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    although I cannot bring myself to say positive things about Obama. I can say that no matter where he was born doesn’t make him ineligible to be the President. He was born to a citizen of the United States. That still makes him a natural born citizen regardless of the nation it happened in. Had both his birth parents been foreigners then he would have been ineligible. in other happenings. Did Obama commit a slew of crimes while in office?..... Yes, Yes he did. #ObamaWasashitpresident
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    Well looks like we have our next famous Coronavirus victim all lined up 🤣
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    All I see here is two news dongs resting on someone's shoulder. Am I reading it right?
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    Kaepernick - "Someone's breaking into my house!" 911 Operator - "Sir,have you tried kneeling?"
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    When one looks at that graph the question is are Europe, Canada, and Japan testing their people like they are here, the more you test the more you will find folks that have already had it and recovered without medical help, in the USA the powers that be want to control everyone so they use the numbers to scare people(the sheep) into submission, what counts is if the hospitals are being overwhelmed and fore the most part they are not except for a couple places, from what I understand the death rate overall is dropping, but they use the numbers to scare.......................... I am for making Washington State a red state, vote the ones in office right now out, we need term limits.
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    F Deniro, he is bat shit crazy, along with all the brain washed libtards in Hollywood. One of my favorite pastimes lately is to tell all the libtard trolls to "eat shit and enjoy their shithole." Democrats and the left are the true, treasonous enemy of the republic....Just turn on your TV and look at the streets.
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    Damn Phoenix. Change offensive street names. Robert E Lee & Squaw Peak. We might as well change them all to North, East, West and add numbers for each block. Can't use South because it might offend someone.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Truck is all done, hope you like it.
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    Onto some modern/style mods: The mirrors were destroyed, so I opted to replace them with a set of fender mirrors: I also happened to be on Facebook Marketplace at the right time to score a pair of Dapper Headlights from a certain member that likes big tankers: I also needed to replace the rotting rear tail lights. I may have bought the wrong ones, but I actually kinda like them: I also set about swapping all the running lights out for LED's while I was at it. The last little bit to finish my exterior, a new rear window. Goodbye Foreigner 1: I have also been slowly replacing the other seals as I see fit. That catches the truck up to today. I ordered all the parts necessary to do a mild engine refresh including a new water/thermostat housing, sensors, gaskets as well as the intake/exhaust gasket and carb rebuild kit. I have the replacement rocker sitting at my place ready to go, but the Covid situation has prevented me from being able to get it welded in for the time being. The last bit of electrical gremlins I have been having are from the headlight relays drawing current, so a replacement relay harness is in the mail. New 15" wheels are on the way as well in anticipation of doing a front disk brake conversion in the near future. A slew of other upgrades and changes are planned as well. Stay tuned
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    Thanks for the supportive comments guys! It sure was a challenge for us to keep this beauty going! I'll mostly be packing my updates and comments into video format for our youtube series going forward. That's time consuming enough so I probably wont get to putting many details here. However I certainly keep up with the thread and enjoy the feedback from you guys. Enjoy! I'll hopefully keep them coming. PS. All our raw race footage will also be stored on the JBC channel.
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    So, he shoved his dick down your throat and still think he was an "Ok" president....what the flying fuck?!?!
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    ALL BLACK LIVE MATTER!!! Unless you are a Conservative and can see the bullshit they are shoveling. FUCK CALVIN CORDOZAR BROADUS Jr. - RACIST FUCK!
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    Obama was never a President. He only occupied the white house for 8 years. Obama's grandma stated on national news he was borne in Kenya cause she was there when he was delivered. Just want to make sure everyone knows that. Obama is a trojan horse.
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    I'd like to remind you all the flu kills anywhere from 30,000-80,000 people a year and that is with a vaccine available. The numbers of dead and those testing positive are all kinds of wrong and fucked up (way over reported). It is late and frankly I'm tired of all of this so I'm not in the mood to elaborate at length.
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    This is what we need more of! Tolerance of others, understanding of others opinions, polite thoughtful discourse and equality for all.....
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    It’s about as fast as a pinto.
