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  1. deleted due to this site no longer being democratic or even hearing dissent
  2. deleted due to this site no longer being democratic or even hearing dissent
  3. Even a 620... just lighten it up by whatever means possible. Pull the door glass and regulators, have the frame acid dipped and put a flatbed on it made out of foam core and single layer of fiberglass. Get some of the smallest & lightest wheels and tires that you can put on the truck. After all... money, comfort and practicality are not issues here, right ? :)
  4. You speak very reasonably and I just liked your posts twice as a result, so now this thread will be probably be locked. Sorry.
  5. Well after all this noise, if you are serious just do it and make it work. As I (and others) have posted earlier in this excessively long thread... motorcycle engines have been made to work in [very] light body cars before. Not like you are firing a rocket to Mars... Go for it, break something if you have to and then fix it.
  6. Couldn't read through the whole thread but just had one point.... the Honda 600 (original 'Kei' class car) had a 350cc engine borrowed from one of their motorcycles (but it only weighed a little over a thousand pounds)... fwiw. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_N360
  7. Just a joke apparently by someone that has some good natured rapport with you ! Too many over the top revenge posts here. Like someone said, just rock it for awhile, put a little placard on it saying "Lovely color courtesy of blank [insert shop name] " and grab a stack of their business cards to hand out whenever someone asks about it.
  8. Like most everything I've done in life.... I go into a lot of things half-assed... fuck something up, learn my lessons, and usually do it right the second or third time, lol ! Kind of like that thread about the guy that did the horrendous 4-link on that poor 510... I've been guilty of atrocities too, but the key difference is I know I screwed up and wasn't dumb or proud enough to post it to the world, and knew within myself that what I did was garbage and to redo it. Point is I set out to get something done and don't give up, even if it takes me awhile. But I have learned invaluable and unforgettable lessons that way. Other things I know I don't have the luxury of f'ing up the first time... like body work and paint on my truck. I got my 620 restored 90% of the way with many custom touches including my KA swap, had the bed blasted, POR-15'd all the underside and frame, removed all the glass and trim and sent it to the body shop ready for them to go to work and "top off the cake", so to speak, but not the full cost of all the other conversion and restoration work. Is that part hurting? Oh yeah, but I know otherwise I'd end up with a paint job that looked like it was done in my backyard and even if I did a decent job, the comments would still always be "yeah that looks pretty good.... for a DIY paint job". I also researched the shop, got to know the owners, saw their work and spent months talking back and forth before I committed to letting them do the work. You don't just talk to someone one day and then give them a ton of cash the next, and ALWAYS get it in writing. It took me awhile, but I'd scribble little inspirational notes on the truck in sharpie and soapstone that said things like "Get this Shit Done" and "Work on this part on Friday". Plus (to address the original post ) I have researched here on Ratsun and many other sites incessantly for advice and precedents of how other people got through particular issues to the point of being physically fatigued just Google-ing, looking and reading about other projects. And lastly, I think one of the most important things is to keep the garage neat and having space to work. If things piled up or the project vehicles start becoming shelves... you are literally burying (and thus forgetting) them.
  9. Sorry fellers... didn't mean to invoke any macho defense mechanisms. Just sayin'... you could have lurked on these ladies albeit with a little bit better angle on the shots. Basic photography rules would have saved my eyes from being hurt by the surrounding atrocities :) ... but enough about my pain... back to the Azzes !
  10. Meh.... 1pic - blonde might be okay if not walking away like escaping the shot (oh and her friend with the 'nice personality' next to her) 2nd - passed it's prime 3rd - nice but the guy's hairy pit right next to her ruins the shot 4th - same thing... dude's big feet also ruins shot
  11. IBTL ?! Cross fingers :thumbup: ... but a good chance... my posts are usually last ones before a lock (or otherwise a dead thread, lol ). Btw, seems there's more policing ever of anti-new classifieds than the old. If anyone is offended by my little remark here... I'm not being an anarchist or trolling or putting down admins or mods. Just being my jovial self if you ever have met or will meet me in person. I'm a lighthearted dude and try to ease tension with a little humor and humble attitude. My take is this board needs to lighten up. Jeez are we a bunch of Jag owners here or what ? There's an old adage about walking around the block you live on... you take a clipboard and go door to door and ask the person that comes to the door "Is there anything you would limit your neighbors from doing?".... by the time you get around the block you will have a list that would dictate that no one can do anything, even to conduct the survey !
