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    I've lived here a long time, and it's worse than ever before. It's not an accident. 20 years ago, it was liberal but everyone would complain about Californians moving up here. 10-15 years ago, homelessness started to be more prevalent and cities pandering to them. The last 5 years, homeless camps on every small chunk of publicly owned property, really since the occupy movement. The 2020-21 we are nearing San Fran human shit of every street corner levels of social/liberalism. I drove through portland last weekend, heading south from Washington, it looks like a gang of homeless people took over the city and spray painted graffiti everywhere. I mean as soon as you cross the bridge into Portland it's a fucking dump. Tents everywhere, paint on everything. And that shit oozes down into Salem, and Eugene. Roseburg, Grants Pass, Medford, still holding strong. Keep banning those single use plastics though, gotta keep the priorities straight. Funny story about single use plastic bag ban of 2019... the stores just made the plastic bags a little thicker and called them multi-use bags, and thus exempted from the ban. A plastic straw is now an assault straw and thus BANNED(in some cities). But he plastic cup and lid, no problem at all.
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    here is picture
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    But, he is a Hero on the left and this too shall be swept under the rug.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Go big or go home, Cut the dash put what you want. Take notice of my door panels.
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    Please try to find one now. That one in Cyprus is $200 shipped and has rust. The rust is on the outside of the bushings....at least in the picture they give.....and that wouldn't be much of an issue. I'd like to see you find a source. I've been talking to a manufacture in china about ordering 50 sets in. The kits themselves are cheap, but the shipping more than doubles the price. If I order them in, I'll sell them for around $100ea. I would need to get my money back from the first half sold since I doubt they will all sell. I've been back and forth with them for about a month now. I've gotten a sample from two companies, one of which is 98% correct. The hole in the bushings is not located correctly for the grease fitting on the Datsun spindles, but everything else is good. The hole will need to be elongated about 1/8" to work. A file, dremel or die grinder would do the job easily. If the customer wants to do that, I might lower the price a small amount......if I have to do it, it will definitely be $100 or slightly more. Unboxing 50 kits and modifying 200 bushings is not something I want to do. I'm waiting on a sample from the second company. The first kit was incorrect, but they say they can get me the correct kit for less than the other company. I've been waiting to post about it until I have the sample from them. I have put it on my IG and shared that to my bluehandsvideo FB page. The clip shows what would be needed to modify the hole. For those of you that have IG.... I'm talking to the first company about people being able to order just one set each from them. It's looking like it's possible. It would make the kits a good bit less for each buyer since I would not be marking them up for shipping and to make a profit. For anyone outside of the US, this would definitely be the best option since they'd only pay overseas shipping once. If the kit comes to me first, it will be another $40 in shipping to send it back out of the US. That's the price of a small flat rate box to Australia right now. I hear that price is going up again, soon. Certainly, the easiest, cheapest, safest thing for me to do is to simply put a link up to this company and the kit and let people buy them directly. I wish the handler would have told me that was an option a month ago. LOL Maybe I'll start a thread in the next few days, with this same info so it can be more widely viewed and commented on.
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    No,kind of like electing fucking idiots to run your state.
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    Seriously, Toobin is a wanker.
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    Even better,pass a law that says Californians can never vote in Idaho.Make them stay where they're at and clean up their own mess.
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    Pass a law in Idaho that you have to have lived here for at least 5 years to vote on any municipal or state legislation. Better do it quick.
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    famous last words. They can buy a massive house, acreage, and short commute for 1/3 of the price of a 1000sqft California home. Nothing will stop them. Western Oregon is about 80% California now.
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    If you don’t have original distributor then you can loose two of them. Just need the reverse.