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    So awesome!!!! Like Matt said pointed out above - any plants to tinker when you have this this far apart? Like going to cut down the steering for more room / gold plating everything because you can? lol
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    Link 1. USAtoday is also horribly biased and many other sources have talked about a massive over count. "has more likely been an undercount due to some people who have died without receiving a test or falsely testing negative for the disease." That line is pretty much bullshit, the recording methods for even presumed cases is so well recorded that anyone who dies from symptoms similar to Covid gets recorded as a covid death. Many sources for that. Link 2. "The CDC also says its "best estimate" is that 0.4% of people who show symptoms and have Covid-19 will die," I literally posted that when you factor in the asymptomatic factor that gives you the 0.26% that will die. THE CDC specifically state that and CDCs "best estimate" is still better than anyone elses data and they say estimate as no data is perfect. Nice try ignoring the other have of what was stated about counting asymptomatic people reducing that. BUT EVEN WITH YOU IGNORING THAT IT WOULD STILL BE 0.4% not the >3% being talked about before. Link 3. Breibart sourced it's data. Just because you don't agree with the bias doesn't mean you can ignore it. The other sources are just biased in the opposite direction which is why I give a spread of them. By only calling out the one that does not agree with your bias you demonstrate your bias. Moreover, it said THE SAME DAMN THING THE OTHER SITES SAID. Link 3. "Talks about world wide infection rate which is around .3 to 3%" Infection rate is mostly unimportant and is not what was being talked about. Your statement is tangental to the mortality rate. THE DEATH RATE is the issue here. But even hospitalizations are down too while testing is up. Here is data from the hotspot in Washington. "Based on death certificate data, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia, influenza or COVID-19 (PIC) decreased from 9.0% during week 25 to 5.9% during week 26, representing the tenth week of a declining percentage of deaths due to PIC. The percentage is currently at the epidemic threshold but will likely change as more death certificates are processed, particularly for recent weeks." NOTE THIS SUPPORTS MY POINT THE DEATH RATE IS DECREASING as the tested rate increases but hospitilizations have also decreased. MOREOVER note this counts other factors than COVID-19. THE P and I bits are literally not about COVID! Aggregating those and using that to claim anything is expected as we move into summer. You know how influenza does every fucking year anyways. NONE of what you posted does anything but support my statement backed up by the CDC which is the DEATH RATE is about 0.3% which is the same as a bad flu year. NOTHING YOU POSTED disagrees with that statement.
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    Jakes Makes on FB has tail lights and glove box inserts amongst other hard to find shit.
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    First order of business for the truck was to get it sealed up and prevent the cancer (rust) from spreading. The seam sealer around the edge of the truck was no longer doing it's job, so it need to be replaced.Out with the old:New:It's not the prettiest, but I only really care that it does it's job.Next up, fixing the taco'd hood:removing 50 y/o glue:Re-bonding:Not wanting to just fix things, but also make them better, I cleaned all the rust and dirt and grime and added some sound/heat/vibration/rust prevention spray as well: Following that, I opted to update the ancient wiring and fuse block with a modern blade fuse block from Blue Sea Systems. This snowballed into replacing the entire wiring harness from the interior: I made the harness from scratch with new connectors and labeled every end to keep it easy when tracking down issues. Onto the next set of interior fiascos: I hit everything with rust converter and rebuilt the heater fan box and got it working: The dash was heavily cracked and rusted, so I set about throw some coats of rustoleum on it and patched the cracks with foam and set about recovering it: The last piece of the dash puzzle was the glovebox that was falling apart. Nothing a few layers of fiberglass couldn't fix: Back together: I also went about replacing the gauge lights with LED's while the cluster was out of the truck.
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    This is the old right front tire that was on Dragon. The old left tire. About ten years ago, I painted a bunch of wheels, these are two stock 521 wheels that were painted. I have a few old hub caps with some rust on them. I chose these two that looked the best. This is a closer look at one of them This is a polish that I actually heard about on an episode of Jay Leno's garage. I like it. I used part od an old sock to apply the polish. Same hub cap, two pictures above. Last week I got some new tires mounted on the wheels I previously painted. Right side. Left side.
