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    I see no issue with it, but we are playing by the woke rules now. 🤷‍♀️
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    What's wrong with being dressed as Hitler for Halloween??? Or any historical of fictional person. Put a black face on and go as MLK. Or a sheet. Who really cares? Hell dress as Jeffry Epstein. Or Sleepy Joe.
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    Feel’s good to be back. First joined Ratsun in 2009 as an automotive tech school student with a really solid 73’ 620 that served as my very first project. I loved that truck, and got to enjoy it for about a year before I unfortunately crashed it and had to sell it off for parts. It was painful, I was young and naïve and didn’t truly appreciate what I had. Even though it didn’t work out with my first attempt, it solidified my love of old Japanese cars(especially Datsuns), and I’m thankful for that. After school I moved to Chicago for a couple years, then eventually back to Saint Louis where I landed at my current job. Girlfriends, a lack of a garage, and several life changes didn’t really encourage a project car throughout that time so most of my money went into my daily driver GTI which I autocrossed occasionally. Fast forward to 2020. I bought a house about a year ago with a tiny, yet usable garage. With COVID and the general shittiness of this year, I decided this was the best time to get a project and what else would be better than another Datsun?😁 This time around, remembering my 6’ 3” frame crammed into my old 73’ I decided I should probably look for a KingCab. I initially found a 77’ in Illinois at a classic car lot. It looked decent, but had a tired interior and a 4 speed, and they were asking a bit too much for it. I slept on it for a week, called before going to look at it, but it had sold. Finding another one in the Midwest was going to be tough, as decent ones just don’t show up too often in my area. Not getting discouraged, I remembered that most of the solid Datsuns were all up in the PNW so started looking more there. Luckily, I have friends in Bend, OR and it all fell into place. I found another 77’ KingCab on the Eugene, OR craigslist. It was the right price, had a bunch of choice upgrades, and wasn’t too far from my friends. I got in contact with the owner, agreed on a deal and started the process of buying the truck. It just so happened that my friends in Bend had to make a trip to Eugene to drop off a car anyway (stars aligned lol). They drove out, bought the truck, then drove it 3 hours back to Bend unscathed! 😄Awesome people, and the truck already had a cool story behind it. Shipping it back to Saint Louis wasn’t cheap or without some confusion, but was the best choice given my situation. Finally, after nearly a month since I found the listing, a Brick Orange 1977 Datsun 620 KingCab was sitting in my driveway. Here she is the day I brought her home! Banged up a bit, but absolutely solid body, no structural rust at all! Floors, rockers, bed, and frame have surface rust only. L20B, recently refreshed W58 head, Weber 32/36 DGEV, FS5W71B 5 speed, new carpets, Mini Cooper bucket seats, 4” lowering blocks/indexed torsion bars, 18” 6-spoke Titan wheels, KYB shocks, new back and side glass, and a bunch of other new parts. Oh yeah and the dash isn’t cracked to hell! 👍 The immediate plan is to refresh a few things, do some general maintenance, and just generally modernize the truck a bit. Down the road I’ll address all the bodywork and paint, and eventually convert to coils and either KA/SR or K-series Honda. Progress will be slow as I’m trying to budget, but I’m stoked to share my new project with you guys and hopefully learn a bunch moving forward. Onto the pictures!
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    I honestly don't give a crap what people dress like, and frankly, some German Uniforms where straight up bad ass! Thanks to Hugo Boss It is the Hypocrisy of the left that I am merely pointing out. If this was a Republican or right leaning figure, they would plastering this all over the place.
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    Update 1 Since the truck was delivered, I've addressed a few things. I replaced a few bulbs and got it registered and insured. The fuel filter was pretty nasty, so I replaced it also noticing a few particulates in the new one after running the truck. I'll have to drop the tank and get it cleaned out and re-sealed in the future, but it’s fine for now. I did an oil change with 10w-40 Mobile 1 and a Napa Gold 1515 after hearing that recommended here. I won’t knock people for running the Titan wheels on their trucks, but they just aren’t my thing. Not only that, but they made the ride pretty harsh and I wanted more sidewall and a period-correct look. I settled for a set of U.S Wheel Modular 94. Bought them from Summit for around $400. Unfortunately one of them came with a hole in the barrel as if the machine weld was just missed in that spot. Got another one shipped to me for free, so I’ll keep the defective wheel and have it welded later and keep it as a spare.👍 Tire choices were limited, but settled on a set of 205/55/R15 Kumho Ecsta 4x II all-seasons. Kumhos have worked well for me in the past. The fitment is almost perfect with just a rub here and there over bumps while turning. Not too shabby. I’ll keep this set on the truck for a while until I can get some real JDM 3-piece wheels in the future.
