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  1. Fuck yeah that's a big scary looking spider !
  2. If only they had microscopic pics of the windshield molding and horn button then I'd be willing to pay the $20k up front, no questions asked !
  3. I guess I got lost after 5 pages... what's the summary here ? I kinda gather the op was a scammer that deflected his scamming off to a potential buyer ? Is that what happened here ?
  4. Can't believe I never thought of this... pretty clever but just wish there was a slightly better option for the 'n'.
  5. Great find... just makes you wonder what other treasures are out there waiting patiently in someone's barn or garage !
  6. Thanks Mike... again not contesting anything here about the merits or pitfalls of the old vs new. Just looking at it from a web content point of view and what drives traffic to a site (and keeps people coming back) and if that facet has changed for better or worse or made no difference whatsoever. Not looking to beat that horse again about "why". ... but then again since Ratsun doesn't do ads, unless you count vendor classifieds... maybe it really doesn't make a difference anyway.
  7. I'm not trying to get anyone's gimbles torqued or put people back on the defensive here... I was just asking the question in earnest now that the new ads have been around for awhile. The data could actually be a good thing... if anyone was interested in that sort of stuff. As in the casino operators in Vegas like to know if people came for the gambling and stayed for the attractions or visa versa.
  8. Methinks someone kneejerked and hopefully regrets it. A few days of uncertainy never warrants a public display like this (Ratsun is NOT Craigslist !). Best thing you could do it own it, make amends, and learn from this. (fyi, nobody is perfect in this respect... including moi )
  9. Just wondering if there was any site traffic stats since the changeover to the new classifieds ? Has it been a plus or minus for cultivating membership and long-term involvement here ? Gross number of hits may not be the best indicator over the short term, but things like repeat visitors (and accompanying registrations) after initial visit to classifieds,etc ? (as compared to old numbers) Just curious if anyone was tracking on this.
  10. Farmers did a policy for me at stated value.
  11. I've met a lot of local Ratsuns either online or in person through horse trading and you were one on my mental list to hope to run into in person someday. Also being former Navy myself and both Datsun fans and all. But oh well, good luck in Hawaii. I researched living there and to add to all the other comments I would just say this... don't assume that just because HI is technically part of the United States that you can just act like a typical American there. From what I understand the biggest problem with haoles is we carry some sort of 'imperial' attitude and that's the biggest part of what rubs them wrong. Accepting the fact and attitude you are a guest on their island(s) carries you a long way. From my experience here in SoCal is the typical indifference of the southern Californians is probably not a good fit there. One last thing is pets... if you have them and want to take them with you, please research the quarantine requirements ASAP !... there's a lot of stuff you need to do to get them in and hopefully shorten their stay in quarantine, and it's better the sooner you get started. Too many cases of people having to dump their pets at a shelter (or worse) because they didn't prepare.
  12. Well I'm highly offended by you even posting that story. Mods ! ... j/k of course... I admit I'm an overly sensitive fuck sometimes, but some people just look for things to complain about. I guess I'm lucky... I forget and let f * bombs fly all the time at work and have two women that work down the hall from me. One is even a devout Christian. But then again I work with Marines, so I'm far from the worst of what they hear.
  13. Pretty obvious... real full name is Benjamin... and I like to make jam ( & jelly too). :w00t:
  14. I asked a young lady (who had one- and was pretty hot ) why didn't she just get one that said "You are Here" with a big arrow pointing down :angel: She kind of laughed, but looked like she could have slapped me at the same time. (... Looking back I should have suggested "Ben is Here" )
  15. Good stuff, we used it on our coraframs (basically plastic versions of patent leather dress shoes) in the Navy.
  16. It was on the truck when I got it so I don't know that much about it. Someone said Snug Top came out with these for the mini trucks back in the day so I guess it was a one size fits all kind of thing, it's not perfect it hangs over by about 3/16" on the sides and tailgate. I even called them [snug Top] about it to run the serial number, but even they didn't have any record other than to say "that's a pretty old serial number". I just thought I'd post it here since I've seen a few threads about tonneau covers and these never came up.
  17. Or you could just find one of these :devil:
  18. Yes, champs everyone of them! I've dealt with all of these Ratsuns (didn't buy anything from Dawa or Mike - yet - but both were very helpful in my searches).
  19. Plus they know you're not really in the mood to shop around at 1:30 in the morning... true of crappy motels and RV lots everywhere.
  20. 15% duct tape... also known as 'Alabama chrome'
  21. You're missing the point... but yes I would like to see them shot in the ass too, them and their cheaply made swords. ... slightly drunken humor on my part... if you don't get it it's s'okay.
  22. Allllllrighty then... trolled me into another comment, so here you go my man ! Briggs and Sratton? Haha, I was trained on Rochesters /Quadrajets, Carters, Holleys, etc, but yeah I worked on lawnmowers, go-karts, and mini-bikes too there bigshot from the time I was 9 years old... despite the nostalgia,, carbs are just inefficient and time consuming. and It's like arguing the values of swords vs. guns. Despite all your triple folding and sharpening of finely smelted metal on flames produced from the ether of hallowed ground of your ancestors... someone with a gun will still simply shoot you in the ass ! Bottom line is anyone will a slightly modified KA24DE motor will tear a new A-hole in your overly labored and carbed L-motor unless you pumped thousands of dollars into it, and you will still be struggling at best. You're right there with the Honda crowd if you stuck a fart can on it and think it 'sounds' fast.
  23. This is the last I'll say about this... I understand the sentiment over the carbs... I learned on them in auto mechanics back in high school from 79- 82, but to put it in context, somewhere there is someone still pining over the demise of the steam powered carriage. As far as nice sounds... my stock KA has a long tube header dumping straight to a cheap cherry bomb like muffler on a short run of 2.5" pipe and my neighbor asked if I had a V-8 in it, lol ! Sentiment or not, no way would I go back to carbs... I just don't have that kind of time.
  24. Not that I can afford to be picky.... and Kate has a beautiful face and one hell of a rack... but her butt looks like it will be flattening out ala Bo Derek when she hits her thirties (and if that reference is lost on the younger generation here... oh well).
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