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    Portland, OR
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    1978 620 KC, 1985 nissan 4x4 (521)
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    bikes, cooking, computers, animation, scale models, fire. oh and tolerable amounts of trolling.
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    I cut stuff, then burn it, Animation Grad.

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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 6 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Looking for Control arms. Driver side is necessary, a whole set would be cool.


    Portland, Oregon - US

  2. Well looks like I'm gonna be back around here more often. Glad to be back with the rats. 

    1. Draker


      Welcome back.


  3. Time Left: 13 days and 21 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    As titled. I am looking for a 1985 720 4x4 left upper control arm.


    Portland, Oregon - US

  4. Also just so you know. I got a job a a pretty decent brewery in PDX. Any help will be greatly rewarded in beers. so much beer.
  5. Got paid. It's working time. Been reading these threads for the Saturn alt swap. Trying to get the electric information correct because I'm new to electrical. Hopefully I can get everything in town. Anybody have experience with this?
  6. Long time since the last update. Was super busy with graduation and life in general... Time to get back at it again. Got the ignition rewired to button and switches. Old alt died thinking about swapping for the Saturn or zx alt. Installed a spanking new Weber.
  7. Yea never get between a man and his rat. Yea it's all fubar.
  8. Oh he almost got away. Too bad I was awake and heard her start up. I know that sound too well and ran outside jumped in the bed while he tried to drive away. Proceeded to climb in through the passenger door and beat his ass out of MY goddamn truck. He got pushed out of a moving vehicle then I chased him out of my complex with my handy crowbar.
  9. Somebody tried to steal my 620!!!

    1. flatcat19


      Yeah, sorry about that. My bad.

    2. Dolomite


      Someone told James there was a stash of buttplugs in there.

    3. KoHeartsGPA


      That sux, where abouts in Eugene are you?

  10. Iso a 78 620 ignition. Somebody tried to steal her.....
  11. Wow it's been a while... So much has happened since the I went dark. College has gotten in the way of my Datsun endeavors for far too long. But I am very glad to say that I am coming back. The 620 is now my daily again.
  12. Btw this is what she looks like now, i repainted last summer
  13. In the meantime i'll just make some memes about how bad i want my datto back.....
  14. So i'm moving to Portland and it's a huge struggle...anyone know of any jobs? but on another note. i haven't driven my truck in a couple months and i am freaking out... but once i get everything together i am getting her back asap...
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