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  1. new weather stripping is tough

  2. screw size for 1/4 windows? (frame to frame) (510,2dr of course)

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    2. KoHeartsGPA


      10mm?.....going to check now....

    3. KoHeartsGPA


      Nope, they're small Philips head with fine thread. I'm looking at them now...

    4. KoHeartsGPA


      Got pics, shoot me a text and I'll send them to you

  3. does anyone remember who did a good how to install trunk rubber (510)?

    1. Draker


      Remove trunk rubber, install rubber. cut to fit.

    2. pondking


      direction of rubber curb (bought from ozdat) towards interior of trunk?

    3. shacks510


      I installed mine with the top part pointing outward

  4. how do I polish rocker trim?

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    2. Ratwagon1600


      Calico buffing pad on a grinder and stainless steel buffing compound is how I do mine. Drakers methods just as good, just more time consuming.

    3. Digi7al Trauma
    4. 420n620


      now if had asked about shaft polishers, the respond would have been 50 folds. B=====D

  5. anybody want a thing?https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/cto/6051234246.html

    1. pondking
    2. pondking
    3. bananahamuck


      That seem pretty cheap for one of those

  6. factory tint or no tint anybody have suggestions?

  7. is there a complete kit for steering bushings anyone recommends?

  8. does anyone know the measurement of placement on a driver side door side view mirror?

    1. Dattokai


      Dominic Le, person that built the white Hakotora that was displayed at SEMA last year. Here's his 510 http://www.stanceworks.com/2014/09/dominic-les-1971-datsun-510-coupe/


      And here's the Hakotora


    2. Noflers


      Those struts with the dropped spindles look real nice.

    3. r0p0doe


      He sold the 510, still owns the Hako and just showcased a 2jz swapped s30z at Sema

  9. if I were to buy paint for my car all I need is the color code? 567 who still sells it? was looking for a color near Stewiefieds wagon? info anybody?

    1. dat521gatherer


      any auto body place. I have mine pumped into rattle cans at sherwin williams auto.


  10. does a 14x9 fit in a 2dr 510 without lip rolling?

    1. INDY510


      no ... and it will hit the control arm if it's positive offset

    2. Noflers
  11. is anybody taking over the complete rubber kit business?

  12. anybody know a good engine importing company?

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    2. pondking
    3. EastBay521


      damn. over here its $2200 for s13 redtop installed in a s chassis with a 30day warranty

    4. mhub91


      Those are both cheap.... Here in WA state an SR swap is anywhere from $2K to $4K... That's just the swap. I think a local garage does a complete SR swap for around $5K.

  13. best car covering technique for outdoor car?

    1. MicroMachinery
    2. pondking
    3. Rjawm


      Can't really help, I'm still trying to find the best car covering technique for my indoor car.

  14. registration old model cards ??? anyone else with the problem?

    1. Rick-rat


      Never tried to register an old model card. What is this card?

    2. pondking
    3. Draker


      What's the problem?

  15. flares or no flares that is the question

  16. why does the garage auto hero watanabes look so good

  17. do you have to cut in the inner wheel well to get the Bre flare right?

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    2. 510T


      To get it right is to lower it.

    3. INDY510


      alot easier to cut it now, unless the flares are removable

    4. pondking


      i mean the interior wheel well extension you can view it form trunk

  18. oreilys won't sell me epoxy or etch !!!!

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    2. shacks510


      "If I was going to huff it or vandalize, do you really think I'd buy this expensive stuff?"

    3. pondking


      some new law they said

    4. pondking


      thinking of going with strip clean in santa ana instead

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