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  1. Lets see how many Datsuns we can get at the First and Main Car Show on Powers Blvd in Colorado Springs. The First and Main happens the first Saturday of each month at 7 AM and goes until 10 or 11. Its more of a Cars and Coffee then a car show, but still a great time. Here is the website: http://www.firstandm....aspx?ID=150420
  2. Timber

    New to Ratsun

    Very Nice,,, Congrats on the buy
  3. Timber

    New to Ratsun

    Welcome! You have to make your Z yours. Everyone has their own thoughts on how their Zs should be. Good Luck with your car.
  4. Timber

    My 75 Datsun B210 project

    Nice Job. It good to see other B210s coming back. Keep it up!
  5. Timber

    New member from Idaho with a 240z woes

    Nice Job. good to see more Z's out there.
  6. Timber

    Rims and tires

    Will a 15" x 8", 4 x 114.3 with 0 offset fit on a 74 B210? Thanks
  7. Timber

    B210 Carb

    Just helped my son buy his first car. A 74 B210. It needs a new carb, does anyone know a reputable vendor? Also a part number for this carb. Thanks.
  8. So this Saturday @ 9 AM will be the first meet. Please bring your datsun and come meet others from the area. Hope to see you there.
  9. If there is anyone in the Colorado Springs Area interested in forming a Datsun Club, we will initially meet the third Saturday of each month at 9AM. Location is currently the "Promendade Shops at Briargate" near I25 and Brairgate. All Datsuns are welcome. There are a lot of Zs, tens, twenties, and roadsters in the area. Please come out and see what is about. I will be at the TriLakes Car Show in Monument Colorado if you would like to talk about initial setup. Interested??? Thoughts???? Hope to see you there. Rod
  10. Timber

    Tri-Lakes Cruisers

    On 10 Jun 12, in Downtown Monument, Colorado the Tri-Lakes Cruisers are hosting the 2012 Benefit Car Show. Details can be found at http://tlcruisers.org/frames.html . Hope to see you there.
  11. Timber

    Picked up my first Z today :D

    Very nice Z. What are you plans for the suspension? Good Luck.
  12. Timber

    Junkyard photos

    I found this one in a Colorado Springs Junk yard yesterday. Looks like it had sat for a little while.
  13. Timber

    New to Ratsun

    I have sorted out all the issues with the L28. Started right up. Now I just need to drive it to midas or other muffler shop without getting pulled over.
  14. Timber

    Vacaville 240z

    Dan, Welcome to the site. It is always good to see more Zs. Rod
  15. Timber

    Headlights not working!?

    I have a 72 240Z and had the same problem. Spent two days going through everything. I ended up taking the switch apart and cleanning everything. There was quite abit of dust/shavings over time. Put it all back together and they are as bright as if the the Z was new. Good luck. Hope this helps.

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