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    This. Yes, is the fan even working? Are the heater hoses looped together? A thermostat change won't fix that.
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    See if it is resting on the idle set screw. Your cleaning loosened the gunk now the solvent is gone and things are getting sticky again. Lube attracts dirt but things get sticky dry so kind of a catch 22 but a little oil on the shafts and other moving bits go a long way on making the carb operate smoothly. Make sure your return spring is in good shape and it doesn't hurt to clean and lube or replace the throttle cable. Even the pedal pivot points in the cab like a little lube now and then
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    This is getting complicated. A quality thermostat is about $12 plus gasket. Cheap and easy to change and most suspect if the cooling system has weird symptoms.
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    Looking at picking up an 83 4x4 parts truck. What would anyone need of this truck? Comes with an extra trans too.
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    After I clean my Weber I use a dry silicone spray to lube the mechanical linkage. The dry silicone lubricant goes on wet and quickly drys off.
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    Working on soundproofing my 1986 base standard cab 720 pickup. I found that my shifter boot had come apart and it also has a rip in it so since most road noise is coming from the floor area, I want to replace the boot while I have the carpet removed. I don't have a console so many of the available thinner boots won't work in my situation. I wouldn't mind having a console so I'm wondering if that is easy to install or will I have a conflict with the heater bits, etc? Which console will work? I saw previous posts where someone was able to post the several models of car/truck that use this same shift boot but the links in the post were dead. I would love to have that info because searches for my specific truck don't turn up any choices. Here are photos of my shift boot. The very bottom piece had come off and it looks like it was put together originally with contact cement so if push comes to shove, I could probably reattach it the same way but I'd rather replace it while I have the interior apart.
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    Good point. I thought it would be better do get advice from someone who had done it on my model truck but I did find some helpful info on a car stereo forum
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    This^ Speculation will only drive you nuts. Eliminate one thing at a time until it works again.
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    Sprayed down the whole carb big time with cleaner. Lots of gunk came off and right away she was idling at 700. It’s been about a week and I notice the idle is creeping back up to the 1k mark. Still purring nice though.
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    Well where is the electric fan during all this????? IT should be doing all the cooling work when stopped. I have two Subaru fans that are too wide to fit side by side so one is in front pushing and one is behind pulling with about 3" of overlap. To regulate the water temperature I have a 200sx fan temperature switch in line on the return rad hose. It's wired to the relay and a fuse directly to the battery. Often it will come on at the lights for 20 seconds then off for over a minute then on again and so on. When I park the car the fan can come on after I get out and lock it. Again for about 20 seconds. This is fool proof and I don't have to watch the gauge constantly, and I don't have to turn the fans on and off by hand. This gives the rad the maximum time to cool the water from normal air flow from driving. Only when the return water gets above 190? does the fan come on.
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    I was gonna split these three up but they belong together.
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    A foot is roughly .3 meter so .0003 Km ... that was easy but a better and more to the point question is how much is a foot in miles. Carpenters here still use ft and in. I heavily use metric measurement and terms at work (can't get any closer because it's actually my job as a surveyor) but if something is about a foot away I say foot rather than say 0.3, if a few inches I say inches. If an old plan was in feet and says 150 ft. I have to convert to Metric for it to mean much. 150 feet sounds like a lot but it's about 45 meters and I know what that looks like! Weird how I grew up with ft and in and miles but working with metric for over 30 years and no mileage signs or anything in ft and in and you struggle to make sense of what 12 feet is.
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    Ok so today after I got home from work I checked again just to see if the lower hose was hot and it was. I also was not having any issues with it cooling so I'm a bit concerned. When it does overheat at idle it's usually at a light that I'm sitting at for too long and then I end up shutting her off then starting her back up when I need to go or if the timing is right I'll keep her on and get up to speed then coast at 45mph and wheelie I'm coasting it takes a solid 10 or 20 seconds for it to start to cool down. It likes to stay cold when it wants to. What to do?
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    The bright links are only for the initial placement of the chain and sprockets. As soon as the engine is started the bright links become random and line up maybe every 20 turns so don't go by that. Set TDC exactly* and only by turning clockwise. If you over shoot don't just back up, but back up 1/4 turn and try again even if it takes a dozen tries. *This is absolutely critical so use the notch on the crank pulley and the timing scale for ignition. There is no TDC mark on the Z series head for cam sprocket checking so what I do is look through the top hole in the sprocket and directly between the two rocker arm towers for a small vertical casting mark... The back of your cam sprocket should have a V or U notch in it. Confirm that the V is below or perhaps just slightly to the right of the line and NOT to the left of it. Like below...
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    good vid. didn't know the 720 had all that crap on ther
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    Breath-taking work πŸ˜‰
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    Very nice. Also tell your kid if he looks close there is another one also. Can you find it.
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    Make it happen!!!! Its soo sad to see these race cars rot away... I saw a four door here in the northeast last year, that would have been totally savable... but someone stripped it and let it sit too long... it was too big of a project for me, but I so wanted to make it happen. It amazes me how someone could put that much work into a car and then just discard it.... Good luck! look forward to watching this car get revived!
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    Remove the flares?! Those are legit!
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    Excited to see where this goes!
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    I did that once when I bought windshield wipers to get it home.
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    My six year old son likes the sheep on your intercooler.
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    Turns out my hood is right about 35" high.
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