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    Hi Angela.... All L16/18 and L20B 620 and the L20B in the 720 use the same oil pick up. Pan part number is unique to the 521. A 620 pan might fit or be made to fit but by part number it doesn't match.
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    when you say " fairly straight body " , what does that mean ?
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    ..............wasn't commenting on you Mike, just clarifying for those that don't know! 😁
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    .............and the pic angle makes them look like they are a different length.............these two pans ARE the same length, will bolt bolt up to any 4cyl L-series, for those interested in buying! Great price, good luck with the sale!
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    I talked to Gerson at KlassicFab JDM yesterday. They have scanned my 68-69 valence, so they have the file & making the tooling to stamp them out is next, but likely 3++ months out. He suggested watching the Datsun 510 forums & Facebook pages, where he typically announces availability of each product. He does NOT keep a list of potential buyers, as that system never worked for him with the air cooled VW people.............that's what he has been manufacturing for 20+++ years! KlassicFab has a VERY good reputation in the VW market for their patch panels & he is currently expanding into the classic Japanese market!
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    N.L.S.V. Nissan load sensing valve. Allows more brake pressure to the rears as weight is added to the box.
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    The loss of the temp and gas gauges is the common to both voltage regulator... Replace or maybe you can pry apart and sand the contacts inside. The old original 4 speed speedometer will reach the other side and farther back if you pull all the cable up into the engine compartment, then feed it down behind the engine and diagonally over the top of the 5 speed. It'll fit. Owned a 5 year old '71 back in the day. Had it 8 years.
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    It's a notice for Steve ([2eDeYe) to take a look. He has a 411 I think.
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    thanks for the reply but I went ahead and fixed mine, turns out it was only bound up from old grease in the cluster gear where the cable goes in.
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    Sucks. Well, I learned something today too! I've got some 69 Goon rear doors, will check those!
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    I have a spare set and I'm still tempted...
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    69 had a different pattern. They look great though!
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    The exhaust is a square port from a '75-'77 L20B. Carbs are all different, one might be from an '80 720 all appear to be from an L20B. You might have an earlier L20B in your 720.
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    RE: Upgraded to a 5 speed. For the effort, might as well! Why getting rid of the cross member, engine plate and the rad? You'll need them. I think the cross member is turned 180 for the standards to line up the mount bolts and the rad won't know the difference. At least keep as a spare.
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    IS auto flex plate L16/L18 5 bolt or L20B 6 bolt? TJ
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    You're switching to 4 or 5 speed?
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    Absolutely. Why would Nissan build something that can't be driven on the highway? You're under the impression that an automatic is somehow inferior to a standard. They can be slightly slower on acceleration but will do the same top speed. Automatics have desirable traits too. They don't need left foot right arm coordination to drive, handy if handicapped. Women (no offense) tend to not like the bother of shifting gears and using a clutch. Very handy for in town stop and go.
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    The good news is this is an automatic. Automatics tend to be survivors because it's hard to abuse them.
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    Datsun odometers only go to 99,999 and then 'roll over' to 00,000 again. It should have an L18, '74 was the only year that had this engine, but after 46 years it could very easily have been swapped.
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    I believe truck oil pans are different.
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    I believe I have what you are looking for, but I would like to measure what I have before shipping to know it is what you need. A 620 oil pan will not fit, it hits the steering. I would want $50.00 plus shipping.
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    Have you looked into shipping cost? I have shipped two 240Z front clips on pallets, via truck freight, to a carrier in Florida, they handled shipping to South America. Happy to find that same carrier info & pass along. I am trying to buy a 521 parts truck right now, that does have a bed on it, just not sure of condition until I have it here. I saw the parts truck 2 years ago, am pursuing to buy it now, because I just bought a 1972 521 with a commercial flat bed on it........I will NOT be converting it back to a standard bed, as I love the flat bed!! PM me if interested! I will NOT hold you committed to this bed, because, again, I will be buying the parts truck if I can get it! I likely won't know for a number of weeks, as it is likely buried in snow, but the Spring melt is coming! TJ Denver Colorado
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    Heck yes........only reason I responded was cuz it was you.............I do NOT ship front or rear glass, only local. But I will if you want, so keep searching regionally, let me know if you can't find one! TJ Denver CO
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    I have one, but a serious pain to ship! It might even need to ship truck freight, cuz of BULK once boxed up safely. TJ Denver CO
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    Hey there, Is this truck still for sale??
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    54519-08700 Also used on the upper links of the 520/521 and 620 until July '77
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    I might have what you need..... Bought an unknown condition 63 series 4 spd transmission for the internal parts just incase mine needed something I couldn't find... well I recently upgraded to a 71b stumpy 5 spd from a 720 and I'm holding my good 4spd as a backup but I might be willing to sell the tailhousing off the parts transmission.... Would you be interested in just the tailhousing? What's your time frame like?
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