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  1. ripetomatoes

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    One of these days, you'll learn to enjoy it. :console:
  2. ripetomatoes

    Can anyone run a carfax for me?

    Google is your friend. "free vin check" first link. I'd pass on anything 7.3/auto, though. FERD's auto transmissions of that era are junk.
  3. ripetomatoes

    Sweet datto action

  4. ripetomatoes

    Well, what do we have here?

    oh trust me, it neeeeds love. floor pans at the least. i'm going to be testing my welding skills it seems. waiting for current owner to get off his slow ass, i'm ready to get this project on the road. here's the rust issues. floor pans? something? no clue. am i in over my head? yep. do i care? nope.
  5. ripetomatoes

    Well, what do we have here?

    Been a while. thought I'd drop some pics for you guys. 73' 620, in need of a little love.
  6. ripetomatoes

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    And now we wait.
  7. I still think I'm the only person that accidentally stabs themselves in the leg.
  8. ripetomatoes

    98' ford expedition - AKA the POS

    east coast datsuns are twice the price of best coast datsuns. you know this heh.
  9. Well, the nissan hardbody died a while ago, and I needed somethin quick so I could continue going to work. queue the $350 ford! Came with the #6 cylinder plug JB welded in because the previous owner wasn't too bright when it came to working on cars.... Easy enough fix. just plug the injector back in and drive around until it pops back out! After that, your local small business shop will repair it for $30. Dunno about everyone else, but I enjoy having things I like when driving. Dead radio/speakers really sucks, so I saved up my cash and replaced them. The old.... The new. Sorry if I don't have a oic of the old radio. but I think you can guess what 90's ford tech looks like. More available, if there's interest

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