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  1. Hope your right Tristan.... and no permanent damage has been done.... Either way I give up... I'm going back to just keeping my mouth shut...
  2. I understand that point of view.... but he stated that the next person to post is banned.... not the next person to post nothing new is banned..... don't see why he just didn't lock it down.... instead of leaving it open if that's all he wanted to do
  3. So how long tell you flex your mod muscles Red eye and start banning people in this thread like you did in the free banner poll, for speaking there mind..... just cause your tired of them not agreeing with you
  4. Thats the way it had seemed to me as well.... I've known banner longer then anyone here and he isn't the type to attack first for no reason...... usually
  5. I once again apologize to sweet baby Jesus... for my poor grammer and understanding of the dictionary..... I have fat thumbs... and a cracked screen on my stupid stupid phone
  6. Exactly, indeffenate. Cant out wait indeffenate. Maby banner think mikes a troll. Lolol cause I do.
  7. You realize my name is mike too????........... I kid.... what about some of the others that have logged in under someone else's shit.... or crest an account to just trololol I understand he is attacking you but... truthfully have you done anything to warrant it??? I'm trying to be unbiased.... since redeye thinks I'm onesided since im his brother
  8. I know I'm in California right now on vacation..... left Washington for more rain
  9. Do you need me to send you a bottle of summers eve mike??? Or that got some crazy shit up north of the border like moose douche??? Cause the sand seems to be chafin.... lolz Hope not to far if so I'm sorr sweet baby Jesus..... I just wanna go fast
  10. How do you wait out infanite ban? Was he informed how.long he would be banned? Seems unreasonable.
  11. I have seen many members be complete ass, and no ban.... because the receiving party was not a mod, or in the mods back pocket..... And mike is pointing out that banner is impersonating and is breaking another rule... And seems like 510freak is pointing out its been done before with no repercussions... Not sure what all happened between mike and Adam other then his questions being ignored But I think they both have sand in the manjina and need to be locked in a closet with some lube tell there friends again
  12. I understand, but are the desecions that you guys are making bias at all????
  13. OK makes sense now, thanks for explaining. I'm defending him cause he's my brother and because I agree with him on certain things. Do I think what he has done deserve to be banned indefinitely as mike stated no.... do I think it deserves being banned at all no To me it looks like that you can troll or say what you want until someone that's closed to a mod bitches, or a mod is being attacked for doing something that some of the community does not like... and who ever is the loudest out of that community is gonna be made an example.
  14. Guess I still don't get it, do you care to explain?
  15. And my concern about commenting for not knowing what will happen where obviously true, since you have now publicly out me down for my reading skills, and told me that I'm just bitching And all I'm trying to do is find out why the fuck me being his brother has anything to do with what I said in the first place, why you felt the need to point it out??
  16. Just ban everyone that don't conform to what everyone else wants or that feels the need to voice an opinion, then what will ratsun be.... what happens when you don't conform to the next thing jalen... and you get banned to..... what about trying to come to a compromise and work on damage control
  17. Just making a point, red eye said banner said fuck everyone that doesn't hate the classifieds , and that he said fuck rat sun and that meant fuck all of us to. That's its very easy to say something that's not true to make your argument better
  18. I never said I feel like his actions have singled me out, or at least that's not what I meant, what I did mean was that I feel like you where trying to single me out because I am his brother. And let everyone else know that I am his brother so I can be singled out as well....
  19. There have been several times that I have seen you putting words in banners mouth to benefit mikes actions and most people are gonna believe you because your a mod or admin and your supposed to be fair and impartial and only speak the truth.... But little does the majority know you exaggerat shit to make what you want look better
  20. And your response clearly states that everyone that agrees or sides with banner is a fucking piece of shit
  21. Not once do I see where he said fuck everyone, or fuck you, or fuck mike so yeah I think you took it out of context to make your point better
  22. If you are gonna start paraphrasing banner why don't you in ban him at least so he can paraphrase some of the negative shit that the "mods" have said to him in PM's if your gonna bring up shit that not everyone can see and only tell onsidethen its like your trying to influence your argument or your actions..... which is a clear abuse of power
  23. As many have answered before me, I don't comment because I am not sure what's gonna happen, and now I'm being labeled banners brother, which is a label that I don't mind having, but as many others have stated I'm not the only one that sees where his frustration has came from.... there was no need to say anything about me and him being brothers. Its almost like I'm single out cause I am his brother
  24. Well I voted but I'm sure the mods will dismiss my vote cause I'm his brother, as it was pointed out in another thread.... which don't mean shit o well fuck it
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