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  1. I have a stock 1978 620. I need a small 620 brake booster (and any other parts) to allow me to install my su carb setup, which has a custom airbox. I have a clearance problem. The new carbs and airbox won't fit into the engine bay next to the original brake booster. I need a smaller, early 620 brake booster. You may contact me by pm or by calling me at (703) 273-622 one. Thank you, Paul P.S. If anyone has gone the Geo Metro brake booster route or have used any other small brake booster, your advice and recommendations would be appreciated.
  2. I am interested in the hood and other parts. I sent you a pm.
  3. I finally logged onto ratsun and noticed your message. My rims are stock and will fit your truck also. They also had chrome beauty rings from an unknown origin

  4. David, I would like to purchase the steering wheel for my 620. Please contact me at pauljd37@hotmail.com to provide shipping details. I may be able to pick it up from you. Thank you. Paul
  5. I would like to purchase a round port exhaust manifold for my 1978 620. I am seeking a manifold from the following vehicles: 1978-79 620 1980 720 1979 A-10 (later 510) 1978-79 S10 (first gen 200sx) I am also seeking other parts for my truck. Please let me know what you have for sale.
  6. Thank you for your comments. I had viewed the excellent thread showing how to build custom air filter assemblies for su style carbs before I posted this thread. I am aware that it may not be possible to use the original air filter assembly for a 510 SSS in a 620 because of clearance issues. The brake booster is in the way. The master cylinder and the slave cylinder leave little room for air cleaners. Although I may not be able to use the original airbox for the 510 SSS in my 620, I would like to have one if for no other reason than for display.
  7. I purchased a tach off of Craigslist for $30 plus shipping. It arrived in the mail in the condition as described by the seller. The tach appears in good condition. The notable defect is that the color red which appears in the redline has faded over time. I have not installed the tach into my 620. I do not know if it works. If you have a working tach for sale, please let me know. I may be interested in purchasing it. I am looking for other parts for my 620. I would appreciate your reviewing my other posts in the parts wanted section and contacting me if you have any of the other parts I seek. Thank you.
  8. Please contact me if you have for sale an original 510SSS air cleaner assembly for Hitachi twin carburetors that are 38 mm. I prefer to purchase an original airbox; however, I will also consider the purchase of custom aircleaners, as well. I will also consider the purchase of airfilters. Thank you.
  9. Thank you for your input, ggzilla. I spoke with Bruce at Z therapy a couple of minutes ago. Bruce told me that I could lose power in the low end should I use dual carburetors that are larger than 38 mm. I believe that I would prefer 38 mm carbs to the larger Roadster carbs which have been offered for sale to me by the510keeper, who, I assume, is very knowledgeable about his carbs. I would like to see pictures of his carbs and do more research before I decide whether or not to purchase them. The carbs may be just fine for my application. Bruce told me that the SSS manifold is a two bolt manifold and that it should work with my 1978 620 and its l20b motor. You appear to be correct about the term "SU" when used to describe Hitachi dual carbs. The term is a misnomer. The term is not used to confuse. The term is used to describe the similarity of dual Hitachi carbs to their British counterparts - the SU carburetors made by Skinners Union. According to Wikipedia, SU carberetors were originally designed and patented by George Herbert Skinner in 1905. There are a large number of British car enthusiasts out there, and I am one of them. In general, British car lovers are familiar with the look of SU carbs. These carbs appear in MG's, Austin Healeys, Jaguars, etc. British SU's have distictively shaped float bowls. I believe they are called "domes" by Z Therapy. I am a newbie to Ratsun. I am not that familiar with all of the terms used to describe Datsuns nowadays. Last month If the owner of a 510 told me, "I have a dime with dual Hitachis.", I would have been confused. Had the owner of the dime told me last month, "I have a Datsun 510 with dual SU's." I would have been able to picture his car in my mind. I read somewhere that dual Hitachi carbs are superior to British-made SU carbs. I don't know about that. I liked the dual SU's on my 1962 Mk II Sprite. The SU's on my Sprite had a small pump. I could could prime the carbs if I hadn't started the engine for a couple of days. I liked that. I do not believe that the dual Hitachi's have a priming pump.
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