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  1. Okay, that's what I thought, so I'll go forward with my original comment... "Another 'non-smog' KC in the making, eh?"
  2. [EDIT] oops, nevermind, interpreted that wrong... 'number tags' ?
  3. He's probably tried to sell stuff on CL before and knows whatever price you put out there someone always wants to lowball it in half or more to feel like they are getting a deal. Probably expects $500 tops and would take $200-300. Maybe worth something for the engine/tranny, and the custom work to get the engine in that chassis (motor and tranny mounts, driveshaft, wiring mods, etc), providing the buyer wanted to duplicate what he has already done.
  4. When you say driving with the Titans on being scary, what do you mean? I have Titans on my '73... it wanders a bit because I have all new steering components and haven't had an alignment yet, but otherwise I don't know if I'd call it scary. Do you mean the 'heavy' feel or what?
  5. Yeah, but I had $170 in the set, lost $90 just to get rid of them and get some quick cash. Getting really strapped between my yougest kid's preschool and Christmas rolling around. Btw, did they leave a couple months out of 2008? Seems like it rolled by awfully quick!
  6. Rims and tires sold today - ad deleted from CL. Side note, the guy was happy to get them... but of course he threw the obligatory lowball of $60 and I just looked at him and said "Dude, you're paying $20 each for a rim wih a tire, don't you think that's a good deal?". He smiles and says "yeah, that's a great deal, I'm sorry." Damn straight it was a good deal.
  7. Those are actually mine. Pulled them in favor of some Titans. Would you believe 7 people called and 5 more emailed... but no one showed up! Flaky people abound. One guy actually called and asked if I'd go lower... I'm thinking - "gee, do you want me just to give them to you?" This is why I hate trying to sell stuff. I will add, when I say "several thousand miles left" in the tires, keep in mind tires usually go 30 ~ 40k. They ain't bald but they are saying hello to the wear indicators. The value is largely in the rims and the fact you have a mounted set of tires that will get you down the road for a little while (for just $20 a corner).
  8. Are you sure? Because it looks like a left handed screwdriver (you can tell because it points to the right).
  9. Bought this on Ebay for around $80 + shipping, only asking $50 (+ shipping). Decided to go the epoxy and SEM route for my existing dash. But before I changed my mind, I started going after this one with my dremel in the corner by the glove box so the door would open and shut smoothly (second pic). Can be sanded out cleaner with finer paper, but just left it as is, that area won't show anyway with the glove door closed. Oh yeah, as yello620 reminded me below... location is Oceanside (CA not Jersey -or wherever that east coast poser city is!).
  10. Exactly. Like he said (oh, that was you, doh!).
  11. I checked the numbers too, just shows a generic truck representation for one of the fender part#'s you provided. No specific pic or information pertaining to a Datsun 620. So, I guess the lesson here is not to hijack someone's ad until you've verified your info, 'nuff said.
  12. Come on dude, don't torpedo my ad without backing it up! Anyone else think a painted 620 bumper is worth trying to sell or not? Is $20 unreasonable?
  13. Really!? Can you send me the link, cause all I found was this: http://www.jcwhitney.com/autoparts/VehicleBrowse/tf-VehicleBrowse/s-10101/N-111+1973+200732042+600000834/c-10614
  14. When I bought my 620 it had 6 to 4 lug adapters, just have to account for the additional (negative) offset in your wheel selection. Try these guys: http://www.truckaddons.com/Catalog/subpages/custom_wheels_adaptit.htm or these (I got some spacers from these guys, same thing as the adapters but same lug pattern, were made in China, but looked pretty good, just gotta watch what you are getting on the threads 1.25 or 1.5 pitch) http://www.ezaccessory.com/Wheel_Adapter_6_Lug_5_5_To_6_Lug_5_5_p/6550-6550c.htm
  15. I used that word at first, but edited because I thought it was a bit harsh. Didn't want the wheels to get a complex or anything ;) .
  16. Is it just me, or are those rims a bit on the 'homely' side ? (before anyone goes there, yeah I'm homely too, but I don't give a sh*t)
  17. Bumper pulled from my 620 in favor of a decent chromed one. Local pickup would be best, shipping would put this thing out of realistic price range. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/pts/840335972.html
  18. If I had some spare $$$, I'd be all over this right now ! ... but since I don't, I'm passing this along to my Ratsun-ites http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/cto/812800124.html
  19. With the ta-ta's or the beer? :)
  20. Good points one and all... now my 2 cents I'm 44 and I've been thru just about every 'stress reliever' out there, alcohol, weed, pills, psychadelics, etc., and the best one of all? Regular exercise. I have had a major temper problem most of my life, I get so mad I literally see red and I fume for days over small shit. I've broken my hand twice from just punching stuff (it's really unfortunate when you find the stud behind the sheetrock !). I've pulled some really stupid stunts because I was angry. I've finally given into the fact that when I am drinking and drugging and NOT exercising, I stay in that 'anger loop', going from one thing to another that bothers me. Almost like I'm looking for it. Staying away from the shit and getting some time in on my elliptical trainer at least 3 times a week and working on my projects so NOTHING gets to me. Not the wife, not the assholes at work, the idiots on the road, nor the random jerk / customer service / fill in the blank person who pisses you off. As others have said, putting energy into projects or something otherwise productive for YOUR life is the best solution. Acting out anger in other ways only leads to more frustration. Hope this helps.
  21. Hi Dave, Did the passenger fender survive? (and do you know if KC fenders the same as standard cabs?) Thanks, -Ben
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