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    So I am a bit older than most of you, I think (not as old as Mike, though), as I graduated high school in 1991. Now the 3 coolest cars in my high school parking lot were (in no particular order) the mid-80s Trans Am or IROC-Z Camaro, the AE86 Toyota Corolla GT-S (so much stickers!!), and the Mitsubishi Starion/Chrysler Conquest. I fell in love with all three of these and always wanted to own all three some day. It took me until 15 years after high school, but I did get an AE86. It was a load of fun and I do miss it still. I have often low key looked for a decent IROC-Z but that search has thus far proved fruitless. And we come to the last of the trio. Which I acquired today. 😁 Paint is pretty beat but it runs great. Engine was recently rebuilt, as was the turbo. It pulls surprisingly strong, especially on the freeway... Now just waiting on the UPS man to bring me about 20 boxes, then the real fun begins... 😁
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    R.I.P. Dick Dale. Dick was my best friend's neighbor when I was a kid. He had a small house in Costa Mesa and had a purple metallic Jaguar XKE. I never saw them, but my friend said he had a Cheetah and a few other exotic cats. He was an o.g. rockstar! For you guys that play guitar, Dick used his original 1962 Dual Showman amps all the way until the end. Those old Fender amps were built to last!
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    Thanks Jose for another great swapmeet ,biggest ever ! how many sellers were there ?
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    I did that once when I bought windshield wipers to get it home.
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    That better not be a trap. I ain't into boys. (As much.) Also, random pic of some junk from the stash of my Vietnam vet buddy.
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    Hit play on yoakam.. two gifs are nicely beat matched
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    1953 Kaiser deLuxe 1953 Bosley 1971 Cuda
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    Now show the part where the brat gets slapped like the little bitch that he is.
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    Also broke my personal record for spending more money on parts than I paid for the car itself in the shortest amount of time. Did it in less than 4 hours this time... 😃
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    They say drinking Mountain Dew shrinks your testicles. Well, when I get them down to a reasonable size I'll stop drinking it then.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Trailer, is really a lot nicer then this truck. Engine bay is not as good as most L16's on here but i'm trying.
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    Ah it is so fun reviving old threads. I never ended up dynoing this thing and this fall I took it apart as it was time to have a look. For an update the car has run down to an 8.2 on the 100 jets with shit track prep. Also the tranny started to have issues on the 1-2 shift. This 8.2 run had mashing gears on the 1-2 shift for about a second and was crunchy going 2-3. time to take that caitlyn jenner apart.. Below i will be posting "Nasty ass lz23 the refresh" whats new this year? stay tuned to find out. Im currently waiting on photobucket so i can post this bukkake of engine and transmission porn. were passing the sevens' this year and going for a high 6. gonna get kicked off the track for going too fast... thats the goal anyway..
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    As MaxChlan linked, that is my KA swap article. Being as my truck is 2wd, some parts of the guide may be irreverent. It is a rather large job, in the sense that the modifications that are required, are rather complex; namely the oil pan issue, and how best to undertake the job. If I had the money, i'd personally do a dry sump setup, but I'm sure we all would. I fabricated my pan from the KA and the bottom of the pan using a KA24E pan off a D21. You can use the Z24 pan, however it'll take some work to fit as a rear sump as it's not as long, and you'll still require the KA pan for the overall bolting pattern. In terms of parts - new parts are *generally* available at Nissan dealerships, aftermarket options are copious. Enjukuracing is a good example of what's available. If you are going to turbo it, stock can handle roughly 7psi, anymore than that and you'll want to start looking at forged options. In addition to this, the stock MAF from the S13 does not like boost, you'll need to find a MAF from a Z32 (300zx) and run an aftermarket ECU. As for maintenance, the KA24DE is a rather solid engine, having run it for nearly 2 years now, I can't think of anything to complain about personally. I also know a ton of people who run them in their 240sx's for drifting and running n/a or turbo'd they're a hell of a lot more reliable than SR's from what i've seen.
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    Hey sausage fingers, don’t cross thread this one again. learned that the hard way this morning and ran all over town looking for an M12x1.25 tap to fix my crankshaft.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Got my Fucker I mean flicker going again.
