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    My vote for Trump (or whoever) is more a vote against the left psychosis, than a vote for the candidate himself. My vote is a vote against assaulting the 2nd amendment, a vote against normalizing gender dysphoria & genitalia mutilation, a vote against compulsory medical procedures, a vote against fluid national borders, a vote against more/higher taxes, etc etc.
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    Pretty much. Although I doubt we have any Archbishops to worry about. I still wouldn't put it past the Democrats to sneak Hillary in as Biden's running mate last minute. You know because 2020 hasn't been weird enough.
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    The problem is no matter how much you dislike the Republicans at this point they are not the bug shit insanity that the Democrats have become. Used to be at least the two parties had some semblance of policies and balanced if different ideals. Now it seems the Democrats have just gone full progressive Marxist crazy cancel culture insanity with a slew of just inane contradictory intersectionalist non-theistic religious ideas with BLM as their branding. A movement run by self-avowed Marxists and whose leaders (e.g., the Toronto one - Ali) spout amazingly racist bullshit (see posting in her own words). They are supporting morality policing and policies that have no basis in any reality for a functioning society. So in choosing the "lesser of two evils" when picking no evil or a third is not a realistic option I will at least pick the group that doesn't seem batshit insane, is run by communists, and hates me because of the color of my skin. https://erraticus.co/2019/03/11/social-justice-faith-religion-intersectionality/ Edit: Included sources
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Almost done. Just need another engine stand and it will be part. Weld and cut frame up for blast and powder coat. It will be an ok truck.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr This grill came out so good. And yes that emblem belongs there for some reason. Its a nice touch. I don't like re pops but that one is very nice.
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    Me too. I do make the prediction that November 2020 will be as unexpected as November 2016 😉 Hedge for the worst but hope for the best.
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    I don't even follow Canadian politics. BTW I pretty much despise all politicians.
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    Absolutely Matt. I've learned a lot about down there that I wouldn't by agreeing
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    Mike I will never dislike you for your political views. I hope the same regard is held for me.
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    His Tax returns will never come out. There was never a law requiring candidates disclose them. It was a quid pro quo trade started by Richard Nixon for his first term. The SCOTUS just ruled on this situation last week. There are 5 specific things the Congress has to meet in order to use the subpoena power they posses, also they cannot subpoena the tax returns of anyone unless it is the manner of writing new legislation. The Congress has a bad habit of leaking private information so the SCOTUS requires that these 5 requirements are very stringent. Right now these 5 requirements and laws attached to these are being litigated in a lower federal court currently, and then have to be put before the SCOTUS once again. Likelihood of this being resolved in the next 4.5 years is 0.0% So I'm sorry but his tax returns will never be seen by anyone outside of himself, his accountant, and the IRS. IQ doesn't lock you into verbal acuity by the way. So there are several avenues of IQ, and those are 9 types of intelligence. So because Trump doesn't posses a high verbal acuity doesn't make him a lucky dunce. Sociopaths are almost always associated with a high verbal IQ 99.9% of the time, I do remember this in psychology. So your laze fare use of the word sociopath still doesn't adhere well to Trump. Its abundantly clear that you despise the guy and have sympathy toward people who didn't elect him. The assertion that he has 666 under his comb over is bordering on unhinged. Its insulting that you assume the people who elected him have a low general IQ. He was the lesser of 2 evils and has proven to be very prude with his signatory power. He has directed the ship very well up to this point considering the crazy unhinged political wars waged by the feckless Democrats. They ran on a very vapid arrogant campaign and still put up the same garbage campaign again. Now they're (Democrats) aiding and abetting a paramilitary communist revolutionary group to gain power through fear. Its a blazing light of exposure about what has been festering within the US Media and Democrat party for years from the look of it. None of us can convince you otherwise Mike. We would like to, but we cant.
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    Lot more done this weekend. Cut off the d/s frame rail: Like the other side, This wonderful mess will need to be taken care of: This was one of the first sections I did on the car, and looking back on it from a year + later of constant work on the car, it falls a bit short of the quality I'm ok with now (even though it's hidden and will be covered in bedliner). Some imperfections are whatever as long as it's strong, but the lower curve of the floor wasn't going to do as it was. As such, I cut a bunch out, did some welding, cut more out, etc: Shifted my focus to the new frame rail. Fixed the rear end (no pics), and welded up a new front section for the tow hook mount. Next up will be to make and weld up new bits for the front floor flange, fix the section of frame rail still attached to the car, and then weld the 'new' segment on. After that, on to the rad support!