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    Funny how Fox is covering this, but not a peep out of CNN Kelly claims that is not him, but it is a pretty good match. Now, imagine if this was a Republican being accused. The world would be on fire in Arizona!
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    The lack of insight in American politics is nothing short of astonishing. Still blows my mind how perfectly intelligent people believe that ignoring their own shit is a sign of integrity. You can smell the anxiety mount during the run up to an election. Finger pointers start flocking together like parakeets to cackle and regurgitate their party's propaganda bird seed. Jesus f'n H Christ pretty polly, stop your ridiculous political bulimia and try checking what's in YOUR own feeder bowl for once. While you're so damn busy enabling a rigged game you've failed to notice your loyal complacence is being used against US. If you're blaming someone else, you're contributing to the destruction of America. Ask not what they're doing to your country....
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    Prime driving season! Perfect for those adventures.
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    I'm working another deal with him for a few other spare parts..... trying only to buy the oem items that wear out, like the hard to find front wheel bearing.... I wasnt expecting what he had so I only had so much cash to hand out..... What was nice was the 2 heater cores I really only took them to save them from the trash, his datsun is a bit modified and didnt need the heaters or the factory column.... he said the heavier stuff is hard to sell because no one wants to pay the shipping... One thing I forgot to mention was the gorgeous drive out to western Massachusetts... I really should have stopped for some pictures... I was very happy with the datsun, it was about an 1hr 10min drive each way, some highway and then some twisty roads, so much fun.... a bunch a second gear pulls and downshifts and not one misfire... I really think the high compression on the motor is enjoying the extra fuel.... Unfortunately I still have a slight vibration around 60.... but it's not overly consistent.... still trying to figure that out....
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    Met another ratsun member yesterday, He hooked me up with some spare parts and some new... I was expecting just a steering box but it was the whole column with turn signal and cover.... Not to mention he had the rear bearings I was just about to buy.... Also got the oem heater hoses. He had oem radiator hoses, and even that impossible to find PVC hose(didnt buy those) He even had a couple of those fresh air boots for the heater core new oem....
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    Haven't ridden a motorcycle in probably 25 years, and only a little then, so I don't really know anymore if they're all the same? I thought it was all the way down for 1st, up one for neutral, but I couldn't get it to roll freely and didn't have time to fart around trying to figure out what the deal was. I did notice in the pic later that the registration is expired, so maybe I should have just flattened it and gone to work. Unfortunately, I'm not a BLM protestor so I probably would get charged.
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    Trev... if you would, don't use BOLD print. We're all equal here. Font Arial and size 14 in black, thanks. While synthetic oil is usable, it's overly expensive and gives protection you will never ever need. It's for use in newer engines that have tighter clearances, run close to boiling temperatures and even normally aspirated make twice the HP your L20B does. I found out the hard way that it will leak past older seals and gaskets. That said don't use today's regular oils either as they have reduced ZDDP in them compared to the oils that were around over 50 years ago when your engine was first designed. You can safely run light diesel oils that are exempt from the decreasing ZDDP levels, such as Shell Rotella T4 10w30 or 14w40, Chevron Delo 400 is also good and there are others. All can be found universally and cheaply. ZDDP is an anti scuff zinc additive used on flat tappet engines like diesels and offers proper protection on our rocker on cam engines. Today's designed engines don't need it and the zinc is harmful to the catalytic converters so oil makers are slowly phasing it out. Oil manufacturers say it's reverse compatible but it's up to you if you use it, but I wouldn't take the chance. Once your cam and/or rocker arms are damaged they are ruined.
