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    Like many elderly, you just want everything to stay the same. I totally get it. I was pissed when 'new formula' Coke came out. (boo) Then they had to go back to the old formula (yea!) But they couldn't call it Coke anymore and renamed it Coke Classic. (boo) Sorry, you were whining about whiny ass liberals removing a symbol of red neck-dome and a lost cause civil war from a 155 years ago??? If whiny ass liberals really cared they'd outlaw NASCAR first for not having had a real race since the early '70s when they drove real cars.
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    Just wanted everyone to know that I've volunteered for the COVID-19 vaccine trials in the Santa Barbara area which apparently were made by a Russian Pharmaceutical company. I received my first shot and wanted to let everyone know that it’s completely safe with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι χoρoshό я чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уши.
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    He's not elderly ya damn know it all!! He is 50 and a Veteran that fought for this country!! The confederate flag is not the flag of the confederacy, it is the battle flag of the northern army of Virginia. I do not hate anyone and have plenty of black friends. I was born and raised and still live in Tennessee, the greatest place to live. The people here are like no other, we wave, we yield, we care for our communities. Ask any Northerner or anyone else that has chose this place to live the past 30 years. In 1997 my hometown of Maryville, TN was voted #1 place to live in America on a A&E cable special and this place BOOMED. As a Southerner the battle flag is a symbol of Southern pride, nothing less and nothing more....proud of being from the South and blessed we weren't born anywhere else. Now you and anyone else can say it represents slavery and that is your perogative. I can understand that, but as a born and bred Southerner, that is not what it means to me and never has. As far as the Civil War and slavery goes, that war was not won and slavery still exists...just turn on your damn TV and look. It is cliche I know, but we are all slaves....slaves to society, slaves to our bills, our jobs, taxes,government, censorship, the powers that be. I'm sorry Mike, I like you and you know a hell of a lot about Datsuns and have gave me good advice, but damn man I have to stand up for what I believe in.....and that is no left wing, liberal, cancel culture, PC bullsH#t. Peace brother.....
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    here is just a few pix of what is going on with grimace, it still needs the snugtop canopy finished and painted and installed and cut n buff. it looks better in the sun, i tried to upload pix while it was in sun but i have to figure out my new phone and be able to free up some space on it to save pix to one drive and then upload like i just did with these pix
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    FRONT SUSPENSION Let me preface this by saying my goal was to build the cheapest adjustable upper control arm I could. With that, I know there are different/better ways, but I have a total of $140 in the upper control arms, that’s it. I made my own plates to weld in the uppers to match the ball joints of the 720. Part #s from Speedway Motors upper A arm 91034410 $25 x2 mounting brackets 91645470 $15 x2 Bushed rod end 9008001-STR $13 x4 or you can use a heim joint 5/8-18 RH 1750506 Jam nut 5/8-18 RH. 1750246 $1 x4 1/2-20 2.25 bolts Optional poly bushings- 9.19105G. $14 x4 For the lower control arm I am using a 720 control arm with 18mm 2.5 x 120 bolts along with washers for spacers since the 620 bushings are good. The spindles, hubs, and brakes are all from an 83 720. The angle of the upper ball joint to upper control arm turned out beautiful, pretty much neutral. Lower brackets with the plates I made Coilovers being used
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    That psychological shit don't work on me dude, when I was having my heart attack I was not upset at possibly dying, I actually told them twice(calmly the first time) as I had to repeat myself since I got no reaction from them the first time when I said "if my heart quits beating for 5 minutes DNR", I got no response, so I said again quite loudly, "IF MY HEART QUITS BEATING FOR 5 MINUTES DNR, DO NOT RESUSCITATE", I got a hesitant "ok" the second time, later I was told basically that is against their religion in hospitals, but I was not coming out of that hospital with brain damage. I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of falling off a roof and being crippled, but I am not going to go downtown Portland and get myself killed either, I am not suicidal, I don't want to fly a Trump flag on my vehicles because I am afraid that the Democrat dominated area I live in will retaliate against me by pulling my license to do business or have people start destroying my property(Datsuns in the driveway), my neighbor is a Democrat fanatic, all my neighbors are Democrats and I do not have a party, I vote for who I think will do the job and lately I have been voting with term limits in mind, he has shot his pellet gun from across the street into my house aiming at my water wheel that turns 24/7 in the pond in my front yard, I have a bunch of pellet holes in my ceder siding behind the water wheel you see in the attached photo of the way it was back then, the second photo is of the way it is now, he tried burning his house down last October and we don't get along anymore, it is an abandoned house now, the driveway is still full of the insulation from his attic from when the firemen put the fire out, he just put a tarp over it and called it good, it is likely an asbestos insulation based material, nothing has changed over there since the fire except for people going onto the property and stealing stuff and he has decided it is my fault people are stealing from him, I sorta hope he does nothing and sells the property to someone else. The last photo is of my garden taken a couple days ago from the highest place on my roof, I am proud of my garden, it has automatic watering, and it is set up in such a way to keep weeds from growing, the dirt between the rows does not get wet/watered.
