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    A flock of Sea Masters at St. Petersburg, Florida, 1958. They look like they're moving fast just standing still. They sort of look like the grandfather of the B-1 Lancer.
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    Thak you all for all the imput. I went to the juk yard and found a 3.3 Ohm coil from a volvo, took it home. Installed it and replaced my points and condenser, re set my timing and got the truck running Thank you all. I will start a complete inspection on the truck and will start rebuilding the suspension and brakes. Cheers.
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    I forget, the new axle you bought. Is it wider or ? Slit the tubs near the radius and widen them to fit the huge tires. That's the cleanest look. I would use a 3 link instead of a 4 link. but a 4 link can be made to handle well. Most 4 link designs don't account for on throttle oversteer though. Put some triangulation into the links (instead of straight forward), design in some anti squat/dive but make the upper link/links adjustable height, keep your roll center about mid axle using a panhard bar or watts link. Send me your truck and I'll build you a custom setup that handles well.
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    there is so much good shit in this video
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    I hired a guy who had canned air sales on his resumé. But to be fair, he sold to pro surfers and fire fighters. A few extra breaths in an emergency is about as good as anything I can imagine.
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    I thought selling bottled water was crazy but there is a sucker born every minute.
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    I’m just jealous of both of your Wagons.
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    The guy that's doing is well lets say on another level. It will be triangulated and as for stuffing wider tires I think he has that covered. Im just riding his time.
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    Oh I see what you did there. lol
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    Just got this sweet little datsun. 1982 SD22 152,000 mi planning on slapping a garret turbo targeting 8 psi will post pictures/videos later
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    I have heard that Hitler wanted the ME262 to be a bomber, but this is ridiculous as well as ugly. Maybe this is a proof of concept for the Arado ?
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    Who knew that painting a valve cover would cause so much controversy... 👀
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    Datsuns came with and are built around using NGK plugs. Other makes won't be exactly right for heat range. I would get the ones for a J13 engine. As mentioned above..... Where did you move from??? A change in altitude can affect the idle. Lower altitude is denser air so needs to be slightly richer. Try turning the idle mix screw out. You'll notice that the idle drops off in quality as you turn it out and also if you turn it in. There's about half a turn where the idle smooths out. Find the middle of the smooth spot and then turn the mix screw out just slightly richer. Idle mix is just that. It adjusts the idle and just slightly above but does not do anything for driving around.
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    On an Imperial gallon just over 20 is closer to what you should be getting.
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    The newest semi complete toy is here!  It's a 1982 280zx turbo that somewhere along the line had an all aluminum 6.0 lsx engine swapped in, it's fairly stock but has a build 4l60e behind it.  The interior was originally red but the previous owner went through and swapped everything out for black and put a set of rx8 seats in, surprisingly doesn't look too bad! Suspension wise its had s13 coilovers swapped on so the car is sitting as high as itll go in these pictures. Initial plans are to finish up some small nitpicky stuff, springs are too soft in the rear and has a few small wiring things to clean up then get a new set of wheels and tires. Current wheels have 2.25" spacers and are 14x6 with 195 70s so as you can imagine they get turned into smoke pretty easy. Still deciding what wheels and tires to throw on then this thing is going low, needs an air dam and skirts bad aswell, if you followed any of my other builds you know engine work is obviously to come aswell
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    You can just jumper the choke wire to the selinoid to make this work. Cut that connector off and put 2wire in that same type of lug them loop the new wire to the selinoid.or use a piggy back jumper where you can just plug the existing wire an make a new section and plug in.sold in auto stores. the speed screw must be turned in a lot to bypass the idle circuit.so when the idle circuit starts to work you need to back it off.most times it’s not more than 1.5 turns if that. So with mixture.timmimg and speed adjustment should be adjusted in at this time once warmed up.
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    I heard of that also with wax or wd40.I have it to a guy who did my kingpins.
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    I saw a video on YouTube where a fella heated the stud touched the base of the stud with wax then removed it. Not sure if that’s the best way but it looked to work. When I saw it I thought Wow.
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    Oh for sure, will do! May give it a shot on the hatch tomorrow.
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    You really do need the valve cover vent. It's how filtered make up air gets into the engine to replace the vapors drawn out through the block vent by the PCV valve. Fresh air in and dirty combustion gasses and water vapor out. Oil and engine block stays cleaner. In the 50s it was common to change the oil at 1,000 mile intervals and engines rarely got to 100K miles. By the 60s most all cars had oil filters and the PCV valve ('62?) helped extend this to 2,000 miles. Better oils have extend this again to at least 3K miles. The Positive Crankcase Ventilation is one of the greatest inventions ever put on an internal combustion engine. It's importance should never be under estimated just because it doesn't seem to do much, but in reality it more than doubles the life of an engine.
