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    1973 Datsun 240z, 1987 FrankenYota 4Runner
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    My cars, motorcycles (not crotch-rockets), music, beer, cigarettes, women. Are you surprised?
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  1. Bueller240z

    Neeewbie to Ratsun!

    Your new M/C came with new reservoirs too?! Man I got screwed... damn Autozone.
  2. Bueller240z

    Fairfield Ratsun Meet

    So... when is the next meet?
  3. Jeez I would LOVE to attend, but the ol 240 is nothing but bondo and sanding marks right now :( (and no glass lol). Soudns like an awesome event! I did Kajukenbo for about 7 years! Hopefully I'll restart and make it to my black belt someday...
  4. Bueller240z

    Fairfield Ratsun Meet

    I'm gonna go with a fat MAYBE. Gonna so wire-wheel some weatherstripping channels and drink excessive beer.
  5. Bueller240z

    Vacaville 240z

    "yeah i used to live off of alamo down maraposa street and your definatly a local you called the location of the shot perfectly":D lol I have many speeding tickets on this road...
  6. Bueller240z

    Vacaville 240z

    I'm pretty sure I've seen that car driving down Alamo turning onto Bel-Air. The background looks familiar, but those new "know your neighbor" crunch houses all look the same around here. I'm guessing... Peabody across from the prison? What motor came in the 610?
  7. Bueller240z

    Vacaville 240z

    bonvo- This would be me! Lucky grocery store on Monte Vista, right? I worked their for almost 5 years :) Jennifer- Sorry I type faster than I think. The beer wasn't helping. Randy- Glad to see ya on here! BTW, already got that strut rebuilt and installed. I'm juiced to drop the motor in next :D
  8. Bueller240z

    Vacaville 240z

    Hey thanks Jennifer! So the first Saturday of October I plan on being there! I really wouldn't want to show up without a running Datsun, so I'll plan on it being in good order by then :rolleyes: Really looking forward to it and I caught wind of a swap meet on the 17th... hoping to attend that if I'm out of cert class by then.
  9. Bueller240z

    Vacaville 240z

    Hi everyone! My name is Dan and I was referred to this site by a nice group of folks I met at the Rocklin Pick N Pull yesterday (Sep 3, 2011). They referred me to this site. I took a quick browse and liked what I saw, so I went ahead and signed up. I'm 22, a broke college graduate, and I like cars: This is a picture of my 240 (front, center) and two fellow Vacavillian's cars. My Z is a 1973 model, but equipped with round-top SU's. The engine I started with was your average P30 block BUT with an E31 cylinder head. Unfortunately, the local machine shop is less than qualified for engines like these and their valve job went sour. I'm now installing an F54 (280zx) block with the P79 head, with the hopes of someday rebuilding the E31 and installing it for mondo compression!!!! I also have the late-model 5 speed transmission and open 3.90 rear-end. While putting in this "newer" motor, I've been working diligently on replacing the struts and bushings (standard OEM replacement struts and MSA poly bushings). I'm not entirely clear on the first year of this car's life. In 1974 however, the car was purchased in Richmond, CA by a fresh-out-of-high school graduate that was attending Solano CC. The car has a VERY rich history (1970's with the owner's "coming of age" point in his life, you know how it went) and served its duty until the late-90's. After a ten year hibernation, another college student in the "coming of age" stage (myself) purchased the car that originally "terrorized" the streets of Vacaville... only to continue the legacy : ) Ultimately the car is still doing EXACTLY what it did in the 1970's in the EXACT same town, but 30 years later. Anyway, thats the story... but with hopefully NO ending. I'm hoping to find Datsun owners in the Sacramento region so I can become more involved other than over the internet. -Dan M

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