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    Recently unemployed after 28 years. Hell is other people. I detest socializing and I avoid it. My wife understands it's exhausting for me dealing with people when I have no interest. I am most serine when I am alone either here or out on my daily 3 mile walk. If I'm alone it doesn't mean I'm lonely.
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    Yeah I am so over people trying to pin the blame within our nation. We are who we are because 250 years has defined us. Fuck the virus, and let people live regardless of the outcome. If you value your health, then take your precautions as you should being a free person, but stop acting like your fear for death is more important than anyone else's right to live how they see fit within existing laws. Manners are not a legislated requirement. There will be good people who die and there will be people that are of no use to society that die too. Unfortunate and beneficial. Sack up and understand nature and manipulated nature is a jaded bitch. China unleashed this shit on the planet through their disregard for safety and life. FUCK CHINA and stop being mad at people that are born in a free society. Its like you're pissing into the wind and you wont stop complaining about how much you smell like piss. Point that stream where it should be.
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    Lots of viruses mutate. You want to blame someone blame the CCP. The entire earth should boot fuck these cunts
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    Red heads are the female James Spader of whiteness and pinkness.
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    If you are 80 + years old what is your main priority in life? Honest question? If you are over 80 and are locked away from everyone you know and love, then you are already dead, that's my view on it. I assume others would feel the same way. At that age its just a competition on what's going to get you first. May as well live life.
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    So truck might be painted already, at least cab and bed or by end of week,I think. Looks likeI got a wiring guy to do my truck that won't be even close to cheap. Also got a taller Fj20 valve cover to have powder coated yet again for engine as my AEM coils are too tall for the short manifold. It might just come together. maybe.
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    Witness me... That's probably what is supposed to happen but I doubt very much No Such Agency would turn anything really sensitive over to the FBI to drop the ball and fuck it right up. Would you? I'm the man in the high castle. Good luck to them on their surveillance. I pay cash, I don't own a cell phone, if I did it would be inside a Faraday bag, I won't allow an Alexis in the house to listen in on any of my conversations, I know few people and only 1or 2 friends I talk to no more than once or twice a year, I don't talk to my neighbors, I don't drink, smoke, gamble, whore around or do drugs, I talk to myself, fuckin' swear a lot and I drive a 46 year old Datsun. Right now unemployed so if watching, c'mon in and have a coffee while you help me fold the laundry.
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    I call bullshit, If compare numbers to other countries that have 10% of the population of the U.S, then bullshit. If you compare to countries that have similar or more population, but is run by a totalitarian gov. That fabricates all information. Then bullshit. If you compare to countries where half the people are in less than poverty conditions and who's lives dont really matter to the gov. In the first place. Then bullshit. The numbers from all these sources are bullshit. Australia did well because it is isolated, has fuck all people and we are spread out. Hawaii did well because it's isolated. And has fuck all people. The same person raving about how shit America dealt with it is then saying it was already in America in 2019, well before any masks were mandated. Plenty of time to get a good toe hold. It is all bullshit. The numbers are, the masks are, the lockdowns are. It is a virus with some 98% survival rate and we have destroyed millions of lively hoods some twat can spruke his virtousness about face masks. If you spend 20yrs making the majority of your population the unhealthiest in the world by feeding them the cheapest nastiest processed shit you can then let loose a virus that kills unhealthy people. Then your numbers are bullshit. I call bullshit on the whole lot. Follow the money and power, that is the real issue.
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    Just putting my best wishes out there early this week to all you US guys to say Have a good Thanksgiving. My wife is American (Connecticut) and I have had the pleasure of having a few Thanksgiving celebrations with her family in the USA. Sadly not this year (we all know why). Anyway have a great time Thursday. We are having a celebration here but it wont be anything like the spread you all put on. I will miss sharing a bottle of Wild Turkey whisky on Wednesday night with my brother in law too. Keep Safe Martin
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    You've seriously prevented your kids from seeing their friends for 8 months? Sad.
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    Actually the high heels were invented by a male and are intended to add pleasing to look at definition to the calf muscles just like a good bra, another male invention, does to breasts. Being tight and uncomfortable is a small price I'm willing pay.
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    "Yeah, but your tits are down there"
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    How do you like that math? 1.8 Million Ballots Published, 1.4 Million ballots returned, and 2.4 million ballots counted.
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    Threw in a new NGK Z31 coil and PRW2 ignitor, and finally sorted out the POs shitty wiring. It ran before just on chance lol the main power to the ECU was run off a key power but not a crank power. So inbetween it would catch one random spark and fire up by chance lol Fires right up now, still need some work but she lives lol
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    Lets start a club with no meetings.
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    “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
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    I can give two fucks if anyone gets it anymore. If you are worried that its going to get you then stay home.
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    Damn Mike, these few sentences describe me perfectly except the unemployed part and I am probably a good twenty years younger than you.....I tell my wife, I don't want no friends lol
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    A natural red head judging by the Southern exposure.
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    Thanks @Crashtd420. I checked the outlet tube and it was completely blocked up. After a few sprays of brake cleaner and many minutes agitating with some trimmer / whipper snipper line, it's now clear and free flowing again. Thanks @pdp8. I plan to try electrolysis rust removal in the future as I've seen how very effective it is. That said, I am very happy with how the molasses mix worked for this job. Over the weekend, I strained the molasses through a rag into buckets to mix it after sitting for the week. This gave me the chance to remove the tank debris before the second soak. As it turned out, the molasses had worked its magic and softened / loosened all of the gunk and most of the rust. I could see a lot of bare metal inside! I was confident that had I popped it back in the car and filled it with fuel, it would've been fine for another few decades. Because I had everything ready to go and had pre-planned to soak for 2-3 weeks, I thought I'd give it another soak. Unfortunately, the seal over the filler inlet hole had a slow leak and attempts to fix it didn't work. I woke up the next day to a pool of molasses mix on the concrete slab, so it was decided for me that a one week soak was enough. I dumped the molasses back into buckets, rinsed the inside with hot water and dish soap, then rinsed with very hot water, and dryed it out thoroughly with a hair dryer. Finally, I plugged the holes again and poured in a litre of kerosene and shook it like crazy. No photos this time, I had to work very quickly and the old garden hose kept blowing holes with the hot water and high pressure. Next job: Refinishing the tank exterior.
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