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    Hi I joined the forum a couple of months ago and you guys have very kindly already imparted so much advice and guidance already which I very much appreciate. My 1971 Datsun 1600 SSS Coupe is almost here in the UK all the way from the Datsun Heritage centre in South Africa. She is due into the UK on 6th January so should be with me shortly afterwards. Once I have her I will post some photos of her arrival and progress. I have posted this to announce her impending arrival but also to test I can now host photos on here. Have a great Christmas everyone.
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    He's not elderly ya damn know it all!! He is 50 and a Veteran that fought for this country!! The confederate flag is not the flag of the confederacy, it is the battle flag of the northern army of Virginia. I do not hate anyone and have plenty of black friends. I was born and raised and still live in Tennessee, the greatest place to live. The people here are like no other, we wave, we yield, we care for our communities. Ask any Northerner or anyone else that has chose this place to live the past 30 years. In 1997 my hometown of Maryville, TN was voted #1 place to live in America on a A&E cable special and this place BOOMED. As a Southerner the battle flag is a symbol of Southern pride, nothing less and nothing more....proud of being from the South and blessed we weren't born anywhere else. Now you and anyone else can say it represents slavery and that is your perogative. I can understand that, but as a born and bred Southerner, that is not what it means to me and never has. As far as the Civil War and slavery goes, that war was not won and slavery still exists...just turn on your damn TV and look. It is cliche I know, but we are all slaves....slaves to society, slaves to our bills, our jobs, taxes,government, censorship, the powers that be. I'm sorry Mike, I like you and you know a hell of a lot about Datsuns and have gave me good advice, but damn man I have to stand up for what I believe in.....and that is no left wing, liberal, cancel culture, PC bullsH#t. Peace brother.....
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    or maybe it's a 210, badge says 1000. The short story. I am browsing FB marketplace for datsuns (like I need any more lol) and I see this old Datto for sale. After looking at the ad a few times I realized I knew the tow rig and the house it was parked at. I text Icehouse and said I recognized his junk in the ad, he said, "It's yours". I'm like, fuck lemme find parking. Hobo says I can stash it out back at his place. I tell Icehouse it's on. Pics. As you can see it is a bit of a clean slate. It has some interesting rust, the rockers are ate up, but the floors are pristine. There is about 7 layers of paint. I don't really have a plan as of yet, but an idea is forming. I get some more pics and maybe some video when I head up to do a better assessment and put some tires on that hold air.
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    O yeah! The on the ground picture!!!
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    Seattle is ruined from Liberal ideas. I hope they DEFUND the POLICE. I hope they OCCUPY the whole city then they can starve ,cut the power off(Oh I gotta PAY for electricity) Capitolism is EVIL I hope business move out. The Homeless run the city if you ever drive thru and see the offramps are full of garbage. But they vote for it and see be it. I think Trump should help defund the police anyways in those cities give them what they want and let them vandalize it If Visiting Angel Biden is going to Win everybody move their 401 k and IRA saving to CASH before election day cause its going crash. Be honest the market is back to where it almost was and we are in a Pandemic. But Biden and the Pandemic will be back to 18k in stock market and everybody printing money BUT I will accept the outcome of the vote. Seattle had voted and they got what they deserve. The Detroit in the West is coming Bussiness will move. I hope Amazon would move first, boeing and others are starting to leave. Biden was in office 8 years ALL this should have been fixed!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump has best jobs and Black ememplyment in histy , Giving to balck schools and the first step act. WTF? If they vote don't go my way I will accept it. 2nd Amendment??? Guns sales are thru the roof 1.9 miliion just in May alone June will be MORE and if only 20% are new voters Trump will win again So get out the vote Socialism at its finest Being older I seen East Germany at its finest, they made junk and the people were lazy and the west Germans said they just wanted hand outs and should have made the east Berlin Wall Higher!!!!!!! But now the Germans are just freeloading off American military protecting them and don't don't even spend 1 % on defense , we getting played. They have been laughing for years. Get out the vote
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    Like many elderly, you just want everything to stay the same. I totally get it. I was pissed when 'new formula' Coke came out. (boo) Then they had to go back to the old formula (yea!) But they couldn't call it Coke anymore and renamed it Coke Classic. (boo) Sorry, you were whining about whiny ass liberals removing a symbol of red neck-dome and a lost cause civil war from a 155 years ago??? If whiny ass liberals really cared they'd outlaw NASCAR first for not having had a real race since the early '70s when they drove real cars.
