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    This is *NOT* my idea. A 'special' neighbor invoked a "County Code Violation", e.g. inoperable vehicles. We're in East TN, Apparently never enforced unless "reported". I found the county can SIEZE the trucks... if I'm "Too Slow getting them scrapped". Have spare parts as well, couple GOOD (with glass) 620 doors, an L20B engine (inside house) ... MIGHT be able to get the '77 (Camo) truck running, it's a very nice build (crane cam, holley carb, headers etc). Broken wrist, dunno if I can afford the work. Certain the dually beyond my broken wrist. Shitachi had crack in intake + some bizarre Californication of wiring. It is, however, a VERY viable project, have all lights, badges, wheel centers (I think) engine strong, ZERO RUST. ANY ideas // help welcome. ANY reasonable offer for one, or "all the things" is good. Son has put them someplace on facebook $1000 OBO, in this region might not be realistic. PM for my direct contact info. Sincere Thanks vw


    Strawberry Plains - US

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