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  1. I will re aadjust the tps. Fsm states it needs to be between .45-.55 volts and I have it set to .50 Yes the vacuum is weird. When it stops raining I will make a video of it changing. It's a pretty big change in vacuum not sure what kinda effect open loop has on the engine to do that
  2. All I have right now will get more
  3. That what I originally thought but before I dropped a hundred bucks on a ecu wanted to kinda narrow it down and make sure that was it. Thanks will price some out Edit: no way to test a ecu is their?
  4. Decided to swap a 92 ka24de into my 71 510 and run into some issues. little background: Car was originally a auto and the reason the guy told me he parted it out was because the torque converter went out. I bought a manual ecu and am using the can/am wiring set up. Using a Walbro 255 fuel pump. I removed the egr and the vacuum lines on back of the block. First ever swap and now stuck but I did try to research and can't get anywhere. Have exhaust manifold and down pipe on but have not finished running the exhaust. SYMPTOMS: will not idle with maf plugged in but will idle all day unplugged. Took maf cleaner and still no go. Start up with maf unplugged> runs fine> plug maf in> idles high for second, hunts then stumbles and dies. So first reaction is bad maf easy enough, bought a used one off eBay- same thing. like I should have done first time, I downloaded the fsm and did some test with the multimeter. I have continuity to ground and have proper voltage to maf. With maf plugged in and car off, the voltage test reads about .20v and when I blow into the maf it jumps past 1v so I think it's good. REPLACED: so like I said I bought the new/used maf off eBay. Also replaced the cooling temp sensor, 02 sensor, cap, rotor, and spark plug. Took the idle air control valve off, cleaned and re-installed. Checked the injectors ohms and listened to them click holding a long screw driver on them... all ok Also replaced the tps. TPS-so the voltage checked out on the tps but the ohms were a little off so I replaced it and set the voltage to .50v A interesting thing about the tps is it will not run with it unplugged but I read in order to set timing it must be disconnected. Maybe because the maf is also unplugged, but then the car should be in open loop anyways right? Fuel pressure: hooked up a fuel pressure Guage and holds 40 psi all day. Vacuum: don't believe I have any leaks. Checked my vacuum lines multiple times for cracks or open ports. I ran the engine and spayed carb cleaner around hoses and manifold and nothing. I put a hose on the brake booster, "capped" off the throttle body and blew cigar smoke into the intake (as seen on youtube Scott kilmer) and could find no smoke leaking out. Hooked up a vaccum gauge and when maf is unplugged it idles at 20hg on the gauge but with the maf plugged in fluctuates between like 10 and 15. so I hope I proved I did my homework (read about every thread on Google about ka idle and dieing) and tried on my own before asking I'm just simply stuck. It's pouring outside so figured I might as well right this essay on help since I can't be working on my car. Final thoughs: 1] maybe I bought two bad mafs? 2] maybe ecu is bad?(but it runs in open loop) 3] bad wiring? (Im a Rookie with electrical and using multimeter so my last resort is to break into the harness) 4] why does car die when I unplug tps? 5] grounds. Battery is in trunk so have battery grounded to trunk body then have another two gauge from engine block to frame. Can/am box is grounded to chassis. Do I need ground on the ecu? I guess I'm not so good on figuring things on my own but I think I'm pretty good on following instructions and tutorials as that's how I got this far. Just don't understand why it runs in open loop but dies with what seems to be a good maf. I don't mind buying another one but at this point I'm kinda just throwing money at it and i would like opinions or maybe I'm missing something very simple. Thank you guys and I will try to find pictures, it's pouring down right now so can't take any new ones
  5. http://m.ebay.com/itm/181320794968?nav=SEARCH 4dr 5hrs left $500
  6. 510- 30k maybe typo or just a b/o number http://modesto.craigslist.org/cto/4240316422.html Box flare 510 kat-offer http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/4240272854.html
  7. Electric converted http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/3990056886.html
  8. 510Craven


    Thanks, docsis510 told me a easy way it's done so goin try that next day off
  9. That's what I was thinking of trying. Thank you for the confirmation I appreciate it!
  10. From reading I understand that on the stock manifold one could remove the egr system and put the 02 sensor where the egr tube went. My question is how exactly is this done? My 02 sensor cannot thread where the egr tube went because the hole is to big. Is their a fitting I can buy and put in their? Any pictures would be helpful thanks Original 02 sensor hole ^^^ does this thread piece come out and... And go here? ^^^ Sorry for the bad pics I took them while I was test fitting the engine.
  11. 510Craven


    It looks like a tight fit but I assume it would be best to put engine in with the tranny on correct? Also might sound dumb but how exactly do you relocate the 02 sensor? I researched it and get I need to block off the 02 hole and relocate it to where the egr went but the hole is to big. Is their a adapter I can pick up? Can I take out the original 02 port and thread that to where the egr tube went? ^^can this thing unscrew And go here^^ I have yet to try it and should but before I start messing just wanted some insight
  12. 510Craven


    It's been a long time since I posted about this car. After I got it and bled the brakes I drove it daily to work and back for two month before I had some electrical problems. Then picked up a 620 and daily drove that for a while so this just became a weekend car. Now I'm piecing together a ka swap and hope to start moving forward with this project. So far got the crossmember flipped and in. Test fit the engine in the bay with no tranny but I didn't catch your suppose to just use the two bottom holes so took note of that I kno I kno the engine has a fram filter on it didn't like it but took what I could find. Also tried fitting the ka without cutting out the battery tray. Think I'm going to have to tho
  13. Dam all this talk about hating cheese and I work in a dam cheese factory. Our plant makes a million pounds of mozzarella a day. At first the smell got to me but after 5 years I don't even notice anymore. Fml
  14. Not mine "Grandmas 69 wagon" http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/3763915109.html
  15. My bad sorry for giving false info just deleted it. None of the alternators I've been thru had that green around the casing except my saturn swap and it looked like it was hitting the water outlet neck so I jumped to conclusion. And also never seen another belt ran off the motor a L motor so jumped again. It's been edited thanks
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