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    Couldn't wait for the suspension upgrades to try out the wheels...
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    or maybe it's a 210, badge says 1000. The short story. I am browsing FB marketplace for datsuns (like I need any more lol) and I see this old Datto for sale. After looking at the ad a few times I realized I knew the tow rig and the house it was parked at. I text Icehouse and said I recognized his junk in the ad, he said, "It's yours". I'm like, fuck lemme find parking. Hobo says I can stash it out back at his place. I tell Icehouse it's on. Pics. As you can see it is a bit of a clean slate. It has some interesting rust, the rockers are ate up, but the floors are pristine. There is about 7 layers of paint. I don't really have a plan as of yet, but an idea is forming. I get some more pics and maybe some video when I head up to do a better assessment and put some tires on that hold air.
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    Pic of our resident Salt Flat Racer...
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    Suggestion, post some rules about being respectful of the venue while on site, specifically at night. Lots of stuff around and would hate to see some knuckleheads do something that would make us not welcome going forward. This year everyone was very respectful of the venue. Especially as the event grows. Or have a few volunteers help keep an eye on things. I know the on site staff were roaming the grounds to keep watch, but it's a big area. I guess we did have to sign a few documents when we entered the grounds.. so I dunno maybe that's good enough. I just know Canby got a pretty fucking nuts at times. I'm already planning on going both nights in 2020. Raffles are a great idea. Shirts would be super cool too. Feel free to reach out for volunteers to help you out with things. Trophies, shirts.. whatever.
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    Here she is all taped up. Aaaaand we have primer! After adjusting the Harbor Fart HVLP spray gun on a piece of masking paper, I gave it a shot on the bumpers. It immediately did this: Not cool. I had mixed something like 2:1 primer to lacquer thinner. So that's a no-go. Then I tried 1:1. Much better. Best shots I could get of the texture. I've never shot paint before, so I can't tell if it's actually good, but it feels good. Very consistent like a good matte. It looks much bumpier than it feels. Could be the gun was clogging or my pressures/settings weren't right. But it should sand nicely I think. This is the only major noticeable non-flatness. I just might have to tackle this one. This was the "bad" side. This fender was on the PO's car when he wrecked his other 210, so he swapped fenders with his parts car, now known as my race car. There are some many patches and hammerings in this one shot that no one will ever know about. Here's the setup if anyone is curious. I am shooting Rustoleum "surfacer" automotive primer, mixed with lacquer thinner, through the HF HVLP gun with a 1.8mm tip. That filter/staining stand from HF is a must! $20 for a 2-pack of quarts at Home Depot and I used just a little of the 2nd quart. I will probably need a 3rd quart. I had to special order this stuff online after reading tons of reviews and got to experience those nifty online order pickup lockers for the first time. This morning, once I realized I was ready to shoot, I went back to HD and had them run each can through their shaker machine. Lots of reviews online talk about the high solids content and how difficult it is to mix. I won't pretend to know what all that means, but I didn't notice many chunks and I'm happy with how it worked out. On my other bench I have a bucket with "used" thinner for cleaning the drill-powered mixer between coats. I spin the mixer in the thinner before and after mixing, then pour the mixed paint through the strainer into the gun's container.
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    The person that took it has a friend with a 620 or has one himself if he took the grill. Probably reading what I'm typing right now. You're a cunt!
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    I'm in and with Mike, may even have a datsun or Nissan next year
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    I'll post what I got. Thanks again Jay!
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    Excited Guys! getting back Into a Datsun soon! been way to long....
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    Just a reminder.. Iā€™m not doing this for me, Iā€™m doing this for us. All monies collected goes to the venue to keep the place available for events like ours for years to come. That is all..have a great day.
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    Being a tall skinny white guy with an afro the name was given to me in highschool by some friends, I no longer have the whimsical fro but I am still a tall skinny white guy.