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    Good working drums are fine. Very, very few people actually keep up on their drums to keep them working right. lol Locking up the brakes isn't the fastest way to stop. Drums can be hard to modulate. Discs are much easier.......but in a panic stop, everyone is pretty much just going to lock up their brakes and hope the tires do their job. lol Drums actually have an advantage over discs. There's far more pad material in contact with the drum and it's out at the furthest distance from the spindle. A 10" drum does all it's work at roughly a 10" diameter. The disc brakes have a 10" rotor, but the braking surface runs inward from 10" to about 8". Basically, the disc brakes will take more leg effort for normal braking. There is also something to be said about having drums to match the nostalgia of the truck. If you want the feel and experience of a '72 Datsun, stock is the only way to get that. Once you upgrade to ball joints and/or discs, you get the feeling of a completely different truck. A lot of guys want that "drives like a newer truck" feeling, but still want the looks of the older rig. To each their own, they say. :)
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    More like, COVID pays the bills and flu does not.
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    Well, there you have it. The silver lining... Has Covid killed off the flu? Experts pose the intriguing question as influenza cases nosedive by 98% across the globe https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8875201/Has-Covid-killed-flu.html
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    Um, there is no journalism any more. It started dying off in the 90s along with newspapers and the growth of the internet. Much like when music died when you could make your own CD recordings. The world was awash with crappy badly produced performances of music and reporting. ...and another award for most outstanding alternate facts. An award for the most tedious, self serving, already asked and answered question. I nominate that we call it the Jim Acosta Award. An award for continuing with the interview even though the guest expert has boot fucked your narrative and is laughing in your face. Maybe the Don Lemon Award.
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    I now view the news as entertainment. Not even good entertainment. They should have award shows for TV news.
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    Everyone knows that. Well, except for damn good corporate attorneys, apparently.
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    Well that super smart corporate attorney is dumber than a box of hair clippings.
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    Fact checking for the most part is just another opinion.
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    Other than those two updates. I had gotten it out of the garage and decided to go for a spin around the neighborhood before the bed was put on. Well I have two things to say.... it ran like a beauty , and always make sure your lugnuts are tightened. I say this because on my “spin” around the neighborhood my driver side tire came off and hit a car in a driveway. Luckily no damage was done to me the truck or that lady’s car. She was very polite about everything . The reason the tire came off to my assumption is that I had out the lug nuts on while the truck was in the air and must’ve forgotten. I hadn’t worked on that side of the truck in some time and didn’t go double check myself before the drive. So idiot move on my part. The only damage to the truck was a lower control arm bolt connecting to the ball joint that runs through the torsion bar, was sheared but that’s an easy fix. Keep on truckin
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    They sell on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1961-EARLY-1965-DATSUN-TRUCK-L320-FIREWALL-INSULATION-PAD-61-62-63-64-65/174132000201?hash=item288b1375c9:g:tOAAAOSwrcRdv3vK
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    Happy to help! Id have to look into the stock light switch diagram a bit more - or maybe someone else can chime in, but if it isn’t capable of handling the power for the headlights run through it you could add a 3rd relay in there — or potentially reuse the stock original one in that spot. Relays essentially let you use a low power switch to turn on and off a high power accessory- if you aren’t familiar with them. They protect the switch and keep you from running to much power through them. Wiring is a bit weird, but overall fairy simple, just need to get in the right mindset hahah.
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    Thanks @Crashtd420 for the recommendation of Royal Purple/Zinc additive. I'll be sure to pick some up soon. I've only driven it 50 miles or so on the Mobile 1 so I should be alright. Update 2 Engine was running ok, but a noticeable ticking noise was coming from the valve cover. I found a few tutorials on valve adjustment for l-series motors (the best ones were for Z cars, same rules apply but with 2 less cylinders) and went by that. Ground down one of my 14mm wrench and used a skinny feeler gauge which helped a ton. 7 out of the 8 valves were out of spec! Some were several thousands out. The plugs passed visual inspection so I reassembled everything and took it for a drive. Engine runs so much smoother now. No more ticking noise and it seems to idle a little lower which was good. I still need to tune the Weber a bit as she runs a little rich at the moment. I have access to a 2-post lift at work and noticed that my center support bearing rubber was crumbling apart. I thought this was the source of a metallic banging noise that I was hearing at lower speeds (turned out to be something else that will be fixed later). Regardless, it needed to be repaired. Shout out to @datzenmikefor the recommendation to just replace the rubber and not the entire bearing assembly, as the latter would require the driveshaft to come out and partially disassembled to replace the part. I found a 10ft section of 1/16” rubber strip on amazon and bought two of them. This ended up being the perfect solution as it took both lengths to finish the job. I cut away as much rubber as I could *see picture* then cleaned the bearing up and started wrapping. This was relatively tough at home in the garage as it was a balancing act to rotate the bearing while keeping tension on the rubber strip and lifting the driveshaft all at the same time. I also wire wheeled the bracket and gave it a coat of black paint while I had it apart. I’m happy with how it turned out. Also threw in some new hood rubber bumpers as the old ones were dried out and really crusty. Glad to be wrenching again!