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    Seattle is ruined from Liberal ideas. I hope they DEFUND the POLICE. I hope they OCCUPY the whole city then they can starve ,cut the power off(Oh I gotta PAY for electricity) Capitolism is EVIL I hope business move out. The Homeless run the city if you ever drive thru and see the offramps are full of garbage. But they vote for it and see be it. I think Trump should help defund the police anyways in those cities give them what they want and let them vandalize it If Visiting Angel Biden is going to Win everybody move their 401 k and IRA saving to CASH before election day cause its going crash. Be honest the market is back to where it almost was and we are in a Pandemic. But Biden and the Pandemic will be back to 18k in stock market and everybody printing money BUT I will accept the outcome of the vote. Seattle had voted and they got what they deserve. The Detroit in the West is coming Bussiness will move. I hope Amazon would move first, boeing and others are starting to leave. Biden was in office 8 years ALL this should have been fixed!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump has best jobs and Black ememplyment in histy , Giving to balck schools and the first step act. WTF? If they vote don't go my way I will accept it. 2nd Amendment??? Guns sales are thru the roof 1.9 miliion just in May alone June will be MORE and if only 20% are new voters Trump will win again So get out the vote Socialism at its finest Being older I seen East Germany at its finest, they made junk and the people were lazy and the west Germans said they just wanted hand outs and should have made the east Berlin Wall Higher!!!!!!! But now the Germans are just freeloading off American military protecting them and don't don't even spend 1 % on defense , we getting played. They have been laughing for years. Get out the vote
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    Merry Christmas everyone. Dressed up for a local toys 4 Tots cruise. Thankful for a bit of normal. Only good thing to come out of this year to was time to work on my truck. Thankful for that, too. Take care🎅
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    Hillary still thinks she won 2016. She's a whiny cunt and should just go away. If trump was going to go after her he's had 4 years to do so.... not that there is a statute of limitations on the Clintons evilness. So fuck her and her me me me podcast. Fucking kill yourself.
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    Since the old site hosting service manuals, wiring diagrams etc is gone and I figured I'm one of the few with most of the docs, I decided to start a new one. Will be adding more info over time. Always open to guest contribution too if you have something to add. The site is datsuntrucks.com or see below for direct links to documents/pdfs. Wiring Diagrams · 1973 620 AUTO · 1973 620 MANUAL · 1974 620 AUTO · 1974 620 MANUAL · 1975 620 · 1976 620 · 1977 620 · 1978 620 · 1979 620 Manuals 1974 620 SERVICE MANUAL 1977 620 SERVICE MANUAL 1978 620 SERVICE MANUAL Other 620 PART NUMBERS EMISSIONS CONTROL L16 / L18 / L20B SPECS J13 / J15 / J16 PAINT CODES
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    I didn't miss any of it. You did a lot more than post his address and were a dick. Personal attacks and impersonating another member are both banning or at least a suspension offense. Not one person complained when you left and life was easier and went on without you. I didn't want to deal with or think about it when you showed up and was prepared to wait and see, but if you think to repeat the past and be abrasive because it's your nature and can't help yourself just say so and I'll fix it. When a tooth ache becomes too much to ignore out it comes.
