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  1. sweet well i got my mind made up since i am gonna straight axle an alot of heavy modifacation over time so gonna start a build thread at some point
  2. anyone know if the kc bed is the same as a standerard cuz i am in need of a new bed
  3. also my other question that came to mind motor wise that nissan motor would be easier to get more power out of then the yota without dumping all my money into it
  4. sorry i havent got back to you guys sooner thanks for all the input an offers for trade but i have 5 vehicels an i jumped on this cuz it only needed ball joints but performance wise the nissan has more power then the yota even with bigger tires an i also like carb over efi i have a 87 yota on 31s thats the daily till i put my 620 together
  5. ok here is the small run down i am a proud owner of a lowered 620 an just picked up a 720 with a 4 in body lift on 33in supper swappers with the z24 an weber i also have a 90 toyota that i picked up about 3 weeks ago i got the 720 for plan to sell it but i am falling in love with it the yota has a 4 in suspension lift an a 22re motor on 31s i have 5 vehicles now an need to make a choice on what to sell 90 yota or 720 my question to everyone is how strong is the 720 for off road madness my only experiance in 4wheelin is with a toyota
  6. i know this but when i was trying to find out my problem to my truck not running right i was checking the timing marks an tdc to see if it was right then seen the cam
  7. there is no oil in the socket caps because i had just redid the head gasket before finding out my cam was snapped
  8. ok ill talk to some people an see who can check it out for me
  9. when the motor was rebuilt the cam towers where done when i did the head gasket i didnt take the towers off before the motor was built i resurfaced the head that was it head wise the valves whereglassbeaded an did a 3rd angle cut on them this is after the the valves where put in n
  10. my truck is parked on a steep driveway so the truck is not level an it has been there for lil over a week an the head gasket was done due to something bouncing under my truck on the freeway cutting my rad an ended up having water in the 2 an 3 cylinders i took a straight edge to it on an checked for warp
  11. there is no blueing at all i took the front plate off to move the cam to see everything
  12. nope no shims my head didnt need milling an my timing chain was tight
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