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  1. thats exactly like mine, thanks for all your help bababooey i now have direction with this. :thumbup:
  2. 510boy

    LSD ????

    i have a VLSD for sale if anyone is interested, PM me
  3. oh i see, i was hoping they will be the same but i understand whats happening, i will definitely post a few more. to be honest im not too familiar with rear ends or know how to tell em apart, i believe it is a 25 spline. if worst comes to worst i have an open diff on my dime right now i will just swap gears and get it welded.
  4. it came out of a subaru outback limited (maybe 1999 or 2000) its an lsd with 4.44 gears, unfortunately i only have 2 pics available at this moment i will post a few more once i get home from work. i took it to a gear shop and they told me the same i took the large screws out and it does not go thru, the only things in there are the clutch disc's. maybe later models are different than the previous?? i was thinking about drilling it out with a small bit.
  5. hmmm this one is different, it only goes in one way it doesnt go right thru. as if it needs to get pulled out not pushed, or is it just me?
  6. so i tried making the conversion this weekend and ran into a little trouble, any one have any idea on how to get this collar pin out? or anything else i can do with it?
  7. Glad to know all went well boom death :thumbup: . Looking forward to doing mine this weekend, hope all goes well. Will try to post pics, any recommendations??
  8. Do i HAVE TO disassemble the new diff to place the threaded buttons or can i just groove em in?
  9. 510boy

    R180?? lsd stub axle help

    Wow that thread is awesome, thanks alot :thumbup: :hyper:
  10. 510boy

    R180?? lsd stub axle help

    So this weekend i came across a subaru lsd diff from an outback limited in my local scrapyard, when i removed the pumpkin i noticed the stub axles had c clips in em but wasnt so concerned about it then. Now that im trying to put it on my car i cant seem to figure out how im going to make my original 510 stubs work on the diff. So i was wondering if anyone knows any sort of measurements or specs i can use to get the stub axles machined for c clips or maybe even use the original subie stub in any way. i know that betamotorsports can fabricate the stub but i would like to try something else before i go to them. Anything helps and thanks in advance.
  11. 510boy

    moar parts.......

    you still have the meshies??
  12. 510boy

    SSR formula mesh 15x8.0 4x114.3

    :hyper: B) :thumbup: :frantics: :D :rofl:

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