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    We have also seen them fake an election Bernie Sanders should have been their nominee and was cheated out of it.
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    Lost the country to China, Alex Trebec carks it, and Supernatural is ending. All in the first part of the month. Here in Oregon, smack, shrooms, gak and meth are legal, so expect an explosion in psychotic, violent homeless walkers. The domestic terrorists BLMAntifa will double down and expand exponentially due to police defunding and no threat of federal backup anymore. KorruptKate's never ending lockdown will continue until every small business that hasn't already fled or folded is killed. The covid grift, climate grift, will hoover up tax dollars faster than a fat girl at a Krispy Kreme buffet. The rest of the world is cheering Biden's alleged win, because they are a bunch of carnies sensing a dumb rube with a fat wallet. Little do they know that China has already purchased Joe, so they set foreign policy now.
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    Hey, not all of us are man-bun wearing hipsters living off of others....
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    here is picture
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    I would not call it a bitch of epic proportions, I would call it a childish whine of epic proportions, and the whining and dividing has been going on for over 3.5 years now, it's got to the point when I start hearing the whining I change channels, I don't even watch late night TV anymore like channels ABC, CBS, NBC as all they do is whine about Trump, bunch of rich democrat whiners, and I didn't even vote for the guy, but I have a brain and can see what has been going on since Trump won, if them democrat politicians had been doing the job they were elected to do which is not trying to get rid of Trump, maybe we would not be where we are today.
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    As promised, I'm reporting back. Granted I am quite a ways away from the PNW but....I'll also be vague AF in order to protect the innocent (as well as the gUiLty). So this show was not advertised as it has been in the past, we are a small rural community so it was done by word of mouth. I talked with the organizer of the show and that person told me it would be a stripped down version of previous shows. No vendors, no food trucks, etc. We full on expected to roll into the parking lot and be told by some local authority to leave. We pulled in and boom, full on car show....tents, vendors, food trucks, DJ. Just about everyone I talked to prior to show day (organizer included) said this would be a Car Cruise not a Car Show because car shows are currently not allowed here. On the news the next day there was a story about a town south of here the held a car racing event on the same weekend and the organizers are now being investigated......WTF, really? Well, what good is this post without pics. This dude showed up all random. We got to meet a new Datsun guy....with a 1200 even.
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    Well if somebody still wants to do something on that weekend, I have room for about 20-25 cars at my house. I’ll even let you camp in my yard. And of course there will be rules, respect my property and neighbors. My business shop has a decent parking lot for a meet and plenty of places for a fun run. You’ll just have to drive a little further to Southern Oregon
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    Back on the road after 4 months.
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    Just a thought, if you catch this shit, make sure your family knows that all your old Datsuns & parts have some value, and to not throw them away after you pass away....
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    I stopped watching TV about 5 1/2 years ago. I do often watch about the first 5 min of the news. Know your enemy.
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    This issue of GRM came in the mail the other day. Life goal achieved: feature article in a car magazine!
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    I can't get it anyway, since I'm already dead inside. So, not too worried
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    Greetings everyone! it is absolutely still on!! I intend to do this until they dont let us drive cars anymore haha. As requested, this year also includes friday night camping!
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    All those anti vaxers next summer..... Hunter hanging himself while waiting trial. CNN selling for under $5,000 to a consortium of ABC, CBS, PBS, NBC alphabet soup of news media to supply the networks with " whistleblower quotes of credible source information close to the top." Maxwell and 4 of the 8 US Marshalls detailed to protect her, killed in bomb blast after turning on the Clintons. Charles is crowned King of England and Andrew is divorced by his wife but 6 months later killed in a auto accident with his 18 year old g/f while being chased by paparazzi... eerily like the circumstances surrounding the death of Dianna. Michelle finally comes out as a cross dressing male who according to her, 'Barack didn't seen to notice or care and I got carried away." Kamala Harris sworn in as the 47th POTUS (and first woman of color) on air force one, twenty minutes after Joe Biden mistakenly wandered out the side door looking for a place to take a nap. Madam president Harris also has the distinction of being president for the shortest term when finally all objections are cleared and Trump is reinstated as President for his 2nd term less than an hour later. She is dropped off in California but a GPS malfunction takes her motorcade directly through a newly formed CHAZ zone and the de-funded police can't save her. The only good news is that the genetically engineered corona virus has a built in replication timer of about a year and a half before mutating to non infectious and dies out. 2020 IS looking better.
