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  1. NAchatty

    6ul on 280z?

    haha sweet, but like i said its not definite just gathering ideas Thanks for the help!
  2. NAchatty

    6ul on 280z?

    wow...that makes since now. Thanks! ok, so i shouldnt have a problem fitting them so they dont hit anything, or is that +6 going to to cause an issue?
  3. NAchatty

    6ul on 280z?

    Ok, i have been looking at getting some new wheels after i get my suspension fixed on my 280z, but have no idea if they will fit without some modification? http://949racing.com...-6ul-black.aspx 15x8 +36 offset 12.3 lbs 4x100 67.1mm center bore i have always liked the way they look and am thinking about getting them, i know i will have to get adapters to run the 4x100 lug pattern (30mm possibly? or whatever i can get to work), my problem is i know pretty much nothing about what will fit. i know guys running 15x8 with 0 offset but with these being +36 and needing adapters i am completely lost to be quite honest this is really just a tentative idea just checking out options any input would be greatly appreciated
  4. NAchatty

    Southrnfresh 2 Event Coverage

    I wish i could have, between writing 2 papers and organic and analytical chemistry i have no time to do anything right now lol so it will be thanksgiving before i come back then christmas haha Mitchel's sticker is awesome, cant believe he still has the crown vic, did he ever run the rest of his exhaust?
  5. NAchatty

    Southrnfresh 2 Event Coverage

    I see that my friend made it in his AE86...id recognize the zebra print anywhere Did squatches take any of his datsuns? Wish I could have went instead of my friends telling me how good it was lol
  6. NAchatty


    Oh sweet, I'm in Montevallo, going to college here, about 2 and half hours away from you.
  7. NAchatty


    I apologize for my noobery This better? lol
  8. NAchatty


    lol i agree, it's just not fair
  9. NAchatty


    haha love the quote Jayden71 here's a few
  10. NAchatty

    Mr.Vengeance's 71 S30-240Z Shakotan Obake

    Mother of God...this is beautiful
  11. NAchatty

    New to Ratsun

    Just thought i should say hey to everyone and see what you guys think. So over the weekend i got my first Datsun. 1977 280z, came with a lot of extra parts too, so i didn't think i did to bad The rear was the worst part, everything else was just surface rust really...that i saw, but it definitely does need a good bit of work.

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