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  1. LilBullit

    A15 rebuild

    I'm rebuilding an A15 for my 1200 and having a tuff time finding aftermarket pistons. Any recommendations?? Thx
  2. LilBullit

    Painting my 1200

    Hey 1200's Im painting my sedan and looking for some advice on where to find paint. Where do I find original paint or exact match? My sedan is the medium green 003 and I want the exact color, not a close hunter green knock off. Does Nissan have a recommended paint manufacturer?
  3. LilBullit

    Fuel pump help

    Hey 1200's, I need to replace my fuel pump, stock pump, A12. Checked my pressure and its low. Datsun1200 says its easy to take apart and clean to repair, they also say to replace if pressure is low. Any recommendations on a replacement pump? Thanks for the help!
  4. LilBullit

    Spring front eye bushing

    Super Pro has two listings for front spring eye bushing. One is listed with a 11mm bore size, other 13mm bore size. http://www.superpro.com.au/find-superpro-parts-for-my-vehicle/vehiclelookup/NISSAN-1200-Sedan--Utility/49-106-159
  5. LilBullit

    Spring front eye bushing

    Still no answers though, anybody on 11mm or 13mm??? I called my local nissan dealer with the part #, but he didnt know the bore size.
  6. LilBullit

    Spring front eye bushing

    Thanks for the link.
  7. LilBullit

    Spring front eye bushing

    Im replacing the bushings in my leaf spring, going with Super Pro. They offer a 11mm and a13mm for the front eye bushing. Which one do I need? I've been digging on datsun1200 and can't find an answer. Thx for the help 1200's!!
  8. LilBullit

    Datsun 1200 suspension mods

    Awesome! I'm interested if available.
  9. LilBullit

    OD strut casing

    Awesome, thanks!
  10. LilBullit

    620 gas tank

    Im curious if a 76 620 gas tank is interchangeable with a 73 620 gas tank? The 76 tank is all beat up and I have access to a 73 tank that is under a pile of rubble in the back of a barn. Thought i'd ask before i dug it up. Thanks for the help.
  11. LilBullit

    OD strut casing

    Anyone know the outside diameter reading of the strut casing for 73 1200 sedan? Im working on my front suspension and i do not own a tool for measuring this. Thanks for the help!
  12. LilBullit

    Window cranks compatible?

    Great, thanks for the help! Let me know if anyone has 1200 regulators for sale.
  13. LilBullit

    Window cranks compatible?

    My window crank system in my 73 1200 2dr are busted up and not working. I have access to a working window system in a 73 620 pickup. Before I get them shipped to me, does anyone know if they are compatible, hopefully?? Or even close? Thx!
  14. LilBullit


    Hey 1200's, My suspension is in decent shape minus cut springs. I'm considering coilovers, anybody have any recommendations? I found a coilover WELD kit for 1200's from Groundcontrol for $199. Anybody use these?? Thx

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