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    My friend used to sand drag race this Jeep and I made this hot Wheel replica for him...
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    Even if you hate Trump, you should never approve of dishonest means for Biden winning the election. The election is fucky. None of the numbers make sense, and are obviously being manipulated to give Biden the win. Let me repeat if you are ok with Biden winning by cheating because you hate Trump that much you are a piece of shit and not an American.
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    And amazingly all for Biden. Democrats are fuckin scum.
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    Why the fuck are you guys going back and forth on what is and what is not peaceful ? Its not, plain and simple its not a Riot or protest its out of control CHAOS. Its bullshit, plain and simple.
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    We would be called "white supremacists" if you march for anyone white.
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    That, and it irritates people. ;D
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    Had another work night last night to make "final" preparations for the race next weekend. Sam started by painting and installing a radiator guard - made from Home Depot expanded metal "pet door" or something like that. Perfect size right out of the package. Jeff set about cutting the fenders and installing the flares. No hesitation at all destroying those nice freshly painted fenders! Sam also set about trying to repair the wheel we bent last year at ORP and unfortunately (but not surprisingly) cracked it in the process so we now find ourselves in a mad dash to find a spare 15x8 JNC 006 (cheap Rays C28N copy) wheel. Sorry I don't have a picture of the damaged wheel. I ordered a replacement through https://sparktecmotorsports.com/ this morning. I talked with Danny (awesome customer service!!!!) and he's submitting my order to https://jncwheels.com/ but with the holiday Monday (news to me as of about 10pm last night) shipping might be tight so we are still hoping to find a local replacement. Other than that, Jeff welded on the new mirror mounts and Sam and I spent the night re-installing all the other stuff we took off for paint. I even added stainless gutter trim! With the flares installed, it looks the part now but really needs some color! The sticker package for this race series is getting pretty massive so Friday night the car should look pretty different.
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    I tracked down a second NA Miata 5 speed - this one has the shifter, speed sensor, and I got the clutch / flywheel / clutch plate which leaves me needing a K24 starter and KMiata flywheel, kmiata...ect ect lol new tranny got a simple greening and pressure wash then we swapped out the trannys and bro snagged a stock RSX header from a coworker so we can see if it was going to work, had to be modified or if we have to go full custom Then we shoved the truck off his trailer and wheeled her over Anyone else going to try this, it's easier if you take the hood off first - we wanted to see how close it would be before hand and it turns out you have to put it in at a pretty extreme angle if you don't wanna cut the front upper support. We also jacked the cab up in the back a little to help. and away she goes she fits reallllllllllllllly well, like I am super impressed - here you can see where the stock mounts are on the frame and where some custom ones will have to go on the driver side / intake side of the engine. here is roughly how much space is goign to be left in the back, you are going to have to modify your stock collant neck or get an aftermarket one - i am ordering the K24a2 upper coolant neck from kmiata tonight with the 1.25" barbed hose fitting for the radiator and no sensor ports how much room is left in the front without having to modify the front frame then we shimmed the engine a bit and tossed the hood on to see if it would clear and she's good! she misses the main supports for the hood as she sits 'level' and has 1/4" clearance. we are goign to be able to get a good half an inch or more though as the truck cab is still sitting directly on the frame. I am ordering the spacer kit tonight as well and we are moving forward on mounts for the engine and plotting out the trans tunnel / roll cage next.
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    I booked it the next day 😁
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