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  1. Or maybe we can just bait you into making a bunch of useless posts so you can be fallible like the rest of us.
  2. Why, is there something you don't comprehend ?
  3. Your words dude... .... You can't pretend you didn't say something by conveniently leaving out parts of your posts (and I'm not crawling all over the forums looking for your posts). My comprehension is just fine thank you. Btw, I was trying to be jovial but you are the one getting all butt-hurt about it and making personal attacks, big guy.
  4. Wow, after all this and you don't even buy /sell parts and don't care what goes on in classifieds ? Now that's funny :rofl:
  5. So which was it... a yes or no question or was it a leading question, lol !? And yes I do speak my mind about many issues, both virtually & virtuously, :p
  6. Your making a big leap there. My terms were meant to convey the iron fisted silencing of the public and ultimate submission and compliance without public discourse... which is what you are trying to do, not to downplay the atrocities that resulted. But good on you to spin this and attempt to vilify yourself by projecting all that ugliness on me.
  7. Okay new classifieds here to stay, check, but the old would have worked fine if the thread starter was given rights to delete other's posts within his own thread. If possible, that would have dealt with most of the reasons for getting rid of it and saved the policing and cleanup by mods and been able to keep all the other good aspects that ppl are complaining about losing here. Simple solution without drastic measures that have led to 46 pages of griping (me included).
  8. If that was supposed to be an example of how we are under the thumb of an authoritarian and inflexible government entity that doesn't give a hoot about our opinions... well I guess you are on the right track ! Dang man, trying to show me the door over a comment eh ? And who are you again ? Cause I don't see owner, admin, or mod listed on your sig ?
  9. Gotta love when people don't think the laws of physics applies to them, lol !
  10. Just lay down and comply, yes massah. Like everything else in this world, dumbed down, everything pc and no personal opinions allowed or tolerated. Seig Heil !
  11. Yep... I've been trying to give it a chance and yes I was one that 'got my panties in a wad' (to quote a previous poster) a few times about people complaining about prices but if you look at it from the other direction... who got their panties bunched up in the first place? Anyhoo, classifieds are not the meeting place they used to be... kinda sterile and impersonal now. I always looked at it like a swap meet... people gathering around some parts, discussing, advising, bartering, haggling, etc (but yeah... with the occasional guy abruptly running up and shouting "that's too expensive!" - usually on something that had obo on it, lol ). Plus you had an idea what was getting attention and what wasn't whether your ad or someone else's.
  12. sNaHdLbIMG_3403copy_zps288bef24.jpg.html] [/url] Why would someone go to the trouble of making a convertible out of a 510, having a custom top made, and then fucking it all up with that stupid design ? It's like they were trying to follow the original roof lines [somewhat] but got lost. Plus the mirror(s) do not look placed right and are too big for the car. I suspect it's probably a disaster throughout.
  13. Hey ! I resemble that remark (I'm 48 but of course I know it's not a Celica ). Oh and just to be fair... I've had plenty of younger guys ask me if I was going to 'bag' my 620... yeah, right after I get the gangsta' lean working on my ball cap, lol ! Have patience oh cool young man... you will be old one day too. :sleep:
  14. Somewhere there is a piece of duct tape that feels cheated.
  15. I've had similar experiences, but the weirdest one was within a year of the death of one of my best lifelong childhood / high school friends. I was in a lucid dream and I could see my room as if I was totally awake (was confused about whether I was actually dreaming or not), but there was a bright bluish-white light at the ceiling and I felt like I was being raised [levitated] out of my bed and couldn't move a muscle. It was really powerful, scary and comforting at the same time and when I finally came all the way back to consciousness, I was fucking crying like a baby. I had been real depressed over my friend's death, but after that it was like someone said " it's okay ".
  16. I guess that's why this happens... http://healthland.time.com/2011/10/17/study-1-in-6-cell-phones-contaminated-with-fecal-matter/ http://gizmodo.com/5954598/your-smartphone-is-basically-a-poopstick
  17. Yeah looks pretty decent, nice hood, rear bumper, and the hatch support is even still working ! Probably yet another failed dream for someone. I'd be willing to bet the dents all down the driver side are from a sloppy forklift operator at the yard :mad: :(
  18. When you are trying to sell parts for some cash to pay some bills, but you buy more parts as soon as the other ones sell and let the bills wait !
  19. Stock Miata appearance = meh But with the right mods I suppose you get to keep your man card http://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/grm/guide-to-a-manly-miata/6544/page3/
  20. Maybe time for at least one last legitimate question before the lock... why are the classified gallery thumbnails working for some but not others ? Does the lead in pic have to be under a certain size or something like that ?
  21. Who was self-righteous ? The one that originally spoke for everyone to lock the thread, or the one that said if it bothers you don't look ?
  22. I was getting errors over stupid stuff like leaving out the country or making the title too long and then it wiped out my form info when it went to the error page (probably more IE8's fault than the site - should be using Chrome or Firefox)... but nevermind, figured best way was to just place a very basic ad then add pics and edit it with more info after the fact.
  23. God dammit !!! This has happened everytime I went to place an ad in new classifieds.. if I get an error it wipes out everything I did and I have to start over with description, uploads, everything ! Is there not a way to let us know there was an error without destroying the page info ???!!!
  24. One more thing to ad... I'm feeling a little butt-hurt there was no warning about the switchover. Kind of a "well let's do this right now because we are owners/admins.. f*ck those regular users". I know there are a lot of disrespectful people and ones that act like they own the place when they are merely patrons... kind like some barflies I used to know, but I digress, still not nice to take that authoritarian attitude with the rest of us who respect the establishment.
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