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    I picked these up off a guy a while ago and never installed them. Chrome is in good shape and no cracks or chips in the glass. It is missing one of the plastic gaskets and the original screws were rusted. I’d like to get $150 for them shipped anywhere in the US.



  2. Also these are the only three pieces I found, are there more to the mechanism?
  3. The other night I signaled to get over and my turn signal lever fell off in my hand. Blew me away, it wasn't even loose. I can no longer switch my headlights from dim to bright, and I have several little pieces that have come apart. If anyone knows how these piece back together it would save me a lot of frustration. Thanks.
  4. So sexy, wish I had 18 grand in my back pocket.
  5. I'm kickin myself for not seeing this one, pretty sweet deal.
  6. Got it to start without any carb cleaner this time. Choke is not on the weber, truck has started easy since last spring when I put the weber on, I will hook up the manual choke and see if that helps. I drove the truck around the block, it drives like it's either not getting enough fuel or is not timed correctly. I got the motor warmed up no smoke from the exhaust or anything, then jumped on the gas a bit and it sputtered and wouldn't move much. At idle it wants to die even after it was warmed up. I need to buy a timing gun and accurately time this thing so if nothing else I can rule that out. Thanks again for the help.
  7. I am starting to think this is a spark issue, I pulled off a plug wire and hooked up an old plug, it didn't look to have a spark when I cranked the motor. I reconnected the plug wires and after cranking a few times, it started for a second then shut off (I had used a bit of carb cleaner). Would it make sense for there to be intermittent spark on a ei distributor, what might cause that? Thanks for the replies.
  8. This is a new problem, it's been running great with both the electronic distributor and the weber for almost a year. I was only able to get it running once since I've been screwing with it, and the one time I was able to get it running the motor shut off when I stopped throttling. The carb doesn't have an idle cutoff solenoid. I should have checked for spark before posting this, I'll check then update.
  9. Hey guys my truck is turning over but won't start. The motor is an l20b with a weber 32/36 and electronic distributor, I think it's a spark issue. I ruled out the fuel pump and fuel filter, I ran the outlet fuel hose from the fuel pump into a bucket and when I cranked the motor it squirted plenty of fuel. The carb also seems to be feeding fuel as it should, I see fuel as I throttle. I checked for moisture under my distributor cap, didn't see any condensation at all. Swapped new spark plugs in. I had it running once, I used some carb cleaner and it coughed for a bit but after a minute it seemed to be running ok, then I let off the gas to see if it would idle, and it cut out. I did notice my vacuum advance was loose, the screw was lost somehow, I used another screw to temporarily tighten it, it's still a little loose, I'm not sure how big of an effect this would have. I'm not sure what the next step is so any advice would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  10. Almost sounds like a problem I had when I had to remove my stock hardline due to it leaking,and just connected a hose straight to the carb with no return line, are you running the stock metal hard line still or a fuel pressure regulator, if not your fuel pressure might be too high?
  11. Has anyone checked out the 68 4 door, I'm thinking about making a trip from Seattle to look at it anyone's opinions would be appreciated.
  12. http://monterey.craigslist.org/cto/3626079710.html 69' 4 door Anyone live close to Salinas?
  13. This isn't mine, but looks to be the same.
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