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    For most applications I certainly recommend installing as a package, the reason I installed separately is that I heard of issues with the transmission not being proper positioned after installing with the KA. Absolutely recommend new rubber mounts if you can find them - it'll be something I'll have to replace in the future as when I swapped my engine none of the parts places in my area had them available.
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    Thanks for all the input fellas and I should have PM’d you originally Mike K. I believe the rotors are seated properly and that does make sense on the passenger rotor, must be slightly warped. As for the constant harder drag on the drivers side I will confirm proper seating of rotor and if still a problem will get a professional to look at it. It is my kids breaks after all.
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    Finished up the remote filter install today and it turned out real nice. Started by removing the oil filter nipple from the engine block using the jam nuts, and then decided to try the nipple from my spare L20B before trying to grind this one shorter. It's a good thing, too, because it worked perfectly! Even though it measured out slightly longer than the one that was in there, it threaded farther into the block and allowed the BRE adapter to seal. Here's the steel remote adapter thingee threaded onto the replacement filter nipple. It now sits close enough to the block for the cast aluminum BRE remote adapter to properly seal against the oil filter sealing boss. With that issue resolved, I cleaned everything up with brake cleaner and installed the whole setup for real. Filled up the filter with oil and spun that on, then fired up the engine. Ran it in the driveway for 10 minutes and no leaks! Stoked! Here's a few pics of the final install. Too bad the heater hose somewhat obscures the cool BRE casting. Goodbye messy oil changes!
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    Could be an unvented gas tank. Maybe try feeding your gas from a separate container. Or even just temporarily removing the filler cap just to test.
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    New cross member for the 620 KA and SR swap.
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    Thanks. I decided i’ll drive it when weather permits until KC #1 is finished then i’ll likely sell it.
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    Guess the decision has been made for me
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    Tomorrow i’ll see about getting it running, maybe driving. I’ll likely end up cleaning it up, getting it roadworthy and then passing it along.
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    Fi clicking it's only presumed to be working. You could unplug the wire and unscrew it. Watch out it has a spring and a pin inside. Catch those and set aside. Put it back together. This removes the solenoid function so that it cannot shut the gas off to the idle circuit. Try it now.
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    My opinion here mostly same as above(Daniel) To me its running with the choke on bypassing the idle circuit. I would see if idle circuit is dirty or the power to the idle cut off valve is is bad. also make sure the 2nd barrel is fully closed. so it dosnt make it look like a vaccumleak. take the old fuel filter and cut it open if really bad with rust or dist then this will more likely confirm the above theory I have. Shoot lots of carb cleaner in there and rev the motor up. learn how to adjust points ignition and get a timming light. YOUTUBE Datsun!!!!!
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    Thanks Mike, we have new bushings. Did some reading that new rubber bushings are better than the urathane because it needs some give as not to bend the tension rods, this may have been a 510 issue though not 521’s. So I don’t see a need to mess with freeing up the large nuts if there not required for adjustment, will install and tighten new bushings/washers up to them.
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    You need a hinge? I have seen new ones on Amazon.
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    Another run of KA260 mounts done and ready to ship.
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    Now that I spammed my other threads lol...one last time Another run ready to ship. I now have the KA & SR covered for the 521, 620 & 720. :) I got a few pics from a 720 customer recently, motor looks right at home in there. He has since sold this truck was ordering another set to build his next 720. :)

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