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    Sucks to lose good neighbors. I've got an asshole next to me in Fl. We are on a quiet one lane dirt dead end road that was totally peaceful. This asshole has turned his house into a giant art display of his creepy life size statues. There are over 30 of them. There is no room to park at his house so people just pulled up and parked on my lawn. I would tell them to move and they would get pissy at me. I ended up fencing the yard and it is amusing to watch the incoming dumbshits and outgoing dumbshits realize that one is going to have to back up. There is also a tour boat operator that brings his tours up the canal and unloads his customers for a tour. They all cackle and carry on and this goes on all day. I blew 3k on a lawyer just for him to tell me it's going to take a lot more money. So my plan this winter is to out asshole him. I am left with really the only option to cuss out his customers and ruin his day. Childish but if you have an asshole that ruins everybody else's peace and quiet you don't have many options. I am open to any non destructive suggestions. I may snap one day and take a machete to his shitshow but I am not there yet.https://www.news-press.com/picture-gallery/entertainment/2019/02/03/photos-examples-pine-island-artist-jeff-abbotts-3-d-work/2761303002/
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    I have done this to my SD25 engine, and slug is a good description. I just took a 510 mile trip averaging 75 to 80mph and I had lots of pedal left, I usually get around 30mpg at that speed. I have to go to work right now, but I will tell you how to do it and answer any questions when I get home, it looks like a 4hr day today unless someone calls needing something done. Here are threads on other sites you should read, I describe how I did it, the ways I did it, and what I consider the best way, the 2 sites are copies of each other, I succeeded 2 completely different ways on two different engines doing it two different ways but the 521 kingcab threads are the way both engines are turbocharged now, fabrication skills are needed. http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&p=24609#p24609 http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3474 https://www.nwdatsuns.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&p=75504#p75504 https://www.nwdatsuns.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1013
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    Same here, lucky thing I was close to a toilet!
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    Check there are no cracks in the hose of loose hose clamps before the pump. If there is a leak fuel will siphon back down hill in to the tank as air gets in. Also the pump may suck air in rather than pull fuel from the tank efficiently.
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    Thank you all for the responses! I really appreciate the help. I should be able to figure it out from here. 🙂
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    Local Driver Discovers Turn Signal .... New discovery may change the way we drive.
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    Kind of like illegal Mexicans?
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    This is the setup I got. You don’t need a 38/38. I only switched the throttle cam and cable bracket from my original L16
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    Mine didn’t. I’d be shocked if any of them did.
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    Plus a switch on the clutch pedal, WOT switch on carb and a relay all have to work it’s amazing these old Dis work.
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    You can just use the one for reverse, and leave or plug the other two. Truck will still run, it just won't utilize the "retarded" set of points. There's a bit of irony there.
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    Couple of 4x10’s tucked under the dash affixed to the kick panels.
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    Never saw so many Brazilian butt jobs in one place.
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    Where's Ted Cruse's letter?
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    Pro gun people are moving to Idaho and a shit load of Cali-fucks. Won't be long and the later will run it down just like California! No way in hell I will be moving there. When I drove through Idaho in 2017 it was 100 degrees the entire time! Highest temp was 111, fuck that place!!!
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    the 1 that is by itself near top and closer to shifter rod is neutral gear switch and the 2 that are close together and closer to the bottom are for transmission switch 3rd gear and other is reverse gear switch
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    since my datsun is now 2 toned paint instead of only purple like grimace is i was thinking on renaming my 521 Thanos since he was purple and wore battle armor in gold and silver and wore black as well thoughts? opinions?
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    DanielC will likely be able to tell you what each switch does and where it is at, one is for the backup lights, another one is likely an emissions switch for the dual points distributor, and maybe one is for when it is in a certain gear, but I am guessing on the last two suggestions on what they are, Dmike might know also. I don't believe I used any of them except the backup lights switch.
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    We've got one of those cigar boxes full of S&H Green Stamps.
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    Keeping my options open.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Nothing but the best. 1450 cc.
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    Neither one of these two Clowns would admit they are doing anything wrong. They operate on a different wavelength. One has had his ass kissed his whole life because he came from money and everybody wants to be his friend ignoring his outrageous behavior. The other a lifelong politician avoiding doing any real work and age has eaten away his cognitive abilities. You would think if Bidens family cared about him they would have stopped this, but look at his Family. That being said I don't want to lump Beau into it, I have great respect for those who have served.
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