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    Started tearing out all the old stuff and prepping for the new. Had to bore out the old injector holes to fit the new r35 gtr injectors. My fuel rail from Plazmaman came in and looks awesome. The most challenging part was fabing up the harness connector from the new JWT ecu to the old harness. Had to add a couple wires for the TPS and new z32 maf. In retrospect I probably should have done a megasquirt but I have no experience with tuning fuel and timing maps.
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    That's not music, musical or great. Nothing went into it but sound effects and mewling. There's been fuck all for music for over 20 years more like 30. About the time you could record your own CD and the market was flooded, and still is, with 9th rate crap by anyone. Did anyone else have extremely slow loading of their You-tube videos yesterday and the day before???? They are fast now but all were a slow count to ten.
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    I will say if you like or dislike President Trump, twitter screwed themselves by blocking him. There stock is going to drop. He made them a lot of money in the last 4 years. Oh and by the way fuck Biden and his picks. back to Datsuns.
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    I see a neighbor walking her shit dog by herself. Wearing a mask.
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    I think it's a 9/16" (that's INCH) open end spanner. It's up under the intake, between the starter and the oil filter This is not a Z series engine so ignore the head that is on it as the blocks are the same for what we want. The oil filter is off but if you look to the left about half way to the dip stick, that little round thing with the terminal sticking out is a 2wd oil sender for just the red warning light. The 4x4 is larger and has two wires with one for the gauge. The twin wires will have a rubber dust boot that pushes over the end where my thumb is.
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    Ahhhhh,,,, this is not my go to for information and I understand it is somewhat of a dump top for random ideas but hearing people like you creak outta the woodworks on the offense only confirms my suspicions
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    Just buy an acreage with a big concrete floor barn! This way space won't be an issue for a year or two.
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    Our fuckwit state has mandated masks be worn in certain areas, wait for it, even in vehicles even when alone. Why? I don't understand?
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    Anybody else think this Tim guy will get banned by Youtube eventually ? I like him and think he's quite reasonable but he makes too much sense for Youtube to let him continue.
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    Just make sure the reading material isn't brown stained old SEARS catalogs !
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    I have also been thinking about my ebrake cable routing.... I am planning to run the cables that go with the caliper .. They sell a couple different length ones for the isuzu and I think I found a length that will work.... guess I'll cross my fingers and order them.... I know my exhaust will fit, I have a plan for the gas tank.... last thing to figure out will be mounting the battery.... I'm quickly running out of room under the bed.....
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    Can we at least get some balance with this censorship and shut down CNN or MSNBC ? Hell,throw "The View" in there as well.
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    I cannot fathom how this is acceptable to anyone. it’s disgusting that anyone here or on any platform apologize for this with “It’s deserved because ______.” ”it’s Trumps fault.” ”If people weren’t so _____” You are fucking fools for excusing it for ANYTHING. Full fucking stop.
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    Yes, spade connectors are good also. I remember being broke when I had my 521 back in the mid '70s. Literally used band aids to hold stuff together.
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    Great musicians but unfortunately he's rape-y, she's an enabler, and they're both super homophobic
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    might've seen the chappie movie:
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    @MaddieCycleI don’t have a picture, but I just replaced mine. It’s directly to the left of the oil filter. It’s a 9/16, it’s easiest if you have the filter out , dust shroud removed and tire off. Not a lot of room to work with so the smaller the wrench the better.
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    Installed a 5BC fire extinguisher with metal bracket between the front seats.
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    Truth! None of you Trump haters can even wrap your heads around this. You just keep dunking on the Drumpf.
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    might be the china version.....
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    Hmmm I would be extremely disappointed if he did go after all the election BS. A slap in the face of the 70,000,000. I'm doubting any casualties.... but.... by saying not going, this might cause some assholes to pucker that do go. Cause trouble by doing absolutely nothing... priceless.
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    Are you telling me Trump still has an open Twitter account ? Facebook ? And now he's calling for violence by announcing he won't attend the inauguration ? Jesus.It is refreshing to hear you say Trump's not an idiot even though i think he is in some ways.Were you aware that a few weeks back Trump was giving some sort of speech and the media cut away from it because of what he was saying ? It's been pointed out that many on the left refused to attend his inauguration,paybacks a bitch i guess.
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    Last nights purge is estimating 4,000,000 people were removed or locked out from social media. My fathers FB account was locked because he had pro conservative memes in his feed. He was asked to remove all content they deemed to be offensive or he would be permanently locked. Free speech is only free if you see conservatives as the enemy. https://news.bitcoin.com/big-techs-freedom-of-speech-purge-pushes-people-to-censorship-resistant-blockchain-social-media/
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    So not going will tell them to go? where as going will tell them the opposite? Not really seeing it. Lots of politicians didn't go to Trumps inauguration so turn about 's fair play. I'd go to see Joe fuck up the swearing in because he doesn't have a teleprompter. Watch him have to repeat each word separately and gaff that too.
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    Lastly decided to cut the center bar free again... I have it sitting where I want but the mount is crooked.... I'll need to grind down the tabs to level it out before I weld it on...
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    PS is like having someone helping you turn the wheel. If it feels tight it must be REALLY tight at the box. Loose won't hurt anything. If there is play in the box, steering wheel turns but pitman arm does not. I can usually reach up and turn the steering column by hand wiggling it back and forth while at the same time holding the pitman arm to feel for any movement. I adjust till they move together but just that, far no tighter. Then with wheels off the ground I turn the steering wheel back and forth lock to lock looking for any tight spots. If any tight spots are found, I back the adjustment off just enough to remove it. If when done there is steering wheel play where there is no turning of the wheels this can be all of the accumulated wear in the ball joints, idles arm and wheel bearing pre load adjustment. (I know you said you changed the ball joints) The 720 steering box is about a 20 to 1 ratio, so even 1/16" of total wear in the system will show as 1 1/4" of slop in the steering wheel. Doesn't take much. There is a torque wrench reading that can be done but the column and pitman arm must be off.
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    I actually have parking for 4 cars under cover behind the Garage door. But Hmmmmm
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    Now that there is a 'Barn-Less' Find !! Wonder of wonders; just walked in the living room and wifey is watching a 70'ish film named 'Family Plot' with Bruce Dern and Karen Black and there is an early Tempest convertible in it. You can't make this SH1T up !!
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    Was this you at the capitol? I mean it sure looks like you!
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    The cause of all female problems. men-arche men-strual cramps men-tal abuse men-opause disappoint-men-t nonfufill-men-t argu-men-tative
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    Well you're going to have a problem with 3 Datsuns in that 2 car garage. Time for a garage build thread 😄
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    You can never go wrong with red.
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    Get off your high horse. The election had all the appearances of being rigged. Appearance is everything. It should not be that way. All Democrats should have screamed bloody murder to clear their name. Where were you? Then being smug would be justified. Your democracy is in serious decline. As to the shooting. All struggles have casualties.
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    Same visibility on both mirrors--they are definitely both functional. I keep them adjusted and use them to back out of my narrow driveway and use them in traffic. I got the hole placement measurements from someone in Australia. It's the JDM mirror placement and I'm about to swap in some JDM side badges to match
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    Geometric photography. At first look, first impression was "Damn, Newb done added what we refer to as a 'Headache Rack' here in Oklahoma. The bike rack in front of the store. Graat endeavor giving this little feller a second life. Kudos.
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    RIP Tanya Roberts ive swam in this lake 5 of us ditched high school and met her(them) on a Charlies Angel set.
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