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    I used to race SCCA ITC in a 510, back when we had 30 car fields. My brother pretty much dominated the class back then, but I was a pretty consistent top five finisher. Troy was up and coming back then and did very well too. After the ITC glory days, Troy started racing circle track late models (I think) and did pretty well there. I believe he even raced a NASCAR event at SPIR. He really found his calling building GT and BS and 2.5 Trans Am cars and has never looked back. When I stopped racing ITC, I wanted to rebuild my car into a 2.5 Trans Am tribute car, but bought a house and lost interest. One day, I tallied up the parts I had gathered, which included a pair of carbs and intake that were once used by the BRE team, plus an OEM 7qt finned aluminum oil pan with the part number sticker still on it, along with a ton of other rare racing parts. The list was long, and I saw a way out. One call to Troy and he bought it all including my race car. He put together that car along with a lot of the parts I had and sold it for almost $70k. I envy him for still being involved with Datsuns after all these years. He is an excellent driver. Below is a collage of pics of the car I sold him. I don't have any finished pics.
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    I also found Bluebird Jimmys democratic mice living in my coupe. They are back at the border again.
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    Locked and loaded.šŸ˜€ All gas and go to Datsunville šŸ™ˆšŸ™‰šŸ™Š
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    2 quarts wasn't quite enough for 2 full coats of primer, so I had to crack into a 3rd for one last spray gun full. Another $10 from the budget I guess. Everything is sanded to 400ish 600ish so the sanding is DONE. I was really tired but I pushed through and got the first light coat of color #1 on. I switched to the 1.4mm tip. Rustoleum brand paint thinned with lacquer thinner 1:1 and a splash of hardener stolen from the kit for color #2. It sprayed great and I'm really excited to unwrap this present, probably another week from now. Then yesterday I got 2nd coat of color #1 on. I tried one of those disposable hopper cups, but the filter didnt' seal right and I got a ton of clogging on one panel. So I'll need to wetsand before the final coat. Also got some sweet vinyls ready to go on...
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    Just found these at walmart. first I've seen them actually. Here is some of my collection.
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    This would kill that 510 with blown BBC a page or two ago...
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    Great news, everyone! First trial fitting went well. What's left is some lip cutting and mold surfacing before production can begin. Seals should be ready in early December!
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    Hi all, I'm EJ and I love my 72. Is not perfect, but it runs. I've done all the repairs by reading and following all your post and recommendations. I still would like to do more, restore as much as I can but keeping the nostalgia. Here are some pics
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    When she saw it pull up in front of house.
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    Decided it is about time for another give away. This time it's a set of 620 KA24 Motor mounts. This will be motor mounts and transmission crossmember. I will have to charge for shipping this time, US shipping is $20.00, outside US will add an amount dependent on your location so be aware. Post in this thread to win, I will be using a random number generator to select the winning post one month from today; 08/16/2019 5:00 PM Pacific time If you post more than once in the thread, I will only use the number from your first post so the odds of winning will be 1 per posting member. My only requirement if you win, well more of a request, is that you post a build thread using them here on the forums, ratsun.net. Of course if you win them and don't own a 620 or don't plan to do a swap, well.... I guess that's ok. Sell them for some other Datsun parts $. :) Good luck :)
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    Yes, no reps here. TE37SLs to be exact. Better pic on my last car:
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    On our way down to the race, these two were so excited they were like their daughters on their iphones. Textin', instagramin', postin', snapin', swipin;, and who knows what else they do these days. We went through tech with no issue and were approved to get out on the track. We set up our pit and got ready to enjoy the weekend. We are well aware we are quite underpowered on the straights. Ecspecially at Pacific Raceways which is a very fast track. Aerodynamics was a suspect culprit so Carter was generous enough to provide an air damn to bolt up. Certainly looks the part! We took the oppurtunity to stall up next to the other Datsun in the running. Little did we know it would be a long weekend for them, replacing their L motor... again. It seems every race we partake with them they are swapping their engine just before or even during race day. Bummer. Pretty car though, and quite quick when it's cylinders actually go bang. After qualifying, the green flag dropped and we were off. Round and round. In for our driver change and re-fueling. Something that we are actually getting quite better at. Although it is obvious now that our fuel jugs are slowing us down considerably. Back out for more laps. Day one seemed to be progressing trouble free. On top of that, there were quite a few cars that were fun to play with. We are right on par with the soued up VW's and race prepped Miatas. Handle and acceleration would keep us up with the plethora of BMW's but they would use their power to walk away on the straights. Sitting and watching between stints ends up being a very enjoyable part of the day. The recently exited driver gets to sit with the next up and give pointers and take advice. Hows the car holding up? What are you doing on turn ##? Did you get a chance to play with car##? Did you notice this? etc etc. Fortunately for us but maybe unfortunately for you all, we ended up with a very touble free and enjoyable weekend. This means little exciting to report but lots of fun was had. We really need to get our in car footage set up so we can share some more of what it's like for us. The 50 complete the full weekend, kept all gears in their rightful place and every rod inside the block! We were actually suprised that a few caster/camber tweaks resulted in MUCH better tire wear. As well our upgraded brakes from the beggining of the season were seaming to work great and last quite well. BUT maybe not quite two weekend of racing well. We all noticed a drastic drop off in braking power during our last stints in the car. Jeff being dead last reported having to put all of his might into them. A post race inspection made it clear why! We'll add Jaybo trademarked carbon steel brake pads to our inventory next to our aluminized gear oil. Jeff has a sweet helmet with a forced air pump through a filter. It was interesting to see a clean filter versus a filter with one weekend of racing. While we didn't break much over the weekend, we certainly left with a good list of wants and needs. We'll be getting back to work and hopefully hitting some more events this summer.