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    i would love to have 1 of those 75 datsun sunny trucks(B120)
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    Ooooooh!!! Police z32 and 1200 Ute!! nice!
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    Very nice, Mr Big! The body and paint will finally be up to the rest of the truck. 👍
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    Damn that grille looks great. Is that one of the JakeMakes repops?
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    Whelp my Bro has taken a side gig putting a 1958 Dodge back together that hasn't been on the road for the last 35 years in exchange for a 1968 Convertible Camaro that last saw the road in 1992 and has been sitting in a garage which means it's time to bring Ole Blue home. Should let me do some more of the stupid stuff like removing the brakelines before we ro-do everything and POR15 the frame. Cranked her up on his flatbed and hit the road Made a pitstop to get some pressure treated wood that will make a home for him and give me some cover to work under - btw wood is FUCKING expensive. Tossed the 2 20 footers on one side and a 12 footer on the other and then headed to my place. I gotta say he can whip a trailer around like no one's business, super impressive. Lifted those goddamn boards off and dumped ole Blue off And re-arranged things a bit and tossed the doors on Blue and called it a night. Caught a wild hair today. Decided to grab a shot and started putting together the portable garage. It's all held together now with self tapping screws and feels super sturdy. Going to have to wait for my Bros help to carry it to the front of the house though. Legs can go on and then we can see where the big ass treated wood can go down so that this will sit in the middle of the 4x12x20' beams and the 4x12x12' will be in the back. I grabbed some 2' long pieces of J-Bar that will be pounded into the ground to anchor the beams.
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    Turned in the company truck, back the daily
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    Took a quick look and while the tag is still intact on the core support, the number cannot be read. the build date is 11/71 making it a 72. There is a 510 out there also that was originally the same color but found nothing stamped in the core support much less a tag.
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    Got a 521 the sec I seen er. O the joy of pre-smog!
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    Welcome to the freak show
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    Maybe Ben Carson can separate?😂🤪
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    They also had 521 double cabs in that area of the world.
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    You literally said "sociopath who speaks at a grade 4 level" and reposted the image with "Trump is living proof that a con man doesn't have to be smart", but you claim you didn't call him stupid? Yes, you did not literally say the word "stupid" you just implied the ever living hell out of it. You ever think about the fact that him running businesses is a better economic improvement than sitting on an interest rate? How many jobs were produced, property taxes, etc, etc.. Over certain amounts of money that actual amount just becomes a number, Trump is obviously a very driven need to do things person. Maybe he would have been richer just investing that money, hell we all would be richer having invested money wasted on Datsuns but we didn't because we enjoy it. He is still living life large and he has the ego to match so it makes sense so he obviously didn't fail. "You doubt that he's rich, just appears to be?" The dude lives the lifestyle and has his own private jet, that makes him rich by any metric normal people use. There are a lot of things to criticize about the guy but picking the things that are demonstrably false just seems silly. Especially when these claims about him did not exist prior to 2015. If you can't tell you are being manipulated by a media that favors/is run by his political opposition and just lap up whatever drivel they spread out. Trump is obviously not a saint but he isn't the devil either.
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    Ill still buy them and use them...
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    I moved here from Eureka,& about all I miss is the area, & the people. You remember Finley Brothers Datsun?
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Doing a much brighter red to just bling out. And of course all Leather. I think the hides are ordered already.
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    California needs to wake the fuck up and stop shit like this. But, they passed a huge Tax on Gas and Car Registration because they changed the heading on the ballot and had a slicker campaign to make it sound like the world would collapse without it. And now they want to do away with Prop 13! If you live here and complain about the cost of living, shut the fuck up! You probably voted for this garbage!!
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    Too much anti seize can fling up into the brake shoes, so use just enough, but not too much.
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    Someone on the inside is hooking someone up on fresh shippers. I have the same problem with my local Ralph's market. I showed up one day as the guy was wheeling them out as some guy was digging through them! I started looking and the guy got all uppity, I told him to fuck off and get out of my way! These Scalpers/Hoarders are really messing it up for collectors.
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    If you look close, there’s anti seize slathered on everything, haha. I have a new drum coming too. I replaced the passenger side last year after I broke it, and now I’m replacing the driver’s side to match. I think it comes with the holes already in it.
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    man that truck is clean I drill jack screw holes for the drums if you haven't already and I antiseize the mating surface Brake shoes My last set said China on them from O rileys. I think I still had some made in Canada or US sorces spares I put on. fronts are China
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    I had a 720 steering wheel hub on my 320 column. So 1965 all the way through 198# was the same. On trucks at least.
