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  1. yeah, not the buyers fault.. "oh sure, you can pick it up saturday, see you then..." shady bastage. still need the shiz though, *sigh*
  2. that bought that 521 in stockton complete, after id already gotten an agreement to get a ton of parts off it... including a stock stereo, no-rust tailgate... it was at: 630 E Weber street in Stockton 95202 Please tell me it was one of you... please. if so, was it to part or restore? cause if you want to part it out... im still interested.
  3. My 69' tailgate is crap, anyone have a clean one fs/ft? thanks.
  4. Looking up some random crap (Isnt that what the internet is for?), I ran across this beauty. Its in washington, maybe someone's seen it? http://www.contemporaryclassicsofwa.com/ccwlisting2.html quick search didnt turn up repeats, so for give me if its already been posted. -poltroon
  5. got some weeds killed, fixed some sprinklers... but nothing on the truck in lil bit. Going to start raining soon, need to get those damn windows in.
  6. poltroon

    mrbigtankers 521

    yeah man, theres no way in hell im going to get what i've got in the truck now, about half finished.. when its done? yea, forget about it... but id do it again, and probably will. ( though, next time prolly something with a lil more inside room :P )
  7. aye, lsd... though, im likely to stick with the yota stock 4.11... just need to get this supra lsd some new gears, and im all set!
  8. poltroon

    mrbigtankers 521

    grats on getting everything going bro, good looking and sounding machine you got there!
  9. ok, got the roll pan welded in, it seems sturdy. Removed the old license plate stuff so its not visible. Opened up the tail light holes enough to fit the new lights, new mock up with clear tape :) side view: roll pan came out great, lots more work to do on these tail lights though
  10. yeah, the welder was a great investment. I *could* mount them ON the outside, but im planning to mount them as close to flush as I can. The pillar is somewhat rounded and the light bezel is flat, so its not going to be perfect... but, should be pretty close since the bezel is roughly a 1/4 thick. ill take a few pic's when I get the hole cutout complete, and light re-mocked up. It needs cleaned up so I can see how many standoffs im going to need to place it where I want it. yay, looks like i'll be getting the fronts and the rear around the same time. excitement!
  11. poltroon

    mrbigtankers 521

    sounds good, hows it drive? You gonna put the bumper back on? I've always loved that lighter color green, youve got a nice truck man.
  12. I hate the caddy lights too, and it doesnt look like that thankfully; the pictures dont do it justice, ill get more when I finish mounting them and some better light... but i hate lights in roll pans more, so this is a win.
  13. been fighting with myself about how i wanted to do the tail lights.... I know, I know... stock is best. Well, i had an idea.. So, i liked the mockup so much, I started cutouts for it: and while I was at it, I mocked up the roll pan too: you stockers are gonna hate it, I know.. but when I found those lights... i just HAD to try and fit them in the tail pillars. Once I did that, I needed a rollpan to fill the now empty space. pretty excited about it, really. *shrug*
  14. i got up to 68 in my 1300, downhill, breeze in the tailpipe... never was able to reproduce that speed. all the rest of the time, high 50's was the max.
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