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    'Member that from the cover of Hot Rod magazine.
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    Fun at the track...............
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    He's also giving it just a slight bit of negative camber for more clearance... It'll be similar as shown below.
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    FYI ,,, I’m just renewing my blood pressure meds.. And now I probably am going to die from coronaaids .
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    Not the direction i'm going on this bud. Get your politics outta the discussion please.
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    Politics were the demise of the YB35 above and YB49, they scrapped a bunch of them because of competitors manhood issues.
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    It is a Junkers JU-88 The JU-89 was a monster!
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    They where only concept planes and never saw action. And the gun was a 37mm
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    Pretty lazy weekend, I haven't had 2 weekend days at home together in many years (Coaching hockey and baseball 😆) so I did a lot of sitting on my ass. I did however find a couple great guys on here that are helping me with some parts and I'm so grateful for that! I also moved the truck sideways in the shop so I can hack out the other rocker and have access to both sides lol. Oh and I made a new wheel for my old floor jack that's been tripod mode for about 10 years lol. That's all🤪
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    Spent some good time driving it today! This thing is pretty fun to drive! Up to ~65 miles on it I think - Although I need to check the speedo against a measured mile... Seems to be pretty close based on the phone GPS though. For some details on the exhaust--- running the Megan Racing Shorty header. Had the local exhaust shop fab everything else up beyond that--- 2.5" tubing all the way; 4" Magnaflow Round Muffler; unknown resonator/muffler thing.... The shop did a nice job, used an angled flange to get it around the torsion bar, then back up under the truck, added a 2 bolt flange to make it easy to take on and off, then the magnaflow, then my unknown muffler, then a turned down tip to dump behind the bumper. Overall really happy with the sound! Sounds good, louder at high RPMs but not so loud that I need ear plugs.... and quiet enough down low that the wife is happy--- and probably my neighbors too.... Cut the bumpstops in half today as well since it was basically riding on them... definitely helped. No photos of that though... Had a small fuel leak pointed out to me by the exhaust shop--- looks to just be a old hose clamp on the line at the upper back of the tank. Easy fix. While I had the wheels off, I figured I would paint the new... but already rusting drums... I guess the grey paint they came with and machined surface wasnt going to last long.... Then took it for another rip up to Tractor Supply to pick up a bed mat --- 4'x6' ~1" stall mat for $45. Trim out the wheel wells and I am happy with it! Truck is running pretty well for the most part. Pulls strong. But it is having an intermittent stumble... seems to be mostly at partial throttle at ~2.5k rpms- ie when your just cruising... some sensor is obviously not working right... could be my single wire o2 only on the #4 cylinder... could be mad... could be tps... could be the idle air control that isn't working--- although that should only be idle.... Im sure it doesnt help that I am essentially reseting the ecu every time I park the truck either since there is a drain on the battery --- I am pretty sure I have that narrowed down to the alternator... Brakes are still soft... but drivable... I think once it gets warmer I am going to delete the booster--- I just like being able to hit the pedal and have the full feedback, like my 510 has--- probably bump up to a 7/8" master at the same time from a z-car since they were disc front and drum rear as well. Might delete the NSLV valve as well... we'll see... One last photo to leave on!
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    Yep, that is still the plan, gate pay.
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    Been a bit as usual, but here is the latest... I got a shop in Kissimme FL to address the axle issues...I took the 620's axle and the 8.8 housing I sourced to them (pretty long drive that I'm glad I'm done with) so I couldn't mess up the measurements. They narrowed the 8.8 to match the 620's stock setup, slapped some late big ford flanges on (which eliminates the C clip issue with the 8.8), ordered and assembled 31 spline Strange Axles for me that are drilled to match the 6 lug pattern and fabricated all of the odds and ends I got to tie the Watts kit together. Now I'll just need to get the differential ordered and I'll have a local shop install it since I don't want to mess that up either. I'm working on finding a dual caliper setup so I can plumb a standalone hydraulic hand brake in. If you are in the area or want to deal with shipping, which they can do, I highly recommend TRZ Motorsports. The owner took a bunch of time going over my build and plans and honestly took my box of issues and turned it into a nearly bolt in solution. He had the guys there weld the custom top/center mount they fabricated onto the axle housing (I didn't think that was possible with the different metal types but they were able to) and even adapted the entire kit I got to fit the 8.8 axle. I'll even be able to service the differential with the way they adapted the rear cage (it's removable). All in all I'm blown away and I cannot wait to get this installed. Next is to get it all installed and have the drive shaft made which a local shop is going to do..thankfully they aren't several hours away this time. Pics below...
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    Creampuff lives up to her name.......................
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    Well, I got through work a little early today so I chopped out the old passenger side rocker. This side was not as bad as the drivers side! The drivers side had no sill at all. This one will hold up for a few more years, I'll coat it with rust mort repair the seatbelt mount and paint the inside and then weld in the patch panel. Along the bottom I'll pinch it with some bonding adhesive. Looking forward to being done with the cab repair! 
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    Marine Corp Air Station Miramar is getting more and more of these bad boys! They sure are loud!
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