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    Found the latest 510 at Target and finally received my RLC Cars!
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    Missus Kelmo found the Silvia, I found the Dime. The Silvia is in the series that has the 1200 Ute..which I would ALMOST orally gratify a long cylindrical object for.
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    I think, other than the rear glass and weatherstrip, this is the first part installed since 2013. Headliner needs to go in to be able to really get going on this deal. Really not looking forward to that. I have just about everything to put this thing together. Right now I am really only lacking some front suspension bits. Seriously looking at T3 stuff. The rear diff is out of a 200SX and is not centered. Wondering if I need to center that. Have heard that Goon's rear ends are a bit off side to side(well, so am I). Gotta look into that. Also need to figure out some seating...Later on down the road.
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    Datsport order came in a few weeks back. Found these little buggers. Got a wild hair and started doing some cleaning. Now I'm just waiting for that slow bastard to finish the 1200 Coupe. Oh, wait, that's me. Dammit.
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    Entry 11 - All I can do is laugh anymore, or else I'll cry. Noticed a drip under the gas tank. Wiped it off and ended up opening 3 pinholes. Oh well, the trucks not running so there is no chance of fire. Although I'm not sure if that is a blessing or a curse. Did manage to get some work done on the body at least. Sanded and primed one side of the bed and half the tailgate, and I didn't find any more bondo or rust surprises. Guess I can't complain about that. Also finished painting the grill and the b pillar vents.
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    Steering rack refresh is (nearly) complete! For a DIY job I'm pretty happy with it. Will be taking the boots off again before final assembly to re-grease everything properly. VS before:
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    Almost all old Datsuns have the same steering shaft diameter/spline. I know for a fact that my Roadster and 521 are identical, and I think someone mentioned that Z’s are the same as well. That might help with your search.
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    Ehh, not too bad. The spring wasn't about to go anywhere itself, just expended it's energy shooting the tophat a little ways. It definitely made things easier and faster, that's for sure! Might have that a go eventually, for now keeping all my fleshy bits out of the way haha. Lol! -------------------------------------------------- Had another go at removing the nuts, no joy. Just started spinning the struts in the vice no matter how tight it all was. Previous to this pic I also welded a nut on, and the impact gun did absolutely nothing. I have a few more things I'll try, and someone on FB has offered me a set of cutoff tubes for the cost of shipping as a backup plan which is awesome (I'm assuming they cut for BC coils or similar). Also degreased + primed + painted the suspension components I had previously stripped. Black for anything visible in the engine bay, hammered silver for suspension components. Found this pic from back near the start of the build while doing tech support on a family member's phone. Whole lot has changed since then, in many ways.
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    This one just has a void underneath, but if I wanted too I'm sure I could glue in a plate with some nuts to make life a bit easier. That's what I was leaning towards for that reason, thanks for the confirmation! I need to find that balance of improving stuff without inadvertently causing future issues. ---------------------------------------------- Stupid hot today and I didn't feel like welding, so I tore down the front suspension/steering components and cleaned a lot of it up. Happily, the rack and inner tie rods have zero play or weirdness going on, so I don't feel the need to rebuild or replace anything. Paint, new outer tie rods and locking nuts, and it'll be good to go. front LCAs pictured are the ones I got used with a bunch of goodies already on them - They're not rusty so I'll just be scuffing/painting them. Not sure exactly on colour yet for the suspension components, thinking possibly gunmetal or gold? The front x-member and steering rack will definitely remain black though. 46 years of dirt, grease, and rust had to go somewhere, and hoo boy did it ever. Took half an hour to get myself even remotely clean again. I couldn't for the life of me get the strut gland nuts off, even with a pipe wrench. Anyone know if I NEED the originals, or if the ones that came with my new strut inserts will work? If the latter I'll probably weld a bar on the old ones for leverage + heat, but if I need to save them I think I'll bring them to a local garage and pay them a few bucks to get it all apart for me.
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    So we will meet at 11 am on Sunday August 9th, at the Salmon Creek Albertsons. I figure this will be a good spot to hop on the Freeway, and try to stay together.
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    Who is wearing the yellow Tigers? I had some of those once.
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    That is exactly what I was thinking. Then again, my wife is cool as shit when in comes to letting me acquire more Dattos's. She did say I couldn't have more than 1 non running Datsun at a time...currently have 3 that don't run. She is starting to wear my pussy out about the Goon tho...
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    If the wife starts the discussion, that is permission. Period. 😁
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