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    I would prefer to come look at it and decide if I can help you out at your house, I have too many Datsuns at my house, it is one thing for someone to come over here for help, when fixed they leave, I just don't want some one else's sitting in my driveway. I will PM you and see if we can pick a day for me to come over so I can take a look at it.
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    What did I say that is a conspiricy "Theory"? There is far more evidence to give credence to China communist party cover up, and factual information from china itself that the virus was accidentally leaked from the lab. Do you get any information outside of your echo chamber? Where the Factual Conspiracy comes into play is where they refused to alert the world and "Conspired" to keep moral face by telling the world lies about the origin along with destruction of documents. The re-education of the virologists that sounded an alarm is a stark alert that the conspiricy isnt a "theory" As far as our President. Do you know how Federal and State government separation of power works, please explain? What political party runs the cities, and states with the largest issues with the virus? How long have those political parties been in charge of these areas? Please Explain how you feel that the Pres should be handling this in hind sight? Answer those question as best you can. con·spir·a·cy /kənˈspirəsē/ noun a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
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    Make no mistake, we are in a cold civil war right now with marxist revolutionaries trying to tear down the history of this country and destroy it. They shield themselves in the cloak of BLM to prevent criticism. These are literal communists trying to destroy America. Why else would the tear down a statue of freaking Fredrick Douglas? They wish to destroy history to replace it with their grand revolution. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/frederick-douglass-statue-toppled-on-anniversary-of-his-famous-speech/ar-BB16pa2o
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    Don't get me started on Obama. I think I will leave it at this, a destruction of America thread would not be complete without bringing up Barry.
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    We are lucky to have a resident virologist in the house that can and has spoken about these stats. I’ve spoken to some folks in other countries, if they get COVID symptoms they are told to stay home and NOT go to the hospital. They don’t get tested, if they start getting worse and need prolonged treatment then they go.. and ultimately get tested. They are warned if you go the hospital you may very well contract COVID just from being there. They are also on strict quarantine.. not like in the US. the death count is real, but the way those are classified and calculated are a bit suspect. At least in the states. again I’m not an expert, I don’t play one on tv. We happen to have an expert here, maybe he can filter out all the media sensationalism for us.
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    Happy B day down there.
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    Here's a 70 series Land Cruiser trail rig I built. This truck works as it should on the trail.
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    TDS - Trump Derangement Syndrome They used to kiss his ass before he was elected and turned on him when he didn't go by their playbook
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    All those movies i've seen him in and thought what a great actor he is.Turns out he wasn't acting,he really is fucking crazy.
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    Yeah! Starting with this guy.....oh, damn 😆
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    How CHOP viewed itself... What the world saw....
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    Yeah I got a quote to line it as well but just not sure I want a black bed at this point. Part of me thinks it takes away from the vintage factor of the truck. I agree I don't think it will match but its better than rust I guess. And I think Ray uses or used a spray can to touch up his truck IIRC. And in regards to the color I never did figure it out but a local paint place said they could match it as best as they could using a camera. And its not so much the bottom of the bed as it is the wheel well and the top of the tailgate. Its funny because I bought a bunch of wood and the stuff that was laying on top of the tail gate and touching the front of the bed came out with blue pain on them. Could I just clear the bare stuff and leave it as-is? I mean that maybe easier than trying to paint match it.
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    Hospitals, doctors and drug companies have also been pissing in your collective faces and telling you it's raining. $15 for a Tylenol tab in the hospital? wtf? https://www.healthline.com/health-news/ridiculous-hospital-charges Runner up cocksuckers.... funeral homes and veterinarians taking advantage of your emotional distress.
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    Mr. Stoffregen , please build a front end coil-over suspension kit for a 720 4x4 , and ill be your first customer ! thanks to everyone for the input on stabilizer bars . I just needed to hear the voice of reason . have a safe 4th of July !! Butter Fingers
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    That's right. He's a reality show host.
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    Don't go to cap hill and you should be fine? Or just ignore the city entirely and pretend it doesn't exist because you're a country boy and don't like big cities
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