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    So it looks teal in some light like in my garage, blue in other light like in this is tree shade. I'll get more photos in direct sun after I have a chance to buff it. And it needs a gooood buffin. Lots of dusty patches and weird textures. But overall I'm very pleased. It even fired right up after sitting for almost a month.
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    yeah, "CANtBY" a better location out there to hold an event like this, no renaissance fair nonsense being double booked and expanding into our area (the entire 62 acres is reserved for us), no venue staff micromanagement. click the link above and check out some of the museums we'll have access to explore and enjoy along with our event, all doors should be open the entire weekend and we expect comfortable weather because we will be a little south of the portland perpetual storm clouds.
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    Bro got the brackets bent! should of had the battery fixed this weekend but I was sent the incorrect part so reorder and wait time. Back to the seats this weekend.
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    Since my last post... I finished painting the engine bay.. Used an acrylic enamel.. in the factory paint code. I use a 3m accuspray HVLP gun. Will be coating the frame soon! I am deleting the load sensing brake bias valve, so I figure it's best to redo the brake lines in the engine compartment, leading into the rear brakes.. Picked up a Rigid brand 3/16 bender, and an Eastwood brand tubing straightener! Truck was badly hail damaged at some point in it's life.. Thought I should get a new hood, but mine was nice. Tried PDR and it turned out amazing! before: After: That center console I scored from the local scrap yard.. was FILTHY!! I degreased it multiple times, and coated it with trim black paint.. Also picked up the missing piece from my console from Alain Montiel. As well as an OEM shifter rebuild setup. Kind of restored my heater box. Looks super nice now.. Engine block was also painted using POR15 rust paint, and POR15 engine enamel. Random pic of VC with spray bar. Few more parts.. Clutch/Flywheel setup Rear brake setup.. Izuzu rear with Beebani brackets.. Some balljoints for the Hardbody setup too.. Has anyone tried the energy tie rod boots? One more pic CCV fittings from Raceworks in Australia. Still haven't assembled the engine. I keep going back and fourth with the compression ratio. Been talking to a few guys now, I think it will work with the flat tops. =/
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    Super Treasure Hunt cars come with Special Spectraflame type paint jobs, Special Markings and Real Rider Wheels, which are two piece wheels with rubber tires. That's all.
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    Motel 6 can keep the light on I've stayed twice at 2 different ones Both sucked No motel 6 for me anymore
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    I will be heading down Sat morning as well. :)
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    A few pics from last weeks river time. NEW 32-36 dgv with Sync link & tall adapter installed. Nice smoth acceleration, smooth idle & no more running rich / the back of the boat covered in soot... & a Jet boat racing the London jet tour boat...only on the Colorado !
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    You're correct. I was first told they were from a titan, then with some research I found their from '07 Chevy Silverado's. Good eye. They remind me of Alcoa rims which I kinda like, what I did not expect is to go from this (see photo below, this is how I bought the truck) to a bit of a "racer" look. The main reason for the switch is the very high price for the white walls and the terrible ride quality. So I wanted to have a lot of white (thus the 17's) with off-the-shelf, inexpensive and a better ride quality tires. (I did not get rid of the original rims or the white walls, their now just taking up room at my house.) I do plan to lower the back a little, just to level the truck. Side note: if that yellow Buick is real, WTF....how?!
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    You attack someone, you open the door to whatever comes
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