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  1. I did go to the show I did bring my Datsun truck I got there around 10:30 and I did not want to park inside so I parked outside I have a picture of my truck there I knew I was going to be stressed out driving home so I did not stay long
  2. Oh yeah I have to admit I am the genius that put 10 lb of Bondo on the rear end of the car it had some damage So I somehow have to break all of that down and get rid of it
  3. Here is a video of my Datsun 1200 it looks better on the video that it doesn't person I took some oics are we still using Photobucket I'm hoping someone can zoom in those pictures of all of my parts
  4. You're right about Datsuns better early 70s Celicas did look sexy and whenever I saw one especially at night I knew there would be a hot girl inside driving so it's speed up to take a look.
  5. Are there still a lot of VW bugs and VW buses from the 50s 60s 70s in Europe
  6. I started a topic I have Datsuns and I'm stuck my first message. Not being negative I just know myself I mentioned that I'm no fun to be around. I can't imagine what I'm going to do from 8 in the morning till 8 at night The truck is insured I checked all the lights The only thing is my headlight and my high beams stay on I'm thinking I can just unplug the high beams. I really wasn't planning on driving it at night Thinking about driving at night
  7. Anyone know how traffic conditions are on 580 from Manteca to the Bay Bridge on Saturday afternoon I want to bring my Datsun truck but I don't know if I can handle the stress of bumper-to-bumper traffic coming back Going there is not a problem I'm not sure how this truck is going to do in 75 miles of bumper to bumper traffic
  8. Link or it didn't happen
  9. If you are a Datsun 620 addict I would take my time If you want a short bed don't buy a long bed A lot of people went pre-1975 especially in California because there is no smog If you can live with a 76 or 77 78 or 79;you can probably get that cheaper in better condition If you buy one that needs a lot of work and that's a premium price right after you purchase it You're going to start to see a lot of them that looks like a better deal If it was me I would keep looking until you found what you want
  10. I was looking at my hinges on my door and on the hood and the car they really look like they're the same size
  11. Turn out might be low!! Is 20% asshole ok!!
  12. My steering looks just like yours 100%
  13. But there is still hope for me because I still have a couple In 1986 I sold my 69 Camaro for $250 I even gave away my two door Dodge Dart I even wish I had my 1987 Suzuki Samurai that I had for 25 years I just got rid of that 2013 Gosh in the nineties I gave away my 81 Celica all the stupid things I've done
  14. I don't know if there's a poll out already If there was a poll of Datsun pickup trucks 521 and 620 Who wins I had a 6:20 in high school and I have one now and it's always been my dream Over the last 10 years those 521s wink at me every time I see one
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