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  1. racerx

    1972 daston 510 L16

    What is your rpm at idle, when too high it will diesel. 2nd, what's ur timing? If retard, it can diesel and can also overheat. Let us know so we can help you out
  2. Keep on posting as soon as u know it your not a noob anymore.
  3. racerx

    Ignition coil mounting?

    No problems with coils being horizontal, guarantee those engineers knew more than us.
  4. racerx

    '62 Falcon Econoline

    Like the van but better with plain Jane gun metal paint. My opinion only.
  5. racerx

    1974 620 4x4 selling not sure what to ask

    You tried eBay, maybe someone sold one before. Check history on eBay of datsu n trucks that sold in similar conditio.
  6. racerx

    mrbigtankers 521

    That's the Chinese porno star. Capt. Hung Low.
  7. racerx

    Forum down today???

    Yep..me, too. No facebook
  8. racerx

    Forum down today???

    Social media and our dependency...
  9. racerx

    my 521 is backfiring now ? what could be causing it?

  10. Oh yes...samantha fox
  11. racerx

    oil light stays on dim

    You can also use valvoline racing oil or castrol gtx, read they have zddp.
  12. racerx

    Wrecking Yard Report

    That 200 sx is liftback, there's another style. It has a trunk.
  13. racerx

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Also have maybe 1/8 Spanish...
  14. racerx

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Can be both, some say I'm also pacific islanders and/or Asian depends which survey or demographic form you fill out
  15. racerx

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Nah, white people all look the same

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