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    Zinc additive https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/rislone-hy-per-lube-by-rislone-zinc-zddp-supplement-11-oz-4405/10380239-P Royal purple, just to show the product, you can find it cheaper... https://www.walmart.com/ip/Royal-Purple-HPS-Synthetic-SAE-10W-40-High-Performance-Motor-Oil-with-Synerlec-1-Quart/126716088 Some one will chim in about the rotella , I use the royal purple myself
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    a coyote is what they call someone who you hire to smuggle yourself or someone else across the border
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    I'm voting for Trump, but I still might call him a lunatic - not in the literal sense of the word, but, yes, I do think he has his issues. Let's put it this way - I'm not voting for him because I like him as a person, nor do I agree with everything he's done. I'm also not voting for him as a protest against the opposition.
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    I wear ear plugs for two reasons, the noise, and to keep that crap out of my ear canals.
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    And that is the problem in this country, that you even have to ask this question.
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    Wet man! Sick firmest. Got mine wait b to be slapped on on! Always Iked that green on the 510s 😎
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    Redesigned and printed a new steering column tach mount with provisions to capture the large turn signal wiring bundle. Also put a visor on the top to keep the tach light from reflecting off of the windshield at night.
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    Was it a Datsun radio? Only shielding was for the RF produced by the ignition. How the fuck did we ever get where we were going before these annoying devices??????? 99.9999% of the time we were going somewhere known and if not we could get within a few miles and ask directions. For anything else there were road maps and asked directions. If driving, it was expected that you would be out of communication till you got there or got back. 99.99999 of all phone calls are a waste of time and could wait. See if I'm not right the next time it rings. Driving was an accepted risk and sometimes an adventure equal to the vehicle used. The journey was often better than the arrival.
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    Back at it, wasn't to excited about the engine bay paint, needed over 20 more broken bolts removed before paint. Step one remove all broken bolts. Try all types of penetrating oils, and KY. No luck Tighty Whity and I burnt them out. Now let the sanding start, and grinding
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr The blue does not look so bad. Mix it up a little I guess.
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    Welcome Jan Not so much the body but rust that affects it structurally. Do the doors close properly or is it sagging in the middle. Don't mistake for worn door hinges. Is all the glass there and unbroken or cracked or hazy? Anything missing on the body like a wiper arm or hub cap? Do the tires all match or different makes and sizes? What is the condition of the interior? Does it run? If not running you can't drive it to assess the brakes, handling (suspension), drive train (engine, clutch, transmission, driveshafts, differential) steering ball joints. If not running you can't know much about all these important things that make it go. If running does it start easily, restart easily when warmed up? Does it accelerate smoothly? Is the muffler loud which can hide other noises? Does the exhaust smoke? Blue is burning oil, white is normal if cold out, black is excessively rich mixture. Does the temperature run in the middle of the gauge? Do all the electrical options work, Dash gauges, wipers, heater, all lighting, signals etc.? Do the brakes work and stop the car in a straight line? parking brake? Are the tires worn unevenly possibly indicating a suspension or steering alignment problem? Does it drive straight and handle? Does it have excessive play in the steering? Any unexplained noises?
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    Cant wait to see it finished...
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    Looks great so far Gene. Nice job. -Pidge
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    B4 pic of canopy and updated pictures still need to install the black velvet diamond pattern material onto canopy inside b4 installing the side lexan windows the metallic silver matches that cab A pillar and roof/back of cab around rear window area
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    Finally got the rear suspension sandblasted, primer and painted( leaf springs, shackles, etc). along with the rear struts from KYB. The suspension is nice and tight now. It’s like a night and day difference.
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