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    My concern is that as the internet has evolved in a tool for getting the truth out, so have the forces of censorship and propaganda. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are being "cleansed" ironically by private people and not the government. I wonder how news of the Arab Uprisings / Arab Spring would get out nowadays? In fact, that may have been the "shot across the bow" that got the propagandists organized and to work on how to control social media. Of course China and North Korea are probably way ahead on those logistics. Unfortunately, every web page is owned by someone and lives on some server somewhere. As long as that is true, you can kiss Freedom of Speech Bye Bye. So what is this.... Dark Web????
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    So it's official. Can't go into any public indoor or retail spaces without face covering. Was in town yesterday and I was the only one without a mask. Reminds me of.....
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    Trump is supposedly 6'3" according to his 2016 physical, or course that is up for debate (because why wouldn't it be anymore) and ranges from 6'1"-6'2" . But yes over 6" at least. Sydney Powell is 6 foot tall. Evidently, she also has a penchant for wearing 2 inch heals so may come off as a bit taller. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/01/17/maga-lawyer-behind-michael-flynn-legal-strategy-098712 Also in the line of "fake news": The CNN title makes a claim of "false" and then they go right on to prove it is "true".
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    Finally! Huge step forward...We have lift off! 47 years of grime should come off easy right? Tomorrow I'll hit it with some degreaser and the pressure washer...
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    Great piece of data presented! Similar plot for Wisconsin: https://m.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/photos/a.10156483516640725/10165841516530725/?type=3&source=48&__tn__=EH-R
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    Every 620 owner will buy one!. I've had my 620 torn apart for 12 yrs. You surpassed my progress in your first 2 month. LoL. Good job and its looking great
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    Next comes threats of jail time.
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    After reading your comments about these seats i decided to check some out. My sister in law has a like 2010 or 2012. Jetta. I was talking with her and my wife in her garage and then just wandered over to her car and jumped in. The look of confusion my wife gave me was pretty great. I wiggled around in the seat some and then got back out. My wife asked me what the hell? I just laughed at her and the look on my sister in laws face and said i wanted to see if they were as comfortable as i had heard and then grinned. They both just shook their heads at me. Not the first time I've done something odd in the name of the hobby.😁
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    Even on an old car this is illegal. The frame number won't match.
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    In my garage here’s a couple I took night of: here’s from original listing
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    Same way I guessed. Local exotic animal farm. They have albino zebras too. Weird folk but makes that section of highway interesting. we joke about hunting them. I’m guessing you’d be in shit too if you tried.
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    The Bay of Pigs really needed you ! But you came in handy in Viet Nam .
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    Would drilling the center out help at all?
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    I have a bore scope... good idea I'll do some work on it this weekend and snap a few pictures, thanks.
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    So now we have a Curfew! Great Dick Tater Newscum has imposed a curfew on the Purple Gang! This Motherfuckingpieceofshit! is really out of control! https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/coronavirus/what-state-mandated-curfew-means-in-san-diego/2450171/
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    good luck, it will come out drunk as a skunk...
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    I wouldn't buy one but if I had a spare L20B head laying around....
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    Looks awful man. Where in the fuck is the rust? lol
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    Except then Mike's Theorem would apply. It states that: " For every single fact, there is at least one or more equal and opposing facts." At the rate they are going the dinosaur fake news and the social media will no longer be viable for the left to use against the electorate. Like I say, at the going rate, it's only a matter of time before it collapses. When President-reject Biden finally has to stop playing "Hail to the Chief" when he walks into a room, fake news will be out of a job. What's left for the left? why they'll move into the internet with their bullshit. I only noticed the cleavage. Mrs. Power AKA 'Big Bird' Trump is over 6'?
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    China and North Korea are kind of wise in a way by censoring the internet.I can only imagine how different politics or voting would turn out if social media was shut down in election years.Censor the media for all i care,it's obvious what they want to do.Make people research and think for themselves.
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    Thank you both for your inputs. I think I have it figured out
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    Thanks for the info. Ive located & secured an ST hub & will test fit it on the wifes 93 HB.
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    NO and ACCY ....Yup because I was looking at a 720 wire diagram. Well that's good to know about the LED.
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    damn! you're good! local ghetto exotic animal farm has escapees all the time. i once posted pictures here of their camels blocking my way in the Datsun on a back road.
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    Right, I'm just not sure that's the correct failure mode from the alternator.
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    Probably not, here's why. Both ends of the bulb have to have 12v on each end to be off. If the alternator is not charging power flows from the battery through the bulb (lighting it) to the alternator. If for some reason the alternator should begin over charging, current would flow from the alternator through the bulb (lighting it) to the battery. LEDs are diodes, they only flow in one direction and also the current may be so low that it won't 'excite' the alternator to 'get the ball rolling' on the charge.
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    I think it can be done, but I don't know the specifics. It may also not warn you correctly if the alt is trying to, essentially, illuminate the bulb in reverse.
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    Wheels are the last on the list. Nothing sadder that $1,000 + worth of wheels on a car on blocks. You can't enjoy/see them when driving, only in the driveway. Take care of your comfort, (interior) brakes, (safety) suspension, engine power, transmission. (enjoyment) first. Bling is much farther down the list, or should be. Nothing says you can't dream about them though.
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    That’s what I figured. But how can I trick this charge lamp now? I am running aftermarket gauges now so that charge lamp will no longer be available
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    At that rate she will be follower to the throne by her Grandson.
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    Looks like the 69 SSS cluster. Sorry I don’t have the wiring diagram for this but only the 69 standard cluster.
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    Got the part printed! a video of the mechanical properties is also attached. i think it will do just fine.
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