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  1. Yep made that mistake with my L24 out of the Z... didn't realize what I had at the time... just basically let the guy have it for pulling it out (along with bullshit unfulfilled promises of bringing me a core support and a few other parts that I needed :poop: ) Wisened up and got a decent price for the L20b, but not nearly what had been put into the motor. Oh well hopefully everyone ends up happy most of the time with the deals they make.
  2. edit: sorry made some ASSumptions about the other thread... forgot there's plenty of women on this site too.
  3. *thumbs* A happy 4th to everyone btw.
  4. Wow, this is relevant ! I've been in Oceanside for almost 8 years now and just went on a 3/4 day charter out of Dana Point last weekend for the first time. Kind of crappy day though... we found a good spot but a sea lion messed it all up and all downhill from there. Pot was won with a sheepshead at only about 8 ~9 pounds... was disappointed, tired, and pissed... didn't really pay attention to details. Definitely want to try again, maybe even with a higher-end charter... too many lines crossing on this last one. I work with some Marines who like to fish (ones who got me out on this last trip), but would be cool to include some Ratsuns !
  5. Look at it this way... the L20B (and 5-speed) that came with my '73 620 was an upgrade from the L16. It was pretty badass for what it was and I had some fun with it, buuuuut... KA24DE is just better all around and reliable, for me anyway and it's still Nissan. I draw the line with putting stuff like 350 V-8's and stuff like that in either my 620 or my 240Z (for which I have an RB staged)... I say if you want that, just stick with American muscle cars. Just be glad we're keeping the Datsuns on the road .
  6. Originally from north Alabama... major part of tornado alley. Had 2 aunts killed by a class 5 back in depression era. I didn't know them, I'm only 49 this year and they were just little girls. Same place as 2011 disaster area... Phil Campbell Alabama. Like someone said earlier just be glad there's warnings now even if sometimes premature. Also when working on Datsuns, just get a bunch of cheap 3/8 socket wrenches and excessive amounts of 8, 10, 12, 14 & 17 mm sockets laying around everywhere, it'll save you a bunch of time !
  7. Sorry to hear it man. Lost my dad at 44 the same way, just gone with no warning. He was almost a 3 pack a day smoker though and was going thru stressful times. It seems to sting a little more when you think they should have gotten more time on this earth to enjoy their family and things they worked hard for. Sorry to be cliche, but it will get better, just give yourself time.
  8. Well slap my ass and call me Sally ! Guess things are moving faster (and cheaper) than I thought.
  9. Maybe one day soon we will get to 100% CF shell repros with 3D printing technology ! (but I don't think it's going to be happening on this thread :sleep: )
  10. I've suggested that before but I've been around here for awhile. Although it would be very unwise to gift money to a newb. As for selling stuff on eBay, or using PayPal for other transactions.. methinks they're being a bit piggish these day, especially when you consider eBay owns PP. As for the threadstarter... sounds fishy to me, and think about the complexity of a whole shell of any vehicle and how expensive that would be... it's been done several times on one-off prototypes, but probably for no less than $50K (and that one Lexus CF supercar - for over $300 grand !), and we all know the story of how copper wire was invented here on Ratsun. Get the hooks out of your lips. B)
  11. This thread started out as an oasis of enlightenment in a desert of bullshit, egos, and one-upmanship... but then again it is Ratsun. Thank you RW, I forwarded to my kids [contents of original post ony !].
  12. Well, Well that's kinda the problem... will I have to expect not to expect answers (i.e. notifications to the seller) on every ad ? With previous inline public questions, you might even have received an answer from another member about a part compatability issue or just someone that could answer up for the seller because they were familiar with the part / car, etc or knew the seller personally. Either way you had a pretty good idea the seller saw the question, especially if he had answered others. Not bitching ! I know everyone including mods must be having major migraines over this now... just trying to find a compramise between old and new.
