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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Filling in seams for smother look. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Roof dents all gone no body filler needed. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Not done yet, but about finished in engine bay. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Only rust on truck is all cut out and patched.
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    3m weather strip adhesive
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    More less than destruction, but the officer in this video is the type that should never hold a badge weirdly enough it seems we subscribe to the same you tube channels and yes that incompetent asshole should not have a badge!
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    lol I love how she has a universal connection and two drive extensions, and a whole lot of side booby.
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    Your observation has merit, and if Trump wins the election, I will calm down. I appreciate this thread, because it makes me feel less crazy and hopeful that there is a silent majority, who understand freedom is in jeopardy. If Biden wins, then I will focus on preparation for civil conflict. While it is always good to prepare for a worst case scenario, I will be sad that a majority of my fellow citizens, are willfully ignorant, content to trade hard won freedom for pseudo security.
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    More less than destruction, but the officer in this video is the type that should never hold a badge.
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    Los Angeles responses: The police shoot somebody Get mad. Riot in the streets. Break glass storefront. Loot sneakers. The Dodgers win the World Series after 43 years. Get happy. Riot in the streets. Break glass storefront. Loot sneakers.. Could I make this up ?
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    'cept it's a utility box with full cover & a roll out bed customized for all my shiaaaat
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    Mine crimped on the panel seem so no glue needed
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    Nice garage decor! Looks great. (the car too)
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Cant believe I got 1 of 25 only. Don't ask price.
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    Moment quick-thinking LAPD cop applies a tourniquet and saves life of heavily bleeding man who blew off both his hands with a firework while celebrating LA Lakers' win https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8893667/LAPD-cop-applies-tourniquet-man-blew-hands-firework.html
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    ban sneaker, boom problem solved. I’m the next Kate brown. Where’s my paycheck?
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    So I recently snapped the crank in my 84 nissan 720 and want to put a better engine in it. I Was wondering if the ka24e out of the 240sx would bolt up directly to the belhousing of the 4 speed automatic transmission i have in there already. Thanks for any help.
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    what glue should I use to install new door rubber?
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    The factory used an upholstery glue like c-18. I’ve used both. C-18 dries faster.
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    i am gonna use black silicone/ rtv
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    All that - & then he sold it? I'd keep it,& drive it.
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    It seems as if most cities that celebrate a championship do the same thing.It's a particular group of people doing the most damage.My favorite baseball team is the Dodgers and i watched the end of the last game.I was happy to see them get the win but had zero desire to fuck shit up.I find it absolutely stupid to riot and loot after your team wins a championship.Makes no sense.
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    Idk then all I know is when I got it was a auto and it sounds like its got 4 gears, maybe its 3 idk its just really small gears and the rpms stay above 3k so it definitely doesn't have 5 gears
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    The later 720 had a short 5 speed same length as the 521 so that would save you shortening the drive shaft, but you would still need a 4 or 5 speed front case to convert it so it would fit properly.
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    Both engines have the same bolt pattern so....yes. However the 720 doesn't have a 4 speed automatic so what's in there? From a D21 Hardbody truck.
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    On a 240sx engine? They look similar so I thought they'd work.
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    I am running a 720 tranny with mine.
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    Could have just opened the back of the truck and pushed it in 😄
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    I like to drain them , makes it a little lighter too...
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    Its worn out. I have already expressed myself several times in other threads. Like I said though. I can cherry pick too, but really these people need to be left alone. I am pretty sure they are drowning in their own guilt of irresponsibility and I absolutely detest vulture media for blasting their tragedy out for all the nutters to feel some stupidly false moral authority. Secure your weapons, and be extra vigilant within a house containing littles.
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    I have enjoyed your KAe swap thread and reffered it to others. I did the same swap in my 82 4x4 but didn't do the write up or pics like you. It ain't cheap, it ain't easy and you nailed the execution of the nitty gritty of a swap. This will be interesting, just on the level of work for a frame swap. Good luck and I am following.
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    As compared to some kid ten years ago cutting the wells for flares and inevitably drifting it into into a no post barrier??? This is the Mazda equivalent of finding an original 90K mile 240z or Bluebird. It hasn't gone to waste yet, it's merely marinating in patina.
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    I ran into something similar with my 521... what I found was the reproduction seals looked the same but did not seem to be the same material... they were alot stiffer and would not allow me to close the door either.... I'm not sure if your trying to stay factory original or not but I went with a generic seal sold by Mcmaster Carr.... worked good for me.... https://www.mcmaster.com/door-seals/water-and-weather-resistant-hollow-foam-rubber-push-on-seals-with-bulb-on-side/
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    Might have to leave the girl out tonight at the house. I have to journey into the unknown fo me and clean the throttle body on the 07 Camry so it will work better. My friend is a Lexus mechanic and he's already told me how to do it. If I have trouble I can still call him. And I'm on Vacation so I don't have to be right back to work the next day in a rush. Update Throttle body is cleaned and 70 510 is safe in garage.
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