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  1. I did just that Z-train thanks. I read up on all the tank problems....and sure enough the tank was nasty! I had to do the acid wash a few times but it's clean now and has a filter before the pump. ;)
  2. I just picked this little gem up for a steal at 500$ I'm planning on just cleaning it up a bit and using as a daily so I can actually start working on my dime again..... It runs good and has working a/c! I will post more pics later....
  3. I have been going through all the pics my amazing girlfriend took! Here you go!
  4. Traci and I had a great time! Traci took a lot of pics so we are still going through them, but here is a little taste of them......
  5. I have almost everything back together and have been driving it!!!!!!
  6. Well it's all painted and now I am putting everything together!!!!!
  7. Thanks Gino, Diane and jimmy for a great event! We all had a great time! good people, good food, and a great turnout! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  8. Hey Eric! I am using z struts and calipers in the front and for now still stock drums in the rear. all the hardware is new. And I am running a close ratio 5 speed from a 200sx
  9. Finally some new pics and an update! I primed the body today after doing a bunch of work on the quarters for the last several weeks in between work. I am blasting the door insides then final sanding and sealing them then painting them and my hinges
  10. We took it for it's maiden voyage up the street yesterday. It still needs some suspension work. I put in new adj tc rods and the proper center link but the strut inserts are shot to the point of being noisey.
  11. Yay Datsunville crew in da house! 7 hours of actual driving time, not to bad.
  12. Thank you very much Jimmy, and Diane! You guys are great hosts. Great time with great people as usual!
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