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    Hillary still thinks she won 2016. She's a whiny cunt and should just go away. If trump was going to go after her he's had 4 years to do so.... not that there is a statute of limitations on the Clintons evilness. So fuck her and her me me me podcast. Fucking kill yourself.
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    here is picture
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr All the holes are gone.Just what's needed is left.
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    The people who are causing civil unrest are not trump supporters. Likewise after the election it won’t be trump supporters, even if Biden wins. In every case where you see this happening, all are Democrat strongholds. It’s not even close. people are buying guns and ammo because they know the police cannot help. People are fleeing the city and arming themselves. You know for self defense. These places are actually cutting police funding... so someone has to keep their families safe. merica is pretty crazy right now, and it’s because of division driven by the media. That’s not an accident.
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    I see no issue with it, but we are playing by the woke rules now. 🤷‍♀️
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    here is my tailgate decided to go with the faded sunset look on the letters. i think that is what it is called
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    Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated
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    My old truck.1968 F250 Camper Special. Bought it for $3000.
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    Be glad Trump's bad performance saved Joe from hanging himself a few times. Trump you should have let that loopy bastard ramble on and he would have stepped into some serious shit all by himself! Wallace is a Closet Lefty and last night proved it. He didn't press Biden too hard, gave him pass and didn't interrupt him as badly as he did Trump. So yeah, your boy Creepy Joe got away with it pretty good. Because the bastard was useless.
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    "John Wayne is a son of a bitch" We could use us some John Wayne right now.
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    I've lived here a long time, and it's worse than ever before. It's not an accident. 20 years ago, it was liberal but everyone would complain about Californians moving up here. 10-15 years ago, homelessness started to be more prevalent and cities pandering to them. The last 5 years, homeless camps on every small chunk of publicly owned property, really since the occupy movement. The 2020-21 we are nearing San Fran human shit of every street corner levels of social/liberalism. I drove through portland last weekend, heading south from Washington, it looks like a gang of homeless people took over the city and spray painted graffiti everywhere. I mean as soon as you cross the bridge into Portland it's a fucking dump. Tents everywhere, paint on everything. And that shit oozes down into Salem, and Eugene. Roseburg, Grants Pass, Medford, still holding strong. Keep banning those single use plastics though, gotta keep the priorities straight. Funny story about single use plastic bag ban of 2019... the stores just made the plastic bags a little thicker and called them multi-use bags, and thus exempted from the ban. A plastic straw is now an assault straw and thus BANNED(in some cities). But he plastic cup and lid, no problem at all.
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    In better news----A while back, on this thread or some other, property tax was a subtopic of discussion. At that time, I mentioned my neighbor next door sold his house for 1.2 million. He listed it at 899,999 a first day bidding war topped at 1.2, or so I thought. Turns out a developer, who wanted to tear it all down and build "multi-unit" buildings on the lot, bid 1.3. My neighbor's house sits on, what would be considered 3 city lots, and someone with political pull, could easily obtain a zoning exception for townhouses, or the like. I was bummed, since everyone started building apartments on their garages, traffic in my neighborhood has increased, foot traffic, bike traffic, car traffic. Two small 6 unit apartment building sit less than a block away and a big apartment building (more than 10 units), with first floor retail is planned about 4 city blocks south. Zoning for ADU's (Additional Dwelling Unit, fancy talk for "apartments above garage", or big old house, chopped up into apartments), was recently, passed, that removed or modified population density requirements, but I digress. My neighbor, who in the last 20 years has been an excellent neighbor, but we never shared a meal, TURNED DOWN the bid for an additional $100,000, because he thought another multi-unit building would hurt the neighborhood. It would have hurt the neighborhood,but I know all surrounding neighbors and none of us would have faulted him for accepting the $100,000 higher bid. I have never seen $100,000, in person or on my bank statement. Covid, false facts, misinformation or bias information, accepted as truth, the great divide in America, and yet there are still people that humble me, with the depth of their compassion.
