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  1. The car was sold today. And sorry i didnt get a chance to get the part number but i think thwy still make them and still for sale. Google clifford manifold and you should find it.
  2. Tuan

    Looking for a Datsun in San Diego.

    Sold my z to a gentlement from san diego today so you should have no trouble finding one. Catch is you may have to drive far to get your next love. ;). Good luck.
  3. Tuan

    L28 + 5 speed combo f/s $100

    $125 bucks cash. If somehow you are in LA.
  4. Tuan

    EAGLE ROCK JULY15 2012

    Hey yall, it was a great turn out and got me a flex-a-lite fan,side markers and $2 emblems! Wooot! Awesome turn out, met some very nice people and loving the vibe and cars. I can't wait till the next one, since I live like 5 minutes away. =)
  5. Hey everyone, ASKING $3800 OBO OR TRADES Early 1974 Datsun 260z :+: Car’s info :+: 10/10 *Clean California Title *Title in hand, I am the 3rd owner. *Tags, registration, insured and “Zero” fees owed. * 1974 so it’s smog exempt “woot” :+: Engine/Trans :+: 8/10 *Original Inline 6- L26 (2.6 Liter) OHC Produces about 140-160hp. *I did a compression test on it, and all 6 cylinders produced at least 180psi *Clifford aluminum 6=8 manifold *Holley 390cfm 4 barrel carburetor *Holley tuned with .25 discharge nozzle and blue pump cam *Header *ZX Electronic Distributor upgrade *MSD ignition coil *Custom Strut bar *Custom fuel hard lines *Custom Wire tuck *New Kyosan mechanical fuel pump *New Duralast thermostat-water pump-belts- life time warranty *New freezeplugs *Castrol GTX high mileage 10w-40 ** Original 4 speed manual 9/10 *Pennzoil 80/90 + Pennzoil Syncromesh (For transmission) *Pennzoil 80/90 in stock open differential 3.54 :+:Cooling:+: 9/10 *3 row aluminum radiator *2 (10”) Electric fans *Adjustable thermostatic switch (Kragen) Lifetime (Temp set at 174 degrees) *New Dayco upper and Lower radiator hoses *New Polished 2X13” aluminum upright coolant reservoir :+:Braking / suspension/wheels:+: 10/10 ! *Z32 (300zx) Dual Diaphram ABS brake booster upgrade *S13 Brake master cylinder upgrade *New brake hardlines *Modern Motorsports 240sx rear disc conversion upgrade: *MM Brackets, Z31 rotors, + 240sx rear calipers with Duralast Gold pads *Front Calipers were rebuilt and they have P.B.R. soft Aussie pads. *Front rotors are Brembo blanks. *Sitting on Eiback Lowering Springs + 4 New Monroe shocks *New all sway bar end-link bushings *15” ZX swastika wheels + newer rear tires :+: Interior / Exterior:+: 6/10 *Custom Dash (Aluminum formed) *Custom Center Consol (Aluminum formed) *JDM HUB *Cheapo 330mm steering wheel *Custom shifter **2008 Mazda Miata MX5 seats! Brand new *with the seat belt unit retrofitted **Chrome Roll bar **Rear Custom Strut bar **Thin MDF wood grain panels / trim panels **Stock gauges (all function) **Acc/On/ Start switches **LED bulb upgrade *JDM/Euro amber tail lights *New Winshield + rubber *New Kia sportage door weather seals *New Fox body mustang rear hatch seal *Xeson front dam/lip *Custom front grill *Bosch 7” Motorcycle E-code H4 housings *Generic H4 HID 6000k kit. *Magnaflow XL muffer *240z rear bumper with 240z front bumperettes. *Vented Z hood with grills Please give me a call or text to test drive her. (818) 748-7111 I am testing the waters and I have an early 1974 Datsun 260z for sale. I will consider cash offers as well as trades. Description/Summary: I am looking to sell or trade this cool Datun 260z as I am a bit bored of it. I’ve spent countless hours upon hours working on her and it was quite fun as well as a very enlightening experience. Now that it’s almost coming to an end, I need a new project. As I’ve always wanted to own a Z, I’ve done so and now I”ve gained a lot of knowledge and realization how much money and time it takes to own and maintain/restore one. I am looking to sell this car or trade it for a nice daily driver that either has 4 doors or large or just gets good mileage and practical for daily commute. With regards to the engine and drivetrain, it’s 10/10. She starts up every time, may it be cold or hot, no choke needed because of the dependable Holley carb set up. With regards to interior and exterior, she needs a little bit of work, but most of which I’ve done. There floor pan is rusty and I’ve cleaned up as much as I could and Por15 treated it as well as Herculine truck bed lined it. She needs a little finesse and body work, and interior work. Floor pans should be fixed but can and will survive for a while.
  6. I am really happy! Just sold the carbs for $300 picked up. Hahahaha. Some guy off of Club4ag. Thanks yall. SOLD....................
  7. For goodness sakes, I am not SKIB. Skib wishes he is me. And to Canada I can do these $300 shipped. You can paypal $300+ 4% which is like $312 USD shipped. USPS is going to be $35-37 if these fit into a 12x12x5 1/2 box, if they don't I'll have to pay more but I will take the hit. Please let me know, these will be on Craigslist Los Angeles, and it's on CLUB4AG, so I am giving you the DIBS first sir. These will be gone locally most definitely once these AE86 Levin la vida locas get to it. .... .... Oh, these have been specially cleaned and treated with a super polymeristic hydrophobic viscosity influctuation liquid that will help you fight against the cold and wetness of the CANADIAN wilderness. It's really expensive and you need a Class 3R license to buy this liquid. I think it's called, Hellaslush WD-40. Wilderness Deterrent #40 formula as I am told. =) LMK thank you very much.
  8. Giggity Giggity my Ratsun brethrens. I have a pair of dual Mikuni Solex carbs for sale. I have absolutely no idea what these are. I have a Z with a Holley carb and I am ignorant on Molex,Mukinu,Websters, Deltaco, carbs. I measured at the throttle opening and it is about 39.90mm which I am assuming it's rounded up to 40mm, yay, math is coooooOol. A friend had given me this as payment and I unlike most people, like CASH. The part number is there, please do the research as I am clueless on what these are, I thought they were binoculars. =) But I know that these came off my friends car and it was running as he had sold the car. He had so many cars, I have no idea. Could be 510, Corolla, RX7. Who knows. Would you pay $10,000 for this? No, $5,000? Not even close!!! Oh, how about $500 dollars? Keep guessing! You won't pay $400, not even $300! If you want these, (supplies are limited!) and if you swear to tell a friend, I can sell you this for one Easy payment of $249 picked up, obo. and $264 shipped. If you can't pay the Easy payment, I can make it a very difficult one for you at no extra charge! What??!! That's insane! No, it's not, my rubber weatherstripping seals are bad on my Z so the fumes got in and I am like this permanently. =) $249 picked up, obo. and $264 shipped obo....... Please let me know, my friends. Thank you very much.......DUCER~ IMG]http://i392.photobuc...LE/SDC13943.jpg[/img]
  9. Very nice Manual machining there. Things you can do with a lathe. Good job. If I wasn't so broke, I'd get one.
  10. Hey yall. I have a complete 260z rear brake set up for sale. Items are slightly used, but most were purchased new a few months back when I purchased the car. I came up on free 240sx rear brakes for free from a friend, so I am doing the disc conversion, no need for these anymore. Great for you 510 guys who want bigger brakes, or you Z guys who just want to replace your crappy beat up leaky ones!!!! Specs: *100% working/Functioning condition, removed earlier today on my daily Z. *Like new hardware (Paid $25) *Like new wheel cylinders (paid $95) *Like new aluminum fined drums (Paid $125) *Like new rubbers and etc ($30) I am asking: $115 shipped for everything OBO.
  11. Tuan