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    here is just a few pix of what is going on with grimace, it still needs the snugtop canopy finished and painted and installed and cut n buff. it looks better in the sun, i tried to upload pix while it was in sun but i have to figure out my new phone and be able to free up some space on it to save pix to one drive and then upload like i just did with these pix
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    Pic of our resident Salt Flat Racer...
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    He was born this past Friday and I鈥檝e already gotten him some Datsun diecasts for when he gets old enough to start playing with cars! 馃槃
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    ...and the winner is Duncan, post #29. PM sent. Thanks to everyone else for posting up. :)
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    I didn't paint it but it's painted. yeppi
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    As promised, I'm reporting back. Granted I am quite a ways away from the PNW but....I'll also be vague AF in order to protect the innocent (as well as the gUiLty). So this show was not advertised as it has been in the past, we are a small rural community so it was done by word of mouth. I talked with the organizer of the show and that person told me it would be a stripped down version of previous shows. No vendors, no food trucks, etc. We full on expected to roll into the parking lot and be told by some local authority to leave. We pulled in and boom, full on car show....tents, vendors, food trucks, DJ. Just about everyone I talked to prior to show day (organizer included) said this would be a Car Cruise not a Car Show because car shows are currently not allowed here. On the news the next day there was a story about a town south of here the held a car racing event on the same weekend and the organizers are now being investigated......WTF, really? Well, what good is this post without pics. This dude showed up all random. We got to meet a new Datsun guy....with a 1200 even.
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    Since the old site hosting service manuals, wiring diagrams etc is gone and I figured I'm one of the few with most of the docs, I decided to start a new one. Will be adding more info over time. Always open to guest contribution too if you have something to add. The site is datsuntrucks.com or see below for direct links to documents/pdfs. Wiring Diagrams 路 1973 620 AUTO 路 1973 620 MANUAL 路 1974 620 AUTO 路 1974 620 MANUAL 路 1975 620 路 1976 620 路 1977 620 路 1978 620 路 1979 620 Manuals 1974 620 SERVICE MANUAL 1977 620 SERVICE MANUAL 1978 620 SERVICE MANUAL Other 620 PART NUMBERS EMISSIONS CONTROL L16 / L18 / L20B SPECS J13 / J15 / J16 PAINT CODES
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    Well if somebody still wants to do something on that weekend, I have room for about 20-25 cars at my house. I鈥檒l even let you camp in my yard. And of course there will be rules, respect my property and neighbors. My business shop has a decent parking lot for a meet and plenty of places for a fun run. You鈥檒l just have to drive a little further to Southern Oregon
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    Back on the road after 4 months.
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    Just a thought, if you catch this shit, make sure your family knows that all your old Datsuns & parts have some value, and to not throw them away after you pass away....
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    I stopped watching TV about 5 1/2 years ago. I do often watch about the first 5 min of the news. Know your enemy.
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    I can't get it anyway, since I'm already dead inside. So, not too worried
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    Greetings everyone! it is absolutely still on!! I intend to do this until they dont let us drive cars anymore haha. As requested, this year also includes friday night camping!
