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    Fuck should I know? US politics is way too entertaining to waste time following Canada's. How can anyone get anywhere in politics without corruption funding it?
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    Avarice. They're in it for themselves and this overrides any rational thought that the nation will not suffer for it.
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    Birds of a feather..... flock together.
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    The worst possible thing is to be a staunch supporter of any party. It leads to turning a blind eye to their shenanigans and little by little YOU are corrupted in your choosing also. It empowers them to do more and more wrong and know they won't be held accountable by their supporters. Always support the party closest to your position and/or what's best for your country in the future, no matter the party. Never be satisfied, always complain and always ask the hard questions. A political party is only as good as the last promises they kept in the last election. No one should care who did what right more than 4 years ago, that was just doing their job, and besides....that was then. NEVER forget what any politician did wrong in your name or others in the past, as he can't be trusted in the future. When it comes to wrong, learn from the past, right is a perishable commodity and needs constant affirmation in the now.
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    I meant to post this last time I was here. For anyone wanting to do this (or similar) with a weber, you can find the carb template on my site. You should be able to print it out 1:1 as a pdf to use it as a template. http://www.bluehandsinc.com/weber-adapters.html
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    Wish I had a rock solid solution.
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    These fucks literally are in it to sell out the nation.
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    Very nice picture. After a couple of beers, I found some tape and spray paint. BRE tripes on my '64. I guess I could paint the whole hood.
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    Redesigned and printed a new steering column tach mount with provisions to capture the large turn signal wiring bundle. Also put a visor on the top to keep the tach light from reflecting off of the windshield at night.
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    Got to work on patching the p/s inner skin today. Started with a template: ...And then forgot to take more pics until it was welded in and (mostly) cleaned up. Still will have 4-5 more patches to make for the frontmost section (to get the curves right), as well as one for the rest of the strut tower skin that was also cut off.
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    If I still had a 1200, I would buy these in a heartbeat.. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/wto/d/rosemead-work-equip-01-jdm-wheels-rims/7208912185.html
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    Warming up the hot cross bun.
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    Take a look at Trump, He used to be a Democrat. Flip flop fuck! I figured out why he thought Hillary was a nasty skank. He was probably holding on to Hillary like a cheap six pack of beer. Figure that out if you can? Not to mention Bill and his indiscretions? Don't get your man panties in a bunch dude. I sure as fuck don't believe anything from CNN or FOX for anything. It's all propaganda, You gotta be smart enough to figure that out??? Maybe not? I will tell you and everyone else I did not vote for Trump or Biden because they are both stupid fucks! I did vote for Lauren Culp even though he wants to make Washington a right to work state, I'm pro union, pro gun and a woman should be able to have an abortion if she is raped, and other situations. Very complicated state and we shouldn't be so GOD DAMN NARROW MINDED!!!
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    Looks the USA has two entertainment industries.
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    Look like Canada and the USA have the Elite who see no wrong in taking money from Lobbyists. Did the DNC help fund Trudeaus party to prominence?
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    This just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Kamala too?
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    Rebuilt and adjusted the carburetor and now it's idling perfectly at stoplights, etc. The vacuum lines all look good too. The only idle issue I'm having now is that it is still sputtering to a start even after depressing the gas peddle two to three times. If I apply the throttle simultaneously to turning the key, it starts just fine. Should I just leave this alone or any ideas about what I might fix next? Just got the choke relay in the mail today so I'll throw that in just in case, but other than that I'm not sure. In regards to the carburetor - opened it up and parts were melted so that part was self explanatory as to what was going on with it.
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    Fucken Mittens Romney is involved in the money laundering side of this scandal too... kinda goes to show why he was the only GOP to vote for Trumps removal in the senate.
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    *cue Elsa* Looks like a parts car to me, but worse have been saved (Z cars & 510s, though).
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    Going to go look at a ratty 610 in a field tomorrow and I was just wondering if the Canada spec 610’s had any differences or cool shite compared to the American cars. don’t even get me started on the cow paint job... that’s a story for another day
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    OK, I am quoting you again on this, that is some of the best money I have ever spent, I don't remember what I paid but it was not very much, I could have had the whole bottom of the truck done by now just using that needle scaler, sure that vibrating scraper I bought was nice, but this tool flies thru that undercoating and I don't even press very hard, I was leaning into the scraper and it didn't take it all off like this needle scaler does, it does not work as good on oily undercoating, but the scraper easily does that and it is only oily within 3 inches of the firewall, the rest is dry on the bottom.
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    I ran into something at my buddies junkyard the other day. There was a Volvo wagon with kid size rear facing 3rd row seat. It would be a complete set up with seatbelts and all. Little people only. It brought back memories of profusely puking in the rear facing seat of a diesel powered chevy version of fords country squire wagon. Nothing like the smell of diesel exhaust while rolling backwards at highway speeds to induce uncontrolled car sickness. I don't know what engineer designed that vomit comet but hope the back seat of a diesel caprice wagon or whatever that was, faux wood paneling is where he spends his eternity.
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    30 years ago when the city was cheep run down and full of creative energy, my wife and I lived in a San Francisco neighborhood called North Beach/Telegraph Hill. Tiny narrow ass streets with small 2-4 unit apartment buildings stack one next to the other with bars, shops and restaurants on the bottom floor, and all of it built before cars existed. If they were dumb enough to drive there to visit, some times friends would drive around for as much as 20-30 minutes looking for a damn parking spot. Last we checked that little 700 sq ft one bed room apt we had was renting for $3,200 a month. Now that working from home looks like the new normal and you can work basically anywhere with an internet connection all the stressed out twitchy bastards are getting the F out while the get'n is good. Same with LA, Chicago, NY, Boston, Phili, etc, etc. Ready or not, here they come.
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    Got a 5/6 hole steering wheel hub to use the steering wheel I have. It needs some cleaning up.
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    My old truck.1968 F250 Camper Special. Bought it for $3000.
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    Tidied up a few wires after replacing the clutch and brake master cylinders in the wagon.
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