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    Bottom half done One or two more colors left...
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr New back window seal from Datsport.
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    I have a spare tank but I bet shipping would be pretty steep . It is out of our truck that we parted out. It looks about the same shape as the original tank that we wire wheeled the outside of and painted it up. I scoped the inside of both tanks and they looked comparable as well, just some small surface rust spots but overall pretty clean inside. I was thinking of taking the sending unit out for a spare. Your ride looks great, nice clean truck. I do like the mirrors, curious what the functionality would be like with them further from the driver position. We struggled with location of side mirrors since all the old holes were welded up which gave us a clean slate for placing them. We went near the no draft windows. I had the previous week off so got lots done. Wired up and installed new Lumen LED halo head lights, replaced flashers to electronic (as you know), permanently installed gauge cluster, heater, sun visors and front valance. The no draft windows were previously dissembled and powder coated black to match the rest of the look of the truck. My son and I spent about 5 hours in the basement today installing all the glass with all new rubbers/seals, also the re-upholstered door cards. I am going to start a separate post on our experience installing the glass, what a bear that was. Now that we got that process dialled in, others might like us to share.
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    Here's some oics for ya! Links pulled from my FB where i publicly store all my pics. Let me know if you have trouble seeing them!
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    Wiring all mocked up. Marked and trimmed to length. Then in to the house for more comfortable stripping/crimping/soldering/pinning/etc. Many hours later, everything is where it should be. The chassis harness is all taped up. This ended up being nearly as much work as the engine harness since it was a bit hacked up. I'm gong to wait until the engines running before taping the engine harness though. A brief intermission from electrical to mount the throttle pedal. Donated from an Altima. It's the same pedal that will fit directly on to the stock 510 triangular mount, which is what I intended. Except, this didn't put the pedal in the ideal spot, and I liked the feel of the stiffer return spring better. As well, the steel mounting bracket just "feels" better, I've never heard of the plastic triangle breaking but oh well. Back to wiring. I needed a place for all of the electronic boards. Wanted them all in one spot, easily accessible but not visible. Lots of room to run wires but not spread out. Ended up with this arrangement. Case in back will house the megasquirt. Each main board is connected with velcro for easy removal. A couple of spacers hold the hinge in place meaning the whole panel can be removed with 2 screws. Not too bad on the engine bay aesthetics. The two white blocks on the front are magnets. When hinged up they land on the steel dash bar and connect with a satisfying clunk. Feels sturdy enough but it's possible a large pothole may knock it loose. We'll see. Installed a main power breaker. Gauges need attention soon. Grabbed an EGT unit to increase my chances of tuning success. It has a signal output so I hope to at least datalog with the megasquirt. Has anyone ever used aerospace gauges? They have some sweet options! This one is about perfect to sit in the stock tacho location in the cluster! Do want! List is shrinking, slowly but surely.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Last of the Kameari headers for the Fj20.
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    Bought this 1970 Datsun 521 out of SoCal after selling my 280Z. U may have seen it for sell. Plan on going through all systems, not doing a restoration but towards the ratsun look. Have been fixing the usual electrical issues; lights, switches, horn. First project will be the stance. More to come.
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    So it looks teal in some light like in my garage, blue in other light like in this is tree shade. I'll get more photos in direct sun after I have a chance to buff it. And it needs a gooood buffin. Lots of dusty patches and weird textures. But overall I'm very pleased. It even fired right up after sitting for almost a month.
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    I'm pretty sure that was just the ratsun award.
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    Torsion bar anchor bolt may have sheared off. Left side is holding up both.
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    Oops. Guess it needs more time to cure so I'll wait a few more days before the final tape job and the final color. Or I peeled the tape from the wrong angle. Or adhesion issue. I have no idea, I'm learning as I go. This was also a trouble spot I had to sand and re-coat a couple times, so who knows. All other stripe tape pulled up cleanly. And speaking of that final color...
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    Awesome man. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I used concrete blocks and a couple 4X4s on my 521 kingcab, same idea just low tech. I seen that 521 crew cab at Blue Lake last year, it's still on the road, I didn't look real close at it, don't want to pick the job apart like I don't want anyone picking mine apart, I thought it had a Chevy drive train but it doesn't matter, all I know is interesting to see the transmission come apart on video, I am happy no one was hurt when it happened. There are lots of folks on here to give you advise Charlie, remember what the factory 521 crew cab looks like, here is a photo of one.
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    Ride went good.... Ebrake held on the hill .... Clutch pedal took a second to get use to but it fully disengages and then crabs when released so I guess it should be good....
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    Well, radiator has arrived....it is as it was described, a brand new original one... Another time capsule item...
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    I didn't advocate revenge or torture, I just don't think it would be cruel/unusual to humanely remove a rapist's member, or swiftly stop the breath of someone convicted of such a heinous crime as that trash above.
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    Death penalty should be enforced, and I wouldn't be against physical castration/amputation for that type of offender.
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    Datslocos has come and gone, next up, POWER LAND! Man this year is flying...
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr New seats ordered.
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    I know you all forgot about this event, but I just now FINALLY got my video put together. Give it a watch, share with a friend.
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    Hard to tell from pics, but it looks fine to me. The sprocket on the crank wears out far before the one on the cam because it's much smaller. Typically the teeth will start to look like shark teeth instead of being symmetrical. Chain stretch is what needs to be checked, and you have to do that by lining up the timing marks and checking the pin hole on the cam. Typically everything is sold as a set and should be replaced together anyway. Here's an example of one that has a stretched chain and a lot of wear. You can see that the idler looks decent, but the teeth on the drive sprocket are sharp at the top.
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    🐀& 🔧 Renew the tradition of previous winner is involved in the subsequent trophy (creation)
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    PO repainted the interior and reupholstered the seats/panels/dash. Pretty clean here. Had to go through all the lights and switches. You can see I fabed up a horn button, can’t find parts I need to fix but future project will be after market steering wheel anyway.
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    oh man, I can't wait to see that on the car!
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    I've seen 'em with more rust. Hard to tell for sure until the paint is gone. The Coupe is cool though, and I like the AC!
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    power land! power land! power land! power land! .
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    Just a little update as we fast approach the date, I’d like to talk about trophies. There Will be a few trophies given out and They are going to be a little different than previous years. The trophies are being MADE more like the trophies you’d see at hot rod shows. If you imagined something like crossed piston rods and gears you’d be pretty much on the money. The trophies will be art, however I am having data plates made to be attached that will say “best paint” “best daily” etc etc. If anyone is artistic in this way and would like to volunteer to make a trophy to be presented on Sunday please PM me. Club pick is Something I’d love to see happen and if a club or clubs out there would like to make one that would be amazing! As of now the510keeper has volunteered to make and present “best paint” and I am making the mouse trap. Others trophy classes can be found on the original post of this thread. Also something else this year, we are doing a 50/50 raffle so 3 people will be winning CASH!! That way all winners get the prize they really wanted. Looking forward to to hearing from anyone wanting to be involved with this. Thanks -Jbird-
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