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    Used this method today. Worked great. As I suspected, there wasn’t enough room to get a socket onto the front pulley with the engine in the truck, so I used the vise grips and they held on just fine. Torqued the bolts to 120ft-lbs. Had the flywheel ground at a local shop, and now it’s ready for the new clutch install. Also got the pilot bushing back in after sanding a little bit of the OD off, and the new rear main seal is in.
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    '88-'90 S13 KA24E has girdle '90-'97 Hardbody KA24E do not '91-'98 S13/14 KA24DE has girdle '98- KA24DE Hardbody.... probably same as car. I guess cars are likely to get more abuse than trucks????? From an '89 KA24E S13. Girdle adds rigidity to the block. Adds structural rigidity to the block and transmission. Car KA24Es are heavier than the truck ones. Which bearing is the KA's.
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    1. Don't dive down this shitty rabbit hole. 2. There were no misquotes in this exchange. 3. Ratsun IS social media, no matter how much you think it's not. 4. Fuck you NOTES 5. Blah blah blah Datsun.
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    The tail gate was in need of restoration.
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    That is a cargo box, A few companies used these in states that had trailer length laws that kept them from using longer trailers to haul lightweight freight. After national laws were passed to make it uniform from state to state things changed, that is why you don't see many cabover trucks like was popular in the 60s and 70s.
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    Great tips guys. Here's where we left off last time, with the eye sockets finished. Here is some broken rain gutter I have been hoarding for months. It's a bit...boxy I cut some curve into it, riveted it back together, and cut tabs into the bumper. I also cut some slots into the valence/under-grill metal piece, so it goes together really easily. Should all blend in together nicely. Also I have this piece that went under the original bumper, but not sure it has a place here. It's pretty mangled on the corner where this car was wrecked. But maybe it could work
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    Thank you jose for your hospitality. I didn't get to say goodbye before we left. A good time was had for sure.
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    I do not know how long you have had your Datsun, or if you have a L-18, or a L-20-B engine. The L-18 is factory stock, but lets be real, the engine has probably been changed, or had some work since 1974. Your truck could also have had a L-16 engine swapped in to it. Datsun engines in this time period are completely different than the engine in your Bronco. Datsun engines like RPM. If you are trying to make your Datsun engine have immediate response, in gear, it is simply not going to happen if you mash the throttle at 1,500 RPM, or even much below 2,500, even with a more torquey L-20-B. The L-16, 3,000 minimum. On the other hand, the L-16 will run up to 6,500 easily, and the L-20-B engine will run up to around 6,000. The L-18 has slightly torque than the L-16, but runs closer to the L-16 RPM range. What is the compression of the engine? Should be around 160, or higher, and even in all four cylinders. A carburetor measures fuel based on only one factor, "how fast is the air moving through the venturi?" If you mash the throttle at a low RPM, the velocity of the air moving through the venturi drops so low, that the carb cannot meter the gasoline accurately going into the engine. Also, air is light and suddenly opening the throttle causes a lot of air to rush into the manifold, and because gasoline is a heavy liquid, compared to air, almost all carburetors have an accelerator pump that mechanically squirts gasoline into the manifold, to cover the dead spot until the heavy gasoline starts flowing, and catches up with the increased air flow. As mentioned, a stock Datsun carburetor has a vacuum secondary. On a vacuum secondary carburetor, even on a V-8, the manifold vacuum is not used to open the secondary. The secondary opens based on the vacuum developed in the primary venturi, and the primary venturi does not develop much vacuum until the RPM is up high enough to get enough air flow through the engine. This is to allow the primary to accurately meter the gasoline, until there is enough air flow demand from the engine to have adequate airflow through the secondary of the carburetor. A mechanical secondary Weber will have a big bogging problem if you mash the throttle, because both carb throats open if you mash the pedal, and even if you did put a accelerator pump on the secondary, the engine will not have enough RPM (and air flow) to meter the gas correctly, until the RPM gets higher. Check the compression. Adjust the valves. Set the timing, about 10 degrees BTDC at a low idle, below 600 RPM, vacuum advance disconnected, and plugged. If the idle is faster, mechanical advance starts to come in, and you cannot set the initial timing correctly. After you do all the other tune up stuff, then you can adjust the carb, AFTER the engine is warm. Remember the Datsun engines like RPM. If you want, or need quick throttle response, you have to be in the correct lower gear to get it. You have to plan ahead to have the correct gear to have enough RPM (above 3,000, and this number is with a vacuum secondary carb) to get good throttle response.
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