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    I didn't miss any of it. You did a lot more than post his address and were a dick. Personal attacks and impersonating another member are both banning or at least a suspension offense. Not one person complained when you left and life was easier and went on without you. I didn't want to deal with or think about it when you showed up and was prepared to wait and see, but if you think to repeat the past and be abrasive because it's your nature and can't help yourself just say so and I'll fix it. When a tooth ache becomes too much to ignore out it comes.
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    Merry Christmas everyone. Dressed up for a local toys 4 Tots cruise. Thankful for a bit of normal. Only good thing to come out of this year to was time to work on my truck. Thankful for that, too. Take care🎅
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    Well guys after selling my 77 200sx I told myself I wouldn't buy another vehicle. Just had to be nosey and be scrolling the facebook marketplace and saw this 1987 Nissan Van XE. Not only is it a rare base model but it's a fricken 5spd, runs and drives. It was located in Tracy, California, messaged the owner got a response pretty quickly. He was out of the country, but would get back to me when he was back. Fast forward almost 2 weeks he messaged me and gave me his number I called, and we talked for a good hour. He was the second owner had owned it for almost 30 years, and was the only one who drove it. Not knowing how I would purchase it I hit up homie carlos konig209 here who is in Modesto and went to check it out for me on video chat. Talked to owner again and made a deal even though he was hesitant to sell it since his wife was the one who posted it for sale lol. He was retiring and leaving the country for good and was gonna drive it down with him. Thanks to carlos konig209 for doing a big favor and picking it up for me it's like a Xmas gift for myself since I always wanted one and just could pass up the chance to own one. Another big reason is well I love old Datsuns and old Nissans and being single dad now thought well why not cruise my kids around too while I get the datsuns back on the road. Guess you can say I'm filling in the empty spot I have in life at least the datsuns have always remained around as woman come and go, oh well. Anyway I will post more pictures when I go pick it up next week. Now I just need to find some Hayashi Techno TVR's un 5 lug for the van since carlos put the one in the picture and made me 🤤.
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    Started tearing out all the old stuff and prepping for the new. Had to bore out the old injector holes to fit the new r35 gtr injectors. My fuel rail from Plazmaman came in and looks awesome. The most challenging part was fabing up the harness connector from the new JWT ecu to the old harness. Had to add a couple wires for the TPS and new z32 maf. In retrospect I probably should have done a megasquirt but I have no experience with tuning fuel and timing maps.
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    Everyone calm the fuck down.
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    And you wonder why people are still angry?
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    Finally found one. 1972
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    Anyone notice that as soon as Biden's ass hit the seat in the oval office he axed 28,000 union jobs? Who knows what the indirect numbers will be within the steel manufacturing that fired back up in 2017.
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    Badass 62 Pontiac LeMans and my stocker, borrowing. 8.60s@157mph, mine won't do 80mph. At least for now
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr So cab is ready to go for paint. Tomorrow the bed should be ready. Its happening
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr My new new valve cover, needed a taller one as my coils are too tall. And taller is turbo cover anyway.
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    We need a vaccine against politicians.
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    If you haven't done it yet. Go support my fucken manufacturing. Made in the Socialist Republic of the USA. Fuck yeah! https://www.instagram.com/md_machine/
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    Haven’t had much time to work on it lately, but the rear springs are swapped for a proper fit now. And the fuel tank is completely mounted. I moved the rear crossmember back some, drilled some holes in it and welded nuts to it. That’s the mount for the rear of the straps. For the front mount of the straps, I used a t bolt and some brackets on the coil over cross bar. Drilled holes, inserted the t bolt, the folded the strap around the t bolt and welded it. Now it can be tightened up against the bottom of the bed crossmember. Which is what the angle iron is representing. The tank is an all in one unit from Tanks Inc that has baffling, pump, sump, and fuel sender.
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    Well you bated me into this one. Wish I could meet a girl like her!
