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    Car and truck seats have come a long way in 40 years and the 620 seats weren't comfortable anyway. It would be no great loss to exchange them for much newer bucket seats with proper bolstering, side support and an adjustable lumbar support.
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    What is wrong with your instrument cluster? The 521 cluster will fit, but it has green turn indicators.
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    Ugh! We see the 720 4WD's in our local yards, but none right now.......will keep in mind! TJ Denver CO
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    Have you tried Nissan? Riley at Lynchburg Nissan will all at least look it up & order if still available! Rock Auto also lists some under "parking brake cable". Is it just not available any more? TJ
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    Not bad, but $250 ?? I could see under $175 And I had one of those also, damn runners are fairly small, then open up right before the head. Don't think anyone ever made a true downdraft L4 manifold. All that I've seen have little runners so any dummy can bolt them onto a stock engine, and feel good. Someone sells just the head flanges on eBay that would be fun to play with. A little thick wall aluminum tube, a little aluminum plate, and a little welding, and who knows what you could come up with. How about a tunnel ram :)
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    The L16 powered 521 and the 510 4 speed extension housings should also work for this. 'Probably' the early 620 and the 710, but not the 610 (too long) would also work. They use the same shifter, internal bushing and the seal.
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