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  1. That could be an option but then again you need a set in good shape because filling digitally the gaps and missing sections from a rotten sample can add up to the cost. There is also the option of using Flexane throwable rubber compound that could be used to fill up and smooth appearance of rotten sections.
  2. Hey. If you are still looking for 410/411 ball joints let me know. As I have some as well as many other parts.
  3. I went ahead and talked to some people in Thailand and Mexico. More or less the same thing. They want big production numbers so, unless we pony up the money for each mold: About 5 k each, they see it as a bad deal. I was watching the other day “Wheeler Dealers” TV show and they use a California company to 3D print some hard plastic small parts, wondering if it would be feasible to print soft ones and as big as window vents rubber pieces. The company name is Goengineer.com and I’m going to call them and see what they can do.
  4. Talked to the guy from Scott's Old Auto Auto Rubber it seems they lost their lease and do business on-line only at scott@scottsoldautorubber.com.au www.scottsoldautorubber.com.au He told me there are several vehicle clubs interested in quarter vent seals and he is actually looking for some manufacturers for those, but because incompetence and/or business closures he is now dealing with some other manufacturers and this process will take about 1 or 2 years, so I guess will have to look into Thailand or Mexico even China to get this going.or wait to see what happens with Scott's.
  5. I've been trying to reach the guy from Vintage Rubber. It seems he is not interested since he has not returned my calls. It seem it was the logical choice since they are located in Cali and it is advertised on their site they have the rubber for 520/521, but even when I mentioned mold cost sharing I haven't gotten an answer. I'm gonna try Scott Rubber from Australia and see about those guys in Thailand selling here on Ebay and I have a possible contact in Mexico. I did not want to explore China as I expected somebody local could be interested, but I understand molds are expensive and it would
  6. Mike, Sorry to hear about your health problems. I made initial contact with the people from Vintage Rubber. They where asking me about 410/411 production numbers. More or less they where trying to ascertain how many of this cars are still around. Mostly here in the States but other countries alike. I guess the main question would be how many sedans versus 520/521 pick ups are still around since they already produced molds and rubber for the trucks. In any case I am not qualified to tell them how many sedans are still around. As far as I know there most be some i
  7. On my RL411 My brake pedal return spring hook just broke and I wanted to make sure both pedals clutch and brake return springs are in the right position. Will somebody please will send me a picture of the right setup? Thanks. JP
  8. On my RL411 My brake pedal return spring hook just broke and I wanted to make sure both pedals clutch and brake return springs are in the right position. Will somebody please will send me a picture of the right setup? Thanks. JP
  9. Mike, This is JP from Houston I read your old posting about 411 wing window rubber seals and I am trying to revive it to find a solution. Mine are shot and I've been considering several alternatives: Using black silicone caulking been the crudest; another one is using Flexane throwable. I also ordered some 520/521 rubbers from Australia thinking they where a close match, and I am under the impression they are not longer, but shorter (I know you said the oposite, but I use my 521 set and I have to strech it to fit) and could be made to work as you pointed out somewhere, but again
  10. I need the vent window weatherstripping for my 411 and I hear that maybe 520 or 521 would fit. Could somebody confirm this? If not are there any other options. I was thinking of using Flexane rubber compound to repair the old ones, but they are really shot, so it would really look bad. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. So how much? Cracks? Leaks? Pictures? I'm in Houston Shipping USPs to 77082? ieshouston@yahoo.com for pics. You Paypal or MO or what?
  12. I'm interested in your manifold. Do you still have it?
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