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    Censorship is wrong for anyone. Full stop. If you think speech you disagree with politically should be banned you are anti-1st amendment and therefore Anti-american. If you think the powers that be will just ban those you don't like well you will get exactly what you deserve. First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for the trade unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist Then they came for the Jews And I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew Then they came for me And there was no one left To speak out for me
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    I must say ,, I think we’re making some excellent progress . .
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    Was this you at the capitol? I mean it sure looks like you!
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    Well hot damn you Ratsun guys (a.d._510_n_ok, MikeRL411, difrangia) know about these little Pontiacs. They are odd cars for sure. The torque converter is out in the open behind the rear diff. It makes a funny sound whirling around. My car is a 4 banger 195ci 110hp 1bbl, 2spd trans. Without a doubt the slowest car I have ever owned. That is saying a lot because I owned a Geo Metro. Here is a short video of a hopped up 4 banger Pontiac that I have with hopes of putting into the 62. I just need to get back to work? What do you know there is a Patrol in there.
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    The whole thing is wrong, period. Regardless of what side you are on. But, for the Left to act all surprised that violence can break out at a demonstration, is rather hypocritical of them. For months they kept silent while Anquiffa and Burn Loot Murder ran rampant burning down buildings and tearing down status. All done in the name of the left. And now, they are shocked that it is happening there, by people they pushed and bullied for Four Years! Was it right of the Demonstrators to storm the building? No, it was not, and quite honestly, it appears that they let them run into their own trap. Everyone has a bit of blame to take for this, and Trump gets a big piece of that pie. I may be a Republican, but I am not blind.
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    Meanwhile, in your neck of the woods..... Basically, stop being a fucking Hypocrite! The left and the media kept pushing and pushing, the Right finally pushes back and you all freak the fuck out! And most of it was destruction was caused by Lefty Anquiffa fucks who just want to start shit. And they did!
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    I was holding back on this post just to see if you would get to it. The big lies just never end for the Democrats and the left retards who follow them like ducklings.
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    RIP Tanya Roberts ive swam in this lake 5 of us ditched high school and met her(them) on a Charlies Angel set.
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    The problem is - there are
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    Rear Suspension The 4 link is complete. It came out to be within a tenth of a degree of the transmission angle, so I am happy ended up there. It took me 2 hours to get the axle housing situated exactly where it was supposed to go. I did have to drill a hole in the frame to act as a relief as the angle of the bracket interfered with the nut. I also welded on some tie down brackets to the housing to make trailering easy if needed. Since the was made for an s10, the springs aren’t going to work for this. They are 7.2 inches tall, and I ordered 6 inch tall springs so I can get the ride height exactly where I want it. When those get here, I’ll post where it ends up. I would have had it on the ground rolling but I lost an axle bearing spacer somehow so I am currently trying to locate one. Otherwise I’m moving on to plumbing, fuel cell, and exhaust.
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    Who would have thought Ginger would out live Mary Ann .. 2020 .
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    It appears that it isn't more deadly just spreads easier... more contagious. The seasonal flu kills mostly the eldest of the population and those with medical issues. Co-vid seems to do the same, maybe more aggressive. If elderly and in fairly good health you have a better chance of survival than your peers that aren't. Don't live in fear from this, don't believe everything you are told by the National Bureau of Bullshit or the alphabet soup news media.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr So this just happen today. My new PDM system for my truck.
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    https://youtu.be/bre_m-CBbWc Made a video on the latest trip to winter storage.
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    Merry Christmas everyone also looking forward to Solvang 2020 nothing much different for me except a governor trying to tell me what to do while he does otherwise work has been busier then ever 2020 Now i have to wear a mask sometimes when was the last time you knew it was ok to wear a mask into the Bank LOL HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO
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    Maybe we should just cut off her foot and count the rings
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    Fucking hell.. First Eddie, now Leslie West passed away.. RIP Leslie. The GOD of guitar tone, IMHO..
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    Just what I needed....
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