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    Cross-posting this build here from R3vlimited.com (BMW E30 forum). Please enjoy! Backstory: Back in the late 80s-early 90s, my pops was beating up on them at local SoCal SCCA autox and track events here in SoCal in this: Unfortunately, about 20 years ago, young kids, a lack of seat time and a few too many boxes stacked on the roof took their toll. The white 510 was sold-off for what we now realize was a sinfully low price given its immense sentimental value. We often wax poetically about tracking that car down and bringing it back to its former glory, however, that鈥檚 a topic for a different thread. Fast-forward years later, Dad gets a call from a work contact saying he knows of a project Datsun he may be interested in. Given the astronomical price levels these rusty old econo-boxes have achieved in recent years we weren鈥檛 super optimistic. However, after a quick exchange of a few photos that included fender flares and an interesting looking valve cover, our interest was sufficiently piqued. After hearing an asking price that was as sinfully low as the aforementioned white 510 sold for many years ago, a deal was struck. My dad was once again the proud owner of a 1969 510, with, uniquely enough, a JDM Toyota 18RG twin cam engine sitting in its bay. The photos below were taken the day the car was towed from the previous owner鈥檚 yard. The car has come a long way since, and I look forward to continuing to document progress. Enjoy!
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    I have been working on some heater boxes for my 521 trucks. I am just starting this post, I have around 50 pictures, and probably need to take some more. I cleaned and painted two heater boxes, and a plate that goes over the hole in the cab above the transmission in January 2020. You will need to clean paint and primer out of the threaded holes to reassemble the heater. A good way to do this is the chase the threaded holes with a tap. I found this tap and drill set at a hobby shop. I have used all five of the tap sizes in the set, and as a bonus, you get the drills that are the right size for the taps. It is hard to get the proper size drills for the taps. The drills are not a normal fractional size. I cleaned the squirrel wheel fan, using a mixture of a few drops of Dawn dishwashing detergent in a spray bottle of water. I used these brushes and tools to clean the fan. The squirrel wheel fan is 50 year old plastic. be gentle with the fan. I scraped dirt off the motor with the knife. Do not scrape on the fan. I sprayed the Dawn and water on the fan, gently used the tooth brush and the paint brush to remove grime. I wrapped a paper towel around the wood stick to wipe each blade of the fan, both sides. Before cleaning. I also gently used the rounded point of an old test light to remove crud from the root of the fan blades. This is after cleaning. The fan motor has three thick rubber grommets to hold it in the heater box. Most of the rubber grommets are deteriorated, hard, or just fall apart when you touch them. I found new rubber grommets, and 1/2 inch rubber washers with a 1/4 hole at Ace Hardware store. In this picture, a new grommet is put in the mounting hole of the fan motor. The new grommet is not as thick as the old rubber grommet was, so I put a rubber flat washer on each side of the grommet. in the picture, from right to left is the #10-32 screw, a thin metal washer, a rubber flat washer, a brass bushing, and on the left side of the fan mounting hole with a grommet, another flat rubber washer. I put all three new grommets in the fan motor mounting holes, then I put the brass bushing in the grommets. I pushed the bushing toward this side of the fan motor, so they stick out on this side. See upper right corner in this picture. Then I put one rubber flat washer on each brass bushing. To seal the back side of the fan motor, put some foam weather strip tape in the heater box. The fan and motor can now go in the heater box. Put the motor wires through the hole in the top of the heater box, Then you can carefully put the screws in. This is actually the third screw I put in, it is the most difficult because it goes in the narrowest place. By putting the other two screws in loosly, it alighns the hole in the fan motor with the heater box hole. Now I am tightening the fan screws. This is what the fan screws look like when tightened. with the fan and motor in the box, I tested the fan motor with a 12 volt battery. Another picture test, with flash off the camera. The fan was spinning in both pictures, but with the flash off, the exposure of the picture was longer, so the fan is blurred. There is a more coming on this post, but I now I am tired.
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    Evidently rioting cures Covid. Who knew?