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    I did some further testing. Pulled the plug on the alternator. Had power from battery, and with ignition on the other pin had power through the battery light circuit. The ground wire has continuity and other positive lead has power as well. So I guess it's possible that the battery light wire is not able to complete ground through the diode. I might as well upgrade to the quest alternator since I already have the correct plug for it wired in.
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    This is interesting, what I read said only two XP6-M planes were built, designated 1 and 2, but now it appears 6 more YP6M-1 thru 6 were built, all four of the crew died in the first crash(XP6M-1), the second crash(ZP6m-2) all 4 of the crew successfully bailed out. They also mentioned that the engines were angled outwards to keep the exhaust heat away from the fuselage.
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    Buy a mustang For drag L20s are ez to keep running look up Datsun L motor on YouTube
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    Me too, going after front first to fix and make it right this time, then come up with some game plan for rear. 4 link easy, but want to stuff a meaty tire under the bed and which approach with fuel tank.
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    Hidden in a useful place, like behind a taillight is cool. Even behind a license plate. I think one thing people forget is how clumsy the modern fuel pump nozzles are. Back in the 70's, you could hang a nozzle off the side of a Jeep with the totally vertical filler neck, and it would stay, but now days, you have to hold it in there and hope you don't spill fuel everywhere. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
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    Probably ingested sea water on takeoff or landing.
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    I have a trailer that would fit that truck perfectly. wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Good looking truck.
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    There is a lot to say about sunshine! LOL Raining here in Phoenix but still wearing Tee shits, shorts and sandals! LOL
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Bought a brand new set of NOS Mikuni's. Thank you Jimmy for the hook up.
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    I did a copper coat and clear on my cover recently, curious to see how well it holds up. Whatever you do im sure it will be bad ass
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    Is this one of those guys that gets the hook and tries to drive the car off the repo truck?
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    My winter project is either a new fuel tank or an aftermarket one. Haven't decided yet. I think an aftermarket tank with the fill hole underneath the trap door in the bed would be cool.
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    I think the longer nuts are stainless. I thought at first they were brass but stainless turns yellow around 5000 F? The studs might just be steel and they will erode and/or rust. I had my old manifold heated with a torch around them and they turned out with vice grips. Replaced with stainless studs and new long nuts. Got some (sorry) Felpro gasket material sandwiching a thin perforated metal inner layer. Need tin snips to cut it. Made my own gasket and it's been on for 3-4 years, I think.
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    So I've gotten a few questions about how to remove a dash. I have a dash disassembled and as they say 'a picture is worth a thousand words' ...or was it 'this thread is worthless without pics' So those pic's show the back of the dash. There are the 3 screws at the top of the dash and 2 screws at each side on the bottom. I used a ratchet with a phillips bit in a socket to remove the top ones with the windshield in. Now for the plastic peice... hidden screw Screw holding the tach... Don't forget to remove the switch and the lighter Be carefull during disassembly, don't want to deal with this :rolleyes: Here's a couple camparison shots... You can see where the screw for the cluster is located in this one. Hope this helps out some peep's. I know I trashed one or to dash inserts before I figured out where everything was that holds the dash together...
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Ok now my second new set of Valves have arrived. These are Kameari big valves. At shop and waiting for head to be finished up. Next is assembly. Its going to be a monster.
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    Geez. If I were a n00b the disinformation here would confuse the hell out of me. 1) Pete's original picture is of a CLOSED chamber head. It's just dirty. It's impossible to know WHICH head since neither the exhaust ports nor the casting number are visible in the one lonely pic. 2) There's no such thing as a "1980 truck 219 head". 219 heads weren't even made after 1974 (the equivalent was cast as a V912 after that, and those are very very rare). 1980 Trucks (in the US) all had W58 heads. 3) W58 heads are all ROUND port. There were only 3 roundport heads: N56, N58, W58. All were open-chamber except SOME of the W58s which could be found in closed-chamber. Closed chamber W58s are somewhat rare; they typically got installed as a dealer replacement under service. They were supposed to be a NISMO head. 4) W53 heads are all SQUARE port. The W53 is generally similar to an A87. Right down to there being open and closed chamber varieties (though the W53 open chamber head is a very rare head). Many W53 were machined for EFI; you can also find A87s with the same machining. You can also find both without the EFI ports/threaded holes.
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