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    I am building a 720 pick up and am going a different direction with the build so there are some new parts I have purchased that I no longer will be needing. Vehicle parts were ordered for is an '84 Nissan 720 pick up King Cab 2WD. Quite honestly, if you offer me a lowball for all of it I will probably accept if you want some extra PM stuff for your truck. Everything is located in Houston, TX. NGK plugs and wires for factory z24 - $20 Bosch Oil Filter - $5 Bosch Fuel Filter - $5 PCV Valve - $5 Airtex Factory Electric Fuel Pump - $40 Remanufactured factory Carburetor - $80 Driveshaft center support bearing/bushing - $30 Thermostat - $5


    Houston, Texas

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