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    B4 pic of canopy and updated pictures still need to install the black velvet diamond pattern material onto canopy inside b4 installing the side lexan windows the metallic silver matches that cab A pillar and roof/back of cab around rear window area
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    if your a Democrat, scroll on by. You've been brain washed and this will go over your head.
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    Would not want to advocate doing anything illegal so I had to edit this:
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    So here's a thought. It seems so many people want a smooth talking presidential person who doesn't do shit for the people. A man who definitely solidifies government expansion, government intrusion, and is capable of making you feel good while being dry fucked for future generations to come. VS A crass unrefined speaker who has done actual substantial productive work with his cabinet. Who has a second term agenda largely plagiarizer by a Buffoon who cant recall the last time he sniffed a child. Peoples inability to look into what politicians do vs the nice things they say to be "Popular" really piss me off. Trump so far on a lot of things has been the most competent leader for the job since Reagan, but since the TV narrative or his language make you cringe it seems to block an emotional brained person or a lot of vapid people in general from actually forming a substantive opinion based on knowing the policies or work that is being done. "I don't like him!" has the biggest excuse for people's lazy inconvenienced nature to actually participate in anything effecting them through state of federal representation. They just buy whole sale lies shit out by the corporate press or some political action group because its "too much work" to do. This was a major issue during the last presidential term too. Pay attention to the fucking things that are important and not the beauty pageant popularity contest!!! So many people are as deep as a dried up mud puddle.
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    I wonder if I loose my tax deduction under Biden. People forget it doubled from 6K to 12k under Trump. Remember people the Dems will stack the Supreme Court it obvious Now!!!!!!after Kamala Harris /Pence Debate last night. Take that to the voting Booth. if Biden Wins. The Virus will disappear on Nov 4 and Kamala will push Biden Out of office as Alheimers takes over
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    2017 Q1 National Parks Service Q2 Department of Education Q3 Health and Human Services Q4 Department of Transportation 2018 Q1 Department of Veterans Affairs Q2 Small Business Administration Q3 National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Q4 Department of Homeland Security 2019 Q1 Department of Agriculture Q2 U.S. Surgeon General’s Office Q3 Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health Q4 Department of Health and Human Services What suck is he cannot redistribute his Annual Presidential income outside the government. I recall my former attorney telling me about this, he now works in the WH.. Trump is 1 of 3 presidents who donated their government incomes to other agencies.
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    Ratwagon licks prepubescent boys buttholes change my mind. .
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    You need to stop watching any mainstream Australian media what so ever. Especially the ABC. It is giving you a distorted view on reality. It is also making the rest of us Datsun loving Aussies look like down under is full self righteous SJW wankers.
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    Did the Russians hack Mike’s account? Who is this guy!
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    Now that's who I want to give me advice on my investments!
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    Kicked his legs to the moon. His head took that last step.
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    Update 1 Since the truck was delivered, I've addressed a few things. I replaced a few bulbs and got it registered and insured. The fuel filter was pretty nasty, so I replaced it also noticing a few particulates in the new one after running the truck. I'll have to drop the tank and get it cleaned out and re-sealed in the future, but it’s fine for now. I did an oil change with 10w-40 Mobile 1 and a Napa Gold 1515 after hearing that recommended here. I won’t knock people for running the Titan wheels on their trucks, but they just aren’t my thing. Not only that, but they made the ride pretty harsh and I wanted more sidewall and a period-correct look. I settled for a set of U.S Wheel Modular 94. Bought them from Summit for around $400. Unfortunately one of them came with a hole in the barrel as if the machine weld was just missed in that spot. Got another one shipped to me for free, so I’ll keep the defective wheel and have it welded later and keep it as a spare.👍 Tire choices were limited, but settled on a set of 205/55/R15 Kumho Ecsta 4x II all-seasons. Kumhos have worked well for me in the past. The fitment is almost perfect with just a rub here and there over bumps while turning. Not too shabby. I’ll keep this set on the truck for a while until I can get some real JDM 3-piece wheels in the future.