  12. Nice, yet something eerily wrong with the sailor suit !
  13. Gotta love how he just goes for it though... no apparent planning just saying fuck it this is happening right now, whether it's poorly welding/ fabbing while wearing flip flops, running dubious dry-sump configs that will break later, or painting shit while it's still hot right there on the driveway... skills be damned ! (a reference to the above Napoleon Dynamite link... one needs skills, lol!) He probably started on the '4-link' early in the morning, grabbed whatever pipe and stuff he had laying around and finished by noon. No planning or quality work necessary (in his mind). "Yeah this piece looks good here... tack it !" I just hope he is new to all this and will learn from his mistakes. I look back in horror at some of the stuff I started off with ! You never know though... could be like my brother who had a brain injury years ago. Seems totally normal in conversation, well read, good sense of humor, etc, but when he goes to do any kind of project you just have to walk away.
  14. Well thank goodness for reposts, didn't see the first one. Do all us Datsun lovers carry a common gene or something ? And how much does it cost to get a video produced like that ?
  15. Man you must know the secret handshake or something, I got mildly chided for just asking how the change might have affected traffic to the site :blush: But here you go.... not that it will change anything but here's my pos/neg list. New classified positives: -Easy upload and management of pics - a huge positive in my book -No stagnant ads / necroposts -No price bashing - another pet peave -No bumping of ads i.e. people bumping too frequently (also a negative if your ad gets stale and on page 26 - some people may not realize they want your part until they see it and therefore don't search for it in the first place - i.e. no impulse sales activity, but then again I guess one can always place the ad again after 30 days) New classified negatives: -If you don't fill out the form right, or there's any missing info, go back to square one and try again, you fail ! Hope you copied your writeup to the clipboard. -No historical references / no helpful hints about what you are buying or selling -No banter, thus no idea what's getting 'play' or if anyone is remotely interested in your part, even if it's a 'glwts' or 'wish you were closer' (yes there's a view count, but were those views all someone turning up their noses ?) -Proliferation of other topic areas in order to address previous 2 negatives, thus re-creating some of the same problems (but in their defense, those were consolations made by the admins to appease the bitching masses - me included)
  16. I thought it was a unit of measurement for weed ? (old school here !)
  17. Plus I would make a heavy bet there is no reinforcement of the unibody / floor pans to compensate for the missing a&b pillars & roof.
  18. It's been brought up here before.... I've seen this ad pop up several times over at least a year or more now. Yes horrible job on the top, not to mention the door mirrors (not proportionate to the car besides the f*d up angle they have them at). Would be better just to show pics of it down and at least hope someone comes takes a look and can figure out how to fix it (price adjusted of course). Also just wanted to say it feels really good to rag on someone's ads, at least not a listing here on Ratsun, lol !
  19. Some people just don't have time to deal with stuff sometimes or shit happens like people die, get disabled, divorced, or evicted and someone has to clean up and doesn't want or have time to deal with the hagglers, so stuff that may have some value is practically given away in the process. [swipes hands... done]
  20. Those are your biggest concerns? You glazed over the "with all original parts [...] V6 Engine". I didn't follow the link before... comment was just from looking at the pic posted here (comment was in response to John McClain's post but not quoted properly). But yeah, what you pointed out makes it even worse.
  21. http://sacramento.cr...4130032638.html :sick: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah I'm hating on that wheel / tire combo too... probably an indication of any other work done on the car... such as the Datsun emblem on the fender being way too forward and what's up with that front bumper / fender matchup? 280Z ?
  22. Yep, saw that one too but didn't have a phone or camera with me... focus was on 620 and 240Z stuff anyway... which is never there anymore :(
  23. Besides nutty price on that (I'd figure $2 ~ 3K and that's if somebody just digs old Maxima station wagons in particular), gotta love when someone highlights the engine in the write-up but doesn't include pics of said engine.
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