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    We heard a rumor yesterday that motorsports in WA are back on. We are still awaiting official word from LuckyDog but if it's true, we've got some work to do! I figured we should spend an evening sanding the car and then come back Saturday to mask and paint. The boys figured we could do it all in one night. Okay then, here we go! Jeff brought out the big gun! He gave Sam a little wire wheel and expected him to keep up! The race is on! While they were busy making noise, I was hand sanding the hood, trunk, doors, and RF fender. My arms felt like they were going to fall off! Fortunately we got a little burrito break before returning to the garage for a little bondo session. And after MORE sanding - it was time to mask what little bit of the car we weren't painting. Don't forget the accoutrements! Spray time! After about a coat and a half... One color! As good as it's going to get for a while anyway... Let's see how many colors it is after the race in 2 weeks. : )
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    Yeah, no. It doesn't work that way at all. The spread is really only a problem while the virus is novel. Once a decent percentage of the population has had it and developed immunity it becomes much less of an issue, you can think of each resistant person as a roadblock to spread (herd immunity). While novel anyone can be infected and spread it, once a certain percentage of the population has resistance to it the spread is severely hampered. And I won't even it get into the extensive evidence that the mortality rates and models originally used are horribly flawed bullshit. The very short form is the best evidence (from now multiple sources and methodologies) shows the mortality rate across all ages as an average is about 0.1- 0.5% (this likely varies for a bunch of reasons I won't get into), but lets say overall average is about 0.5% and with (simplifying this a bit) infectivity about 1.5 times greater than the flu, mostly as it is novel. For some comparison the flu averages a mortality rate of 0.1% and a bad flu year like 2017-2018 is about 0.3%. In reality aside from the repercussions to the response to it (shutdowns etc...) the actual disease consequences will become less and less of an issue with time. Now for credentials: I've mentioned I'm a PhD biologist before, but I actually work as a virologist. There is actually a whole long ass story about what my areas of specialization are and why they vary so much- short form is some stuff pays better. In fact we've been pulled off other projects to work on this happy bullshit which I'm less than thrilled with to be honest. What's funnier is I'm actually married to one of the original SARS researchers so the work I'm doing now is extremely similar to what she was doing many years ago.
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    The Chinese and their lap dog, The W. H. O. are the ones that should be eating a massive plate of Bat Shit over this mess. One lied and the other kept pushing the lie. Most Americans have been bamboozled to believe that any thing that is "World" anything is out to do good and that our Government is evil when it goes after them. Out Gov. is stupid and everything someone says outside of our country is right. Wrong! Some of these foreign or international orgs. are as crooked as the day is long and most have an agenda to push. And who pays the most for this? We do! Who benefits the most? Not us! Instead we get most of the blame for everything, unless the current admin is playing along and shoveling money their way! For the longest time, almost no administration has gone after any of them. On health, environment, human rights or any other feel good thing. Millions is spent on them and what do we get? Hey, don't drink dirty water! Hey, keep the Water Clean! Hey, don't oppress them for dirtying up the water! Duh! FUCK the World Health Org and China! AND STOP TRUSTING CHINA!!!
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    This issue of GRM came in the mail the other day. Life goal achieved: feature article in a car magazine!
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    510 and 312 sitting side by side in the shop- identical cousins!
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    It was made in china, it wont last.
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    This truck bed is actually 1" wider and 1" longer than the D21s and my own frontier....... ........dafuq yo??!!
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    I booked it the next day 馃榿
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    He can time his turbo lag with an hour glass! 馃ぃ
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    Updates 馃檪 I am hoping my next post will have color in it! Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr
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    Just found these at walmart. first I've seen them actually. Here is some of my collection.
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    The person that took it has a friend with a 620 or has one himself if he took the grill. Probably reading what I'm typing right now. You're a cunt!
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    Got my motor back in finally. Just waiting on the valve cover. Sr by v p, on Flickr
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    Updated peek on the trailer Bags and air tank getting wrapped up
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr I took all kinds of pics. lol I swept the show with 3 awards. Me and Andrew took top honors. As he said Cactus green came in full force.
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    frank88 post 45 is the new winner. Thanks or the laugh Duncan. :)
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    Folks, I had posted about using these to put a KA motor into a Hilux as a joke. I didn't intend to win. (It is Ratsun, afterall) I've asked Redeye to re-generate another winner. I'd rather them go to someone who needs them or has plans to use them. Thanks Redeye!
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    Been hard at work getting the truck done and back on the road. So now that it was all back together I decided to put it to a test. I needed to take my roadster doors to my parents house so I figured I鈥檇 haul Datsun parts in my Datsun truck. Well that went good so I figured I go a little farther and I drove to a fellow car nuts house. It was a one hour round trip of driving in 92 degree weather. Did great! Love it!
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