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  1. I was able to buy a set from Mike Klotz. I also bought a single one from ebay so whenever I get the ebay one (lock pin for the z cars) in the mail I'll compare them side by side. These are from Mike.
  2. PHXDatsun

    620 Windshield

    Theres a guy on offerup that has datsun windshields
  3. Thanks for the input guys I have messaged mike to see if he still has some spares, still waiting for a response though. I will keep you guys posted on what direction I take. Maybe Nissan calls these cotter pins in AUS or the UK. I have seen them called bolt-lock pins too from the research I been doing.
  4. Hi Guys, I"m currently in the process of rebuilding my kingpins and one of the cotter pins that keep the fulcrum pin locked into the spindle was a bitch to get out so I basically ruined it. I have been reading from previous posts that its a pretty rare part to find. I did however find some on ebay that are for the following: 1970-1978 240z 260z 280z. So has anyone tried to use these? or is my best bet to try to find a close fit from a hardware store and just grind them flat on one side till they fit? Here is the link to the z cotter pins https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-Spindle-Pin-Lock-Bolt-For-1970-1978-70-78-Datsun-240Z-260Z-280Z/254021054163?hash=item3b24d5aed3:g:Y7MAAOSwtYJbx1QW Thanks
  5. PHXDatsun

    Wiper arms

    I have a spare set of wiper nuts that I don't need let me know if you want them
  6. PHXDatsun

    1975 620 in Tijuana

    Que chingona le esta quedando la 620! Can't wait to see it finished.
  7. PHXDatsun

    620 owners roll call

    Peoria, Arizona 1974 L18 4-speed "La Trokita"
  8. PHXDatsun

    The 520!

    any updates on the 620?
  9. Are they still the same price? Im really interested in buying a set asap
  10. Here is another shot from a different angle..
  11. I just put them on yesterday they look really good i was gonna post pics last week but the wheels took about 5 days to bore since the shop i took them to had alot of work
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