    Esdirty Z

    Hahahah Funny. Peaceful Jogging Crew. PJC. =) Digging the look of the Z,looks like my 260z. Same banana sport wheels I will be getting, but all flat black with the gay red stripe which I'll sharpie over. good job. keep it up. Looks sick.
  12. Tuan

    My S30

    Hate it. Needs more Ratness to it. I need you to like paint the hood rattle can black or something. Need you to kick a sidemarker off and let it dangle on the wires. Or do moose stuff to it.
  13. Tuan

    Custom Fiberglass Dash and Aluminum Dash

    Hahaha, you crazy son! That's cool. I say, you should do a dash with the old year Tags and Months. Have like 500 stickers from all the years and months. Good stuff, work with what you got.
  14. Hahaha. Let me make the front bar and then we can talk., Wink Wink. I only made the rear now. The front is also not difficult but I've ran into major issues and dealing with them right now, so soon, my friend. =) I stopped fabricating since the ignition switch went out, and I finally figured out an Electrical demon that just occured, which was a super combination that took me 2 days to figure out. 1. LED bulbs were bad and the turn signal didn't function properly, 2. The main harness plug, one of the pin for some god damn reason was the signal pin, didn't contact. Leaving me puzzled at this Coo Coo Combo Breaker. Ultra Ultra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! failed electrical headache.
  15. Okay, so after doing the brakes, and cooling, the damn Electrical components take a shit. You've got to be kinding....................!!! So I told you guys I was going to fiberglass a custom dash, well I tried and failed. I had used some styro foam left over from packaging and wrapped the entire dash with packaging clear wrap. So it was very promising and I laid Fleece over it and could see the general shape. Well, I laid fiberglass resin over it and the heat of the mixture pretty much ate through the plastic wrap and eat away at the styrofoam. Well, it was a good and cheap try at that. The dash came out okay, but there was just too much work involve to get it perfect. So I opted out and went with aluminum. aluminum dash, Straight forward, and I also bypassed the ignition switch and rockin' switches and just ordered a push start button. I wasn't going to spend $100 on a new ignition switch so $20 worth of toggle switches and a push start button will sure do it. OOooo, rocking stock gagues. I had to make custom mounts for them, but sure is easy. LED's making the gauges visible at night. The Aluminum dash took me 1 hour or so, a couple of bends and jigsawed it and that was that. Still have to sand and clean up the aluminum a bit, probably put suede or carpet dash mat or Curbin FUrberr, or something cool. Still gotta make the end caps for the dash, but the hard parts are done. Boso Exhaust next? Hmmmm.........Time will tell. The cente console will be aluminum as well, that's eaaaaaaaasy cheesy. sTAY TUNED.

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