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    Thank you Ratsun for 10 years of memebership!!!! Without Ratsun forum and especially Datzenmike for all the knowledge and information on everything ive learned about datsuns, specifically my 210 it wouldnt be where its at today!!! I am grateful for this forum!!!! Today is my 10 year anniversary with Ratsun.net!!!!
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    a 32/36 weber is fine for your application that what I got a L16 with a L20 head but have a cam. Its fine. I like the manual choke version. However on hot days it can desiel(run on as the later L20s and later L motor the carbs have a anti desieling selionoid on carb to plug the idle jet. If your car /truck has this already you could het a 32/36 DGEV/IC carb as it has this selionoid with it and just use the 12volt wire from car.
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    So......who do I have to buy a drink around here to get added to the Facebook group?
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    You can repair the oil pan stripped drain bolt hole. Buy a Ford 18mm spark plug insert kit, it includes taps required. Only Ford, all others have tapered seats, the Ford has the necessary flat mating surface. Also buy a Toyota oil drain plug, they are 18mm. Drill and prep the worn out oil pan insert location, apply the spark plug insert with included sealant. Use the Toyota plug with some lube to install and torque the insert. Let cure, remove the Toyota plug, add a Toyota drain seal gasket [I usually coat them with Permatex number 1 sealant], insert, enjoy. You cannot just replace the helicoil insert. The original insert is "SAE semi-finished" thread. Doesn't exist in the real world. It's like a straight, non tapered, pipe thread. I repaired my RL411 oil pan this way 30 years ago, it still works and doesn't drip or leak.
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    Hello Admin. Thanks for allowing me in. Hope to start with your recommendations to learn the basics first. I will do my diligence with what you shared and I will be prepared for my submitted topic once completed. Thanks again.
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