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  1. Can't figure out what this wire connects to. I have a manual and a diagram and I still can't figure it out. 😔
  2. Does this attachment work for new members?
  3. I don’t see that anywhere near the reply button. And thank you!
  4. On a side note. I’m working the photobucket thing, I know we like pictures here so give me some time to read how to post photos here. Sorry gents.
  5. Hey gents, Wil here and have been a member since 2012. Long story short had a 2 door 510 9-10 years ago and had to sell it to a member here because I all of the sudden moved. Picked up a 72 4 door last week that I got in a trade for a few firearms. We have a $500 budget to get it running and safely on the road. It will be a very mild build. I plan on starting a build thread later down the line. Hope to internet mingle with y’all about it soon! Stay safe and happy driving!
  6. I like this build. It’s a challenge to make a full size car fast in the turns. And that patina is perfect
  7. hey sorry guys, been fast paced here, wife is moving this week, i need this thing gone NOW, FIRST $2000 takes it. well worth it. pm me
  8. first 3,000 takes it. all of it. have a dash too. call 253 320 6517. need gone before xmas!
  9. Any progress on this? i was supposed to be a sleep 2 hours ago but got caught up on your build. I'm sure we would all love to see the finished product of your master fabbing.
  10. kidding. center console is from an evo. $50
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