  13. I have to check my notification settings to make sure he gets the messages ?
  14. My experience with new classifieds on Dawa's ad for Nissan coveralls. Asked a question yesterday, don't know if he's didn't see (by having to click on the questions tab), didn't receive notification, or simply ignoring (which I seriously doubt) ? Had to e-lurk and see if he had been online since then.
  15. .... okay... pathetically pointless post to some maybe, I guess I was just alluding to the point that if we [ as a group of Ratsuns ] ever got behind some charitable cause or otherwise, we appear to have the membership to potentially make a considerable impact (But personally I don't have the leadership skills to do anything like that) edit: ... and then I check to see if we already do anything such and find this (trying to expand my horizons here... I used to spend 99% of my time in classifieds, so I guess the change created some unintended good consequences). http://community.ratsun.net/topic/55835-socal-charity-car-show-july-20th-2013/ As heard aboard Navy ships 1MC (public address speaker system) - "That is all !"
  16. Just noticed there are over 9 thousand topics and more than a quarter million replies in 'General'. Don't know what the numbers are on other forums, but I find that somewhat impressive.
  17. If you watch the whole thing, there are some shots out the back, but his balls are obscured by dust !
  18. Goddam, I thought I was gonna die just watching that video ! That is some fearless superhuman shit right there.
  19. Hopefully this is constructive enough to qualify as a legitimate post here, and will be the last I will say about this myself. I think if the bitching was just allowed to burn itself out in a thread that didn't matter, it would have taken care of itself, whether in 2 pages or 100 and would have dropped down to obscurity within a few months at the most (after all, It was under 'General' which is subtitled 'Talk about Anything'). What I saw was some members just wanting to air their frustrations and others getting tired of hearing it, but if so they could have just ignored the thread like people ignore other threads they are not interested in. Like they said in the Navy.... a bitching sailor is a happy sailor (cause they get it off their chest). I guess someone would respond to that with "well how long must they bitch and I'm tired of hearing it".... my point again, who cares or why should you? It's not like they were PMs filling up your inbox. Ignore it and move on without adding fuel to the fire. Like babies sometimes you have to let them cry it out and yelling at them to quit crying only makes them cry more. If there had been actual physical contact, there would have been something akin to baby shaking going on here ! (yes, I just compared the 'guilty' posters to babies... of which I am culpable also). Yeah, not a democracy, but what is a forum without members? And do you ban or weed out the members that only you agree with or that don't get frustrated with things? I guess you could, but as society goes, you would end up with a sterile uniform community with no individuality or camaraderie (or at the least, members who are afraid to say anything controversial in fear they will be banned or slapped - I even find myself self-editing constantly on posts now just to be as PC as possible !). There are plenty of forums like that but Ratsun was always more roughshod and 'real' (still is despite all this). I find that very passionate people can be at both ends of the spectrum, very creative and constructive, yet show their ass once in awhile. As for new classifieds? Meh, it's kinda like a friend that quit drinking, settled down and got married... he's easier to tolerate but in the end it just not the same hanging out with him. Beyond that analogy, I was a bit surprised by the sudden change without warning and I miss the price trends/historical data and constructive in-line posts and good-natured banter -albeit one glwts would be enough in most cases ! (and an instant slap on the wrist to the price bashers would have kept things a lot more civil) 'Nuff said.
  20. Wait... someone's got a crapper for sale ? Willing to part out, I just need the seat ?
  21. Man I sold one of those for negative $50, your [non existant] price is too high ! ... yes I know... irrelevant post... waste of time and precious forum space... how will we ever recover ?
  22. Just wondering what that subtitle really means under 'General Discussion' ? Does 'anything' = anything or just what people want to see or agree with ? General Discussion Talk about anything. Or to keep everyone happy, should topics under General just be more definitive like "New Classifieds - Rants" and "New Classifieds - Post Really Constructive Stuff to make you feel like an Awesome Person" ?
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