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    There seems to be a misconception with that Corsair and the story that floats around regarding Frazer's encounter, which occurred on 22 June 1945. In the photo above, that FG-1D (88441) of VMF-113, piloted by 1Lt. Hunchar, was involved in a ground incident on 4 July 1945 with an FG-1D (88339) also of VMF-113, piloted by 2Lt. Harke. The WO entry provides these details: "On 4 July Hunchar in 88441 was rolling out after landing when he was hit from behind by 2Lt Harke in 88399 who had landed too fast and close. Both aircraft were damaged beyond repair." Also note the drop tanks still in place, which are usually dropped in combat. https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/battle-damaged-aircraft-of-ww2.15431/page-37
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    The L20b was a good enough upgrade for me for over a decade, but I was dealing with other upgrades like disc brakes, power steering, and then power brakes and I was working full time on my own business, but eventually I came back to the power of the engine because the one I had was using oil, a lot of oil at the end, it got expensive burning 3 quarts of oil a tank of gas, so I built the LZ23, keep in mind back then that I tow a trailer and hauled a lot of weight daily, I was wearing out rearends, breaking transmissions, it was not uncommon for me to be rolling around with a rolling weight of over 7000lbs, so the LZ23 was a welcome upgrade, I have been fine with the LZ23 for 9 years now and I have my other trucks to drive when I am not working which are fun to drive themselves. What your looking at in the photo below is 8000lbs of rolling weight, truck weighs 3400lbs, that is 2000lbs on the flatbed, there is 2000lbs in the trailer, and the trailer weighs at least 600lbs likely more, this was just a normal day for me back then, and it was before power brakes, but I believe the trailer had electric brakes at that time.
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    Tidied up a few wires after replacing the clutch and brake master cylinders in the wagon.
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    I happened across this thread while looking for something else. lol I haven't read it closely, but I thought I'd add a couple of things. This will probably be more for the newer readers than those that have been here awhile. I noticed above a comment about my brake kits fitting "some" 14" rims. They actually fit all 14" rims, including the stock steel factory rim....which is the hardest to fit behind. They do push the wheel mounting surface out 5/8" on each side do to the use of the disc brake hubs. The kit can work with Toyota 5 lug hubs, too(little known info I don't typically promote, lol). As mentioned above, king pins are perfectly fine, but they're a pain to rebuild compared to just replacing a ball joint. If you're looking to daily drive a truck, the conversion might be worth it, but I daily'd my wife's 521 for a couple of years on the freeway 3-4 days a week at 70-80mph, without issue. A lot of the slop can come from the idler arm. They're available still...as are the tie rod ends. The stock rubber uca to dogbone bushings are easy to get and cheap, but they wear out quickly. I make urethane options for them since the rubber ones were toast after 6mo on my wife's truck. The inner LCA bushings are rubber. They're available, but royal PITA to replace. I have a vid or two about these. I've never actually found bad ones on the trucks I've had, so check them closely before starting down that path. The bigger issue is getting the sun bolt out that connects the LCA to that bushing. They're hard to come buy. I'm working on getting some out of Mexico. I'm going to see about making a removal tool that will help get them out. The bolts are fairly soft, so the threads get destroyed when they're hammered on. Wayno double nuts them and has had pretty good success getting them out that way. The HB sun bolts are available, but they're too long and about $30ea. Seriously, if you're not converting to ball joint, check them very closely before you tear into them. The other pivot points are called bushings, typically, but they're steel on steel pins and cups. I think the inner UCA ones can be found still. You'll get the cross shaft arm and the cups. The lower dogbone to LCA connection is called a fulcrum pin and is harder to find. I think the pins are the same between the different years, but the cups change. I'm pretty sure I did a video showing the differences. This is another PITA to deal with, so, as with the inner LCA bushing, check these closely to make sure they actually need replaced. The kingpin kits are getting a lot harder to find and the price is going way up!!! I keep seeing a guy in Cyprus that wants over $200 for kits. I'm currently in talks with a couple of companies in china that can supply them. I've gotten samples in and have a preliminary price. I have to order 50 sets and the shipping more than doubles the cost. I may see about posting a group buy. At the price I've received, I know I can sell them at around $110 shipping in the US. I hesitate to go much below that until they arrive since the shipping is an estimate. One of the samples is nearly a perfect match. The only issue is that the hole in each bushing is in the middle of the length and needs to be offset a bit to line up with the grease fitting on the spindle. The bushings aren't very hard, so a file, dremel, or die grinder can easily elongate the hole to where it's needed. There's a small chance that I may modify them before reselling them, but that will mean the price will definitely stay at the $100 mark...possibly a hair more. As mentioned, I do have "A LOT" of videos on rebuilding kingpins on my YT channel. It's certainly possible to do them yourself, but I'd highly recommend finding a shop with a Sunnen hone to have the bushings fitted to the pins. It runs me about $60/set to have them done here. I'm currently working on a group buy on facebook for the ball joint conversion arms that will maintain stock track width. Getting ball joints on the trucks is pretty easy with a custom uca, but it will push the wheels out 1.25" per side if the LCA's are not shortened. I don't want to turn this into a sales pitch, so msg me and I can answer questions and send a couple of links. If I get many pm's about them, I may put a thread up here. Wow....this has gotten way longer than I had planned. LOL I don't follow much on this forum any more, but I'm still here. You can pm me here. My youtube channel bluehandsvideo has lots of datsun stuff and how-to's from previous years. The last few years are more machining. You can also find more info on my site www.bluehandsfab.com. The factory manuals are on there if you want to download a copy. I'll get any replies to this, so if you have questions, you can ask them here. I'm guessing the thread is old enough that Frank won't mind much. :)
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Not as nice as most but cleaned up my ratty driveshaft and painted the yoke and the U bolts.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr I know its not rust or anything, but I did find a NOS set of door rubbers for my junk. I thought it was cool never seen another set, I am sure there out there just I never seen one. Just need the rear glass rubber new cab mount rubbers and make a steering column rubber.
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    I am surprised this didn't happen earlier. He will be fine, it doesn't seem to kill assholes. He should give that bleach treatment he suggested a try and see how that works out.
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    Trump's an obnoxious jerk and Biden's a complete moron.MAGA.I wish Trump would have just let Biden shit his pants on his own.Wallace is obviously very biased.Trump made some very good points but kind of ruined it with his interrupting of Biden.But Biden is full of shit,all words and talk.No results.I would find it hard to NOT interrupt myself.
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    Water under the bridge dp! 👍 I've never dealt with that seller, but I have dealt with MANY "different" people over the years! When I was in wholesale British parts back in the 90's, I was given an old customer list to start with, many of which were not buying from the company I went to work for. The other more "seasoned" sales people laughed a little, "wished me luck" with some of them. My boss even laughed & said "......you'll NEVER get anything out of so & so......", so I worked even harder at getting them to buy from me! Best example was "John" in Ohio............he was a real piece of work. He bitched & moaned, complained & became grossly agitated when something didn't go his way with a part. One day, probably a year or so in to my working there, he called screaming & cussing. I listened for about 20sec, decided he was being abusive, held the phone away from my ear, said "John, I'm gonna hang up. Take a minute to cool down, call me back & we will figure it out". He immediately called back, screaming even louder. I repeated myself & hung up. He called back again, same scenario. The fourth time, he said in a much calmer demeanor, "OK TJ, look, I have a BIG problem & YOU need to do something about it". "No worries John, tell me what's up!". Turns out after talking for a minute, HE ordered the wrong part! Even tho' it was his fault, he explained the situation regarding his customer, sucked for him, but I overnighted the correct part to him, for the cost of standard shipping. Ever since that "episode", he must have gained a level of respect for me, perhaps cuz I stood up to him (rumor in the biz was he was the same mean arrogant guy as ever) & he became a GREAT customer & a friend. I would see them at car shows & would sit at their "booth" & chat with those looking at their products, while they took a quick walk around the car show! Those were good days! 😎 PS dp, I saw your interior last year here on the forum & did a similar "tartan/plaid" design on my 521 seat & door panels! Can't wait to install!
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