located what is leaking on the manifold side, which seems to be a rubber hose connecting to the underside of the air cleaner i believe.(see pictures below). - Going to start cleaning the interior today, and working my way to the engine bay The Leaking... Cool shot with Mt. Shasta in the Background...Did i mention that i am naming her shasta?!
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