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    i am pleased to announce that after a hiatus, numerous deployments, and months spent at sea, and after the truck not running for years, that I finally got her fired up the other day, and that my build is back on. my immediate plans are to get it back to a reliable and street legal status, which includes but is not limited to: -changing out all the fuel hoses for new -renewing the registration -bleeding the brakes (if necessary) after that, I should be able to drive it around town (and beyond!) I have no super big plans at the moment, just need to get to driving her again. but I do plan on taking it all over the state and pnw to go to all the meets and meet Datsun buddies.
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    I met Dave at the first Canby I went to I think, in '09, maybe it was '11. Can't remember exactly. I wrote something about him I posted on facebook this morning while processing the news, since have posted it on NWDatsuns as well. I can't think of anyone who left more of an impact on me while knowing him so briefly. Pumpkin was the kind of guy who was always accepting. I hadn't talked to him in probably 2 years or so, but I know if I had called him up randomly, we'd bullshit and if we were close we'd swing by and see each other and kick it. I remember when he drove the grey Maxima wagon by my place after he had gotten it. Just random, happened to be in Spokane for something or other. I wasn't his close friend, but he made you feel like you had known each other for ages. So many good times at Canby, always wondering what the next nutty thing he would drag out, like the fishing line attached to the wheel hub on the birdshit goon, lol. And I know if he saw me in tears on the couch, he'd stop by with clown shoes on or something and make my ass laugh.For someone I rarely see, I'm really going to miss him. Also, Johnny is making memorial stickers for $10 proceeds less cost of manufacturing go to Dave's family.
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    I found a few pictures from the years that I was taking photos of Datsun shows in NW. I have here some of the first photos of his orange 210 and also the Birthshitwagon. Dave was given the Ratsun award at Canby 2010
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    Canby 2012 Dave wearing my daughter's chair.
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    My 17 yr old son works at an in n out and making $14.75 an hr. Really well run organization and they take great care of their employees. The managers are making upwards of $160K. Pay people well, treat them with respect and they take their job seriously. It shows in the product.
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    Here are some pictures of the cars and trucks. There are more pictures to come.
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    No more lightened flywheel and it's a totally different car. Decell rock crusher is all but gone. It's drives waaaaaay better. Flywheel was a waste of $300.. oh well. I bought it before I turbo'd the car. It doesn't need one.. it's a hand full as it is!! And the RE71R's are killer. Drives like it's on rails now.. Only thing I did besides the flywheel was filled the trany with Redline MT90.
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    Here's to the fallen 🍺 May we see you again on distant shores some day. Today was Cervantes's Birthday. He would have been 38...
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    Hope this works...bring the comments! I said "acquired" but its actually on the transport on its way to me in Florida from Washington - 3200 miles!. take screen shot upload pictures img host
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    I sent front and rear photos, but they said they needed pictures of my car, and to put on pants.
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    Dave Patterson Memorial Sat. Oct. 6 3pm-8pm VFW Bldg 3510 McKinley Ave Tacoma, Wa 98404 This place is totally Dave! Will have 'Cash-Bar with Tickets' Great Parking for your ride! Food will be served, contact Nancy Jo Patterson if you want to bring something. (I can provide a contact #)
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    Disrespecting your flag is not the way. Why not donate some of your bloated salary to peaceful reform? No? didn't think so. Nike your shit shoes wouldn't cost the price of my first car if you didn't pay these fuckers for this. Both of you.... I didn't think I could care less about this.... I was wrong.
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    I thought I had only sr20 truck others where KA swaps .,Nice turnout left at noon to go back to shop